Morning Style Merchants. Please find below some mother based Mozza lyrics for Mothers. That should do as a gesture, no?  A suitable maternal music reference, almost. Maybe an alternative version could have been “some girls Mothers go on longer than other girls, Mothers”. Just a thought. Fancy some style? Portion of error too? 

Being on a parent level, and on a casual theme, this train has put me in mind that SportLuxe chic has its issues.  Currently wearing these cashmere marl blend track pants from Raey (click), which am double dead keen on. They’re tailored and sort of flat fronted, with a panel down the outer seam that makes em brilliant. Neat like marl trousers, with a slightly dropped crotch. Respect to Proudy, the designer. 


Raey Pants


Raey cashmere blend marl sweat pants.

Having put them with a blue goatskin Car Shoe tassel loafer (click), and a Breton Sunspel singlet (click), am now fully-happy. Singlets are omnipresent in my life these days. Its quite, quite telling. The colour scheme is all very pleasing together for March grey Sunday gloom: Rivera via The Flats.



Car Show goat skin loafers/old fella slippers.

sunspel vest

Sunspel singlet life.

So, now approaching actually leaving Lavinia Villa, serenely content,  just caught sight of look and became acutely aware it’s a thin line between Vintage-Urban-Sport-Luxe delivered with aplomb, and someone rather like my Old Man when he was shuffling about, dementia bound, in a home. Lets say, after 40, there’s more than a dash of care in the community in the mix.


Wedgwood ashtray that goes best with look.

The antiquated-issue was further accentuated when I became compelled to team the perfect accessories to this look: spectacles and this Wedgwood ashtray. Was brandishing it in the front garden for some time today till I fled the cold. So, in short, old age and SportsLuxe are at odds. Thats what I was trying to say. Things get worse. Ordered some Nike iDs Flyknit Lunar IIs  (click) the other day while procrastinating, badly. Just did it. Now I just regret it (£155)

Nike id

Nike iD FlyKnit II Golden Girls special editions.

Thought they looked pretty racy on line. They arrived, with more than a frisson of Golden Girls/Miami pension about them. Daggnabbit. 

Seemed to have drifted off theme. To get things back on course, here’s the next Mother motif song. This is not really style post.  A version of I Know Its Over sung by Dead Jeff Buckley. Sounds too sad on its own, and not funny enough. My mother doesn’t log on anymore, so it doesn’t need to resonate particularly. 

Proper smart, chic mens style next, as am Out&About the Das Metropolis today looking for it. 

Stubbs out. 


Morning Style Mongers. “Am an alligator. I’m a Moomin Papa coming for you..”. Sort of. The ticket for the V&A Savage Beauty party tonight is slightly crocodile patterned, to offer more clarity. Its five years since McQueens death. R.I.P LeeMcQueen

Savage Beauty invite

McQueen Savage Beauty invite.

Am on the list for later. Actually, just got put on some list of worthy style blogs this week, I note. Hate it when that happens. Makes me well anxious. Prefer it when there’s just the five of you watching, know what I mean? So, regardless, here’s some stuff. Two things. Forget sometimes how exceptionally good Dave’s at The Beeb was. A Rock deity on his ascent via an institution that was pretty, damn straight to be playing Dave’s stuff. Even Peely sounds posh back then. So to remember, see below, and stick him on. Note. Love version of It Aint Easy where a pal is singing proper Bluesy backing vocals. Also,  I rather fancy one of these here Hermès ponchos. Surely they’re not pompoms, they’re tassels, non?

Hermes poncho


Hermès wool/cashmere poncho with calfskin “pompoms”, £850.

Been good with a nice pair of Jodhpur boots, right? Anyway, it’s Matey Off The Telly at the Beeb later today, dancing for 24 hours (click), inspired by Derek&Clives “John Stitch-Non-StopDancer”.  Good luck to him, the plucky host in shorts. Team O’Leary are all going down and have had special FoxCatcher style sweats saying Team O’Leary. As am going on somewhere later, think might just self style. Gonna go see hour one, go to McQueen at The V&A and come back and watch hours five & six. Five years ago Alexander McQueen killed himself. Five years. My brain hurts a lot. Rather frequently. 

Check Dave’s mime sway toward the end. Exemplary swaying.

Wish had the poncho to wear to McQueen bash. Oh well, wont start squawking, will have to make do and blend, singlets all round.

Stubbs out.

PS. Am currently a little obsessed by the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. Geezer that designed it died last week. Bless. Kenji Ekuan designed the bottle in 1961. He was 85, so he’d had a nice little run of it.



Kikkoman bottle.



Morning Style Mongers. Kindly do as has become customary and stick The Fall on below. Its just not the same, unless you obey. Guest Informant, is just one of a number of elements that have been of interest to me in the last three days. Another is my Globe-Trotter custom 3o” Cocoa case order arriving in Albermarle Street. A ‘Statement Case’, Walters will call it, and perhaps he’s right, if the statement is ‘my case is doppio-chic, step from me’. Men and women were banging their heads against walls and tossing themselves under cars in the wake of this case as I carried down Alb’ Street to the trunk of the Aero. Well, sort of. I could drink a case of it.

Globe-Trotter Cocoa TDS case

A case of me, (click).

In case you hadn’t heard, La Perla mens stuff is weirdly brilliant. If you want pure leisure clothes, (almost) from another dimension, La Perla might be the answer. LaP menswear didn’t exist one year ago. So, you’re unlikely to see another pair at the municipal baths, right? The fabric and printing is remarkable, so it aint cheap, either. I love this pair, £365, and am going to try them on when I’ve finished blathering to you types. Cue nay-sayers/yawn-merchants. 

La Perla shorts

La Perla silk print swim shorts.

Bazdad. State-Cog. A-ri-ston. Bazdad. State-Cog. Ariston. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit…yeah? Below is my new cloth select for my new Thom Sweeney (clicky) suit order. yeah?

Look, this bit/idea barely works anyway, so if you’ve not put the music on I fucking despair of thee. Go and read Permanent Style or something (click) (do click&check tailoring photo bomb moment, 3 shots down. Well funny). Regardless, love Ariston. Such a sophisticated mill. Doppio sophisticated. A slubby herringbone for an unstructured double breasted whi-sell with peggy, pleaty pants. Might be a bit thing, non? 

Ariston H'bone

H’bone by Ariston on h’bone floor of the Thom Sweeney shop on Bruton Place.

It was an oddly brilliant synchronised process with the boys Thom&Luke when we laid down the plan. Once I’d told them my vision. We were almost in agreement with all the defining factors, with them directing certain fundamentals, such as shallow wrap. Only thing we’re not certain on is to rope or not to rope the shoulder. Other than that, will be soft in the shoulder and chest- quite drapey, high-ish pants with pleats and wide turn-up. There was other stuff but I forgot. Not gonna go patch pock’ I dont think. Its gonna be a thing. Trust.

<Insert some other comment here><Its sunny, am running, am procrastinizing> <this is what I call deconstruction>

Socialising update: Assouline was as chic an escape as hoped/predicted. Comic Relief was a Hadean vortex of naffness. We gave it 256 seconds, then left.

Stubbs out & big up the blow-dry.

PS. If this post dont suit ya, the next episode is gonna be about how mens blow dries are the style antidote to tattoo and beard ubiquity. Saw mill operative/Faux-Hells-Angels beware. Also note, das Hipsters cannot change his tats, tho..ha! Snookered, you ink-pillocks.

Exley in Assouline

Exley in Assouline.



Evening Style Merchants. First, pan down and stick on Peggy and then allow it to flow, I strongly urge thee. ‘Do Style&Error post’ in on my list, so this is it. ‘Reduce lists’ is also elsewhere on the lists. The are numerous. I’ll come to them later. Did something on lightweight coats this week. Like this from Brunello Cuci‘ fellas? I rather like.

Brunello Cucielli

Brunello Cucinelli cotton silk coat with peak lapel.

All sorts kicking off at the moment, but nothing that isn’t really just about life, and the fact that is tough on a regular basis. Note, I am fine myself, so think gonna keep on ’till I drop, then plan to plan my look for tomozza night. Stick that on a planing list. While we’re on Blondes, which we are, (you did put Peggy on, yeah?) am taking out That Glamourous Exley Woman to the Comic Relief cocktail bash at Quaglinos (click) see. A backdrop which I concede is looking chic again, and hence tempting for a rare team-jaunt out, right. We’re invited as we styled/primped Matey Off The Telly for the Comic Rel’ Rankin shots that are doing the rounds (have ya seen? DOL as a C.R. Skin!)  Could be a giggle, but not as elegant as linkin-up in Assouline though, on Piccadilly (click), where we plan to meet first and plot, not plan, and forget das celebs. We will be ‘doing a look‘ no doubt, right Ex’? Will update if I think of anything. Exley will be late. I will look at the books.

Suggested to Exley she should do something in black, with black leather and black fur. “So 2014″ apparently. I’ll keep that on the inside in future.

Other appointments tomozza include Thom Sweeney (placing order) and Drakes (xmas shopping order) and Globe-Trotter (collecting order) and Massey Inc. (taking/first orders).  Something newsworthy is bound to happen, right? Tomozza: Is that all there is to a to-do list? What a to-do. Lets just keep Flaneuring

Stubbs out, in The Metropolis.

NB. Mr.Cha, this is not a story about procrastination, its ’bout future flaneuring/procrastinationing. Is life not just procrastinating bout death?

PS. Has occurred to me this weekend, that caricature of me at top of blog post  is bout 8 years old. Might need an update, non? My hair’s bigger/better now for starters. Then there’s the lapel zeitgeist…

PPS. I hear this Stoller song as a call to garms/revelry, btw. Walters saids is a sad tale about alcoholism. Back off & parka up.

eTautz parka img_1042c1-1

E.Tautz parka.

PPPS. The wall there wasn’t his. He’s living off the wall..


Morning Das Fashion Fanatikers. Saw the original bashment boys from West London  this time last week. Aside from daft-cheer and a whippet, they brought this track over with them, below. Yes boys. Chemise, She Can’t Love You. Well she cant, can she? Just the right level of squelchy base and Eighties synth groove for testing new style nuances. Put it on, I insist, and get involved, yeah?

grey Sunspel melange


Charcoal grill, Sunspel.

I put on my new charcoal melange twin set as direct result of Chemise. Debuted the stripe Sunspel combo (clicky), matching pants too, at last night pals 40th bash under herringbone Rake suit. Worked it with massive Rubinacci cashmere print scarf and Corthay Wilfrids. Nothing significant happened as a result, but I  did enjoy it. Previously used black singlet, but new melange adds the grey herringbone mix. Its a very grey textural thing. My pals dropped suits too, and subverted them slightly to taste. Holden’s Thin White Baker Boy, Torela’s closed collar/no tie and Walter’s Sixties Bryan Clough Sheepskin  stance. Good things. No photo evidence exists. Some odd shite went down at that party. People act properly odd under the banner of kind gesturing these days. I shan’t go on. I could though.

Busting a straight suit out ‘straight’ just feels to damn straight now. Feel like suits and tailoring looks need to be fractured or worn slightly wrong, especially on a weekend. Google the Sartorial Seven if you need further ammunition on why overcooked tie based sartoria is looking doppio-pedestrian now (click). Admire their youthful application. Good for them. But there’s more than a touch ‘Camden branch of Foxtons** does vintage dress-up on a budget’ bout the vista. Found very funny picture on their Twitter of two Sarty’ Sevens dashing for a fashion show. Not only evidence that Tote bags are far too fem for actual men to use, but one looks like a school Mum lamely running the egg and spoon race in a POW suit (see end). This straight style is too straight, and in this case too funny. Granted, I dropped a three piece, shirt tie etc in The Sunday Times Style in 2005, full page, Thomas Crown style. But that look was simply not on the menu then. That was a decade ago. Its needs to be broken down now. This could be our* last time around, so better do something.


Belgian Designer Haider Ackermann’s double good with fractured, undone drapeyness (click) SS15

Something needs to be off centre, at least a bit. For me, singlets & scarf does the trick. For now. This is me at LCM busting prototype version of last nights look. Cut old, ginger head off for dignity reasons. Full image (click).  Later that night is snap at GQ bash without Gieves h’bone coat (click), also debuting new semi-belm pap face. Needs work. What head-trick required for tonight though?

TS h'bone crop

H’bone & Rubi’

Tonight is the last night of pal Farika’s reign as Landlady of The Nelson Head on Horatio Street (click). After eight years, it is a massive shame that she’s not continuing to run that boozer. There will be further chapters for certain, but it’s last orders on this one later. lt will be a significant night. Hang on to your chemise.

Stubbs out.

* older style merchants that is.

** super naff estate agents.

NB. These are the pants: Fifty stripes of gay.


melange pant

Under-pant post script. Two of Sartorial Seven ‘running’.


Runs like a Mum

 Oh shit: There goes the sartorial charabanc!