Morning Style Mongers. Apols for persistent neglect/reader-voidance, but sure you’ve been holding it up without me. Been simmering here right in the void and double loving it I have to concede. Am a void dweller, super content, and thats who I am. Hopefully some creativity and verve gonna stem from it. There’s been some style stuff a g’wan too, mind. Visited Tim Everest’s bespoke gaff on Elder Street in Spitalfields one rainy/sunny day last week and so loved that. Got some plans to execute with Tim Timma’, (don’t cut me pleats any slimmer)..


Timothy Everest’s bespoke living room on Elder Street. Serious rad scene.


Nutters suit at Timothy Everest which had come back via some sort of mysteries trade off..

Thursday took the tall man Marko to get shirted by Emma Willis, so much more to come from tall art-world.. And as a bridging back story to both been thinking a lot ’bout wide pants, despite getting self in corner with The HTSI and having to give testimony on why skinny/to the body is best. Tricky stuff. For now, have this for your ears from Kutiman and will be back after a break for actual work.

<these notes are just to get me started and will put all the content in later, yeah? Style, music, stuff..>


Tommy Nutter & Cilla Black in Nutter.

Stubbs out.

PS. £5 for both bunches of Gladi’s below. Too, too good, no?

PPS. also finally (after 6 years) started dealing with my Jurgen Teller in earnest #stylecellarscene. Totes unblocking.


Gladioli scene- Live from Lavinia Villa, early hours Monday morning. 


Afternoon Style Merchants. Doing some research into my void and into Japanese style at same time, so where better for a man to visit than these two tracks from Heroes. As am so very immersed/busy, managed to find Dave doing Sense Of Doubt on German program Breman. Also looks like Brian in background on keyboards, but maybe not.

Dave’s wearing a Japanese inspired bowling shirt crossed with a Kimono, partic’ sleeve wise, and realised in highly modern, both then and now, ombre type two tone fabric. Double interesting stuff, espesh today, what with work and that. See rare style product inclusion below.

Dries MrPorter 724753_mrp_in_l

Dries Van Notten merino jacquard cardigan off of MrPorter, but in the future..

There’s Moss Garden, too, if we’r really ratcheting the mood up. Just don’t want fracture me void.,. The sound of these two are really cutting through the relative quiet of today, as, I’ve begun to resent the relentless Radio, that I’ve had on as back ground anaesthetic for years. Foolish years, silly noise-anaesthetic. Regardless, this is great. Play that Koto Dave, play it..

<good, a space, hard to get these days. working on this shit. bear with..>


Tim Soar top using vintage Kimono Silk. Well lovely and shot live in Chatsworth Road, E5.

<more stuff here too, pictures words, all sorts>


Visvim padded coat with kimono influence.

Soz bout the numerous holes, but admit I’m quite glad to get anything down frankly. More than my editors got today. Pesky void scene..

Stubbs out.


<PS. insert more void here>


Morning Style Mongers. A tall man recently told me to sit with the void and let it become you’re friend. Okay, will give that a whirl. Gonna get double pally with my void. Update ya later. Talking of tall men, this is Howlin’ Wolf singing How Many More Years. Point it like you mean it, Howlin‘.      

Was watching Keith Richards docco when saw this performance and thought it was wicked. Such a good pointer. Could put some style stuff up too, but why bother? Its fine like this, right.

Stubbs out.


Serious stepper.


Evening/Morning Style Mongers. It was hot today/yesterday. Unrelentingly. Too hot to write. Or apply self. A worthy excuse. Work difficult to concentrate on. My fault. I’m too hot to brief crew even. Gone back to a lone wolf unit of one for today, self employed, self mediating/medicating as best I can. Freedom is not to be sniffed at. I never sniff at it. They wouldn’t let man into the Lido, though-I called too, too late…. Friends wouldn’t let me go to Panama or Costa Rica on holiday on my own, also. Its was called- too, too early (am quite glad, for now). In the end compelled to train in the mad close heat of the garden. In the end had to run in the madder blast heat of The Downs– just then was all could do to get an iota of control over myself. Nothing else.


Bowie in asymmetric Kanasai Yamamoto ensemble. I love an ironing board in the work place.

A relentlessly propelled river of stuff flows through my head and I can’t divert it, almost ever. ‘This time last year..’ prompts the river etc. ‘What if..’ ‘why that..’ floats the river of considerations. Things are fine mind. I don’t really mind. An ideal time to observe the process, apparently. Looking forward to the process of some sort of mental-dam being constructed. This is song is damn good, suggested an iota of free-thought while free on Downs. Stick it on, if you will. Don’t know who Kev’ is, don’t care but likey Harlem River. Regardless if is on/off hot/or not, am ‘working’ on a Japanese style idea. Perhaps I should visit Iota for my holiday and call it research.

Late, late on exhaustion is also good, because then the river stops being the main event. Observe. Am trying, but now am spent, can try and try on this Japanese style/Kimono style theme was also supposed to be working on. There is some brilliant menswear taking it as inspiration.  Just when I do that, magically –bang!… I remember the major protagonist of my story. Its dear Dave, of course. Then I find some really, really good Dave stuff. This is far more than merely an Iota. But then it is very late..


Cape by Kanasai Yamamoto

I’ll never forget the day you died, Dave. The whole day was ill from the moment of waking to the miserable, schnied end and right throughout, too. Miz’. Totes miz’ and confused to hell too. Death and dislocation on a Monday. Fractured and on edge. Not the cool on edge either. A sickness right through. Lets give thanks that moment has passed. 

Thank  you dear David Bowie.


Volume control: David Bowie & Kanasai Yamamoto at a fitting. Note how Yamamoto’s knit is same motif as Dave in famous asymmetric look with hoops, top picture.

Stubbs out.

PS. Wanna see some Japanese/Kimono inspired menswear?

PPS. Going The Financial Times Board room for lunch,  facing two directions, up&down The River Thames. As a host mind. No time for internal flow today.

PPPS. Going Prom 7 tonight. Gabriel Fauré. Stravinsky. Poulenc- lots of singing and that. Taking that Jim Massey fella. 



Evening Style Mongers. Have you heard this? It’s quite good I think. Not a mad Van Fan, but this is double right. Sad though. 



Stubbs out.