Evening Style Mongers. I can’t keep up with this- you might have noticed. What can I say? London Collection:Men starts again tomozza. Seems like only yesterday, right? Except it’s a whole world away too now- A totally different dimension from the last one, in some ways. This song is quiet lovely, right? Just like a ship and all that. It’ll do us for now.

Pastor T.L.Barrett and his youth singers. Yes the Pastor. The choirs a bit pony/shrill/wrong at times, and still somehow brilliant. A bit like life. But I know we can make it. I’ve got something on desert chic out on the HowToSpendIt today. Might see if can rustle up a look to go with myself.


Lawrence Of Arabia- waiting for ship of the desert.

I’m a different person this season, just don’t feel the same. SS16 is all change. Something new is trending. Cant explain it all right now, but am finding the fashion&style carousel pretty, pretty daunting tonight. Then again, what could really go wrong? I still like clothes though. Don’t worry. Not given up the cause. Got this Missoni linen shirt number finally delivered. Only took DHL 7 attempts. Doorbell failure didn’t exactly help. Insane energies used on its journey. Its all about the journey. Just make sure you’re getting there. My life door bell has been broken for sometime- could have been the problem? Kept missing deliveries or opening it for the wrong callers all together. Shirt is from Feeling this deserty/sandy colour scheme no end at mo’.


Missoni brown linen stripe shirt.

Gonna go to bed, with my book (see last post) and work out and acceptable look to go with shit. Night you lot.

Stubbs out.


Got a new thing to go on a chain: No.10 talisman key. Binary: 1 & nothing. Hoping thats all gonna need for now.



Morning Style Mongers. Just got off the last train into Euston from Manchester from work. Almost Midnight. The only thing I care about right now is remaining immersed in The Midnight Bell a novel by Patrick Hamilton. Its one part of the trilogy called Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky. These are all set in&around a pub in Euston. 


Midnight Bell cover.

Hamiltons language is so carefully and beautifully chosen, its sort of invisible and only exists as correct and perfectly descriptive. Nothing surplus or distracting. Unlike my inclusion of these runway images featuring wide brimmed black hats and black clothes. 


Saint Laurent AW16.

Am also locked into the play of it all. And that is that. It’s totes mesmerising. It has removed any/all unwanted presences, when am reading actually it. I am grateful that am slow reader.


Bottega Veneta AW16

Even the title is brilliant, no?


Stubbs out.


Saint Laurent AW16.


StubbsAfternoon Style Mongers. Double happy to be super calm today. Tezeta from Mulatu Astatke is only helping matters. Do have a listen. Note. Mulatu is Ethiopian, not Moroccan, but I am in Essaouria, Morocco.  Stubbs out.


IMG_4550Cacti Twins. My Orlebar Brown SnapShorts in situ.


Morning Style Merchants. Hope is doppio well. Just booked this gaff for Florence Pitti Uomo menswear fest’ in June on The Air B’n’B. So thrilled by it, trying not to show off, but thrilled. Admit get uptight bout making these calls sometimes, haunted by notions that will get it wrong, but this one has made me happy. £84/notte, ffs. So much better than doing it in a doppio-spenny hotel, no? Am looking forward to doing Pitti with a nice clear head, too. Stick Nino- Looking For You on, below. Ever so good: I’m gonna be looking for me in this place.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.27.44

Federicos drum had me by the rads.

Really, stick it on. Its super calm stuff, no? Bless the old Pitti institution. I do so like it, but the Pitti Pillocks/Peacocks don’t half need some modernising. They could take a leaf out of my pals book whom linked this week..

Okay, as hinted at, some style stuff. Visited Casely-Hayford (click) boys this week in South Tottenham, and was knocked out by what they’ve worked up over the last seven years. Really strong contemporary tailoring stance- its great to see it, handle and try it on. Just did this on the boys 48 hour MTM tailoring service that launches at Harvey Nichs this month (click). Previously unheard of turn around. Mental. Great service idea and wicked blocks, but this piece don’t come near telling the full C-H sartorial story. Loved this ‘Wentworth’ navy mesh unlined summer weight overcoat, made in Japan. bit like crisp, perf’, clean neoprene-light. Odd but works so well.  It’s such a modern piece but with fundamentally classic elegance running thru it. A metaphor for the father and son team, no? Or is it other way round. Best worn by Charlie C-H himself. Has to be seen and handled to grasped thoroughly. £735 from Selfridges. Bang modern.


Wentworth’ navy mesh unlined summer weight overcoat (name after golf tournament or women’s prison)?

Poor Charles (what Joe called him) didn’t want the smiling shot but I badgered him into letting me use it on the Insta’ as is so nice of him smiling at his Dad- on their joint birthday! How lovely is that scene. Sorry, but it too, too much family harmony not to comment/depict. Explains why J.C-H is drinking a cheeky red, btw. This biker fusion piece below was very good on too, sort of aggro MadMax chic, but urban. Good, even on an old fucker like me, I thought. Not sure I’d have ‘robe shouldered’ (click) it in the show tho’. Who styled it, btw?


Casely-Hayford SS16

And as you know, I super love this jade green shawl DB. Too good. Couldnt use for my picture in my column as had run before. Shame, so here it is again.


Casely-Hayford SS16

This coat is a totes-killer. Seriously. Light, but with great verve to the sweeping, perfect lapels, classism to the drape and cut, and pure signature C.H. to the slope shoulder with rope sleeve head. So chic. Picture don’t do it justice. Will ask the boys/check notes on how much and what clothe/season etc. Its such a brilliant calling card of what these two are up to. Inspired by their work and words, coming next season to The Sharpener thing : The New Structure. Vatch dis space..


<insert actual caption>

There is more. not got time for it though as have real work and running to do. Anyway, back to the old house… its still lovely, no? Might just plot up, read a book and not go to the Pitti. Who knows.
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 08.14.43

Back to the old house

<and something else/put this on, its good. >

El Michels Affair is also gonna work when padding the stoney streets of Florence. Perhaps. <this bit needs work>


More SS16 Casely-Hayford.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 08.14.58

<Crisp & vintage chamber tings a g’wan.>

Its Bank Holiday you lot, for G’s sake go out and flex some May attitude, seen?

Stubbs out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 08.14.33

 A Different Corner (click),



Afternoon Style Mongers. Continuing the subject of honesty, this song made me laugh out loud today. Oscar Brown Jr – But I Was Cool. Is bang on, but nothing like how things are right now in real world. Still funny though, see below. Less funny this is my Anderson&Sheppard suit mentioned in previous post, also below, on its debut to the theatre Saturday night. Wore it with a cream Drakes bespoke button down and crocodile Louis’, in the end. Love the pleats on the pants so much. Exquisitely executed. That was it for now on style front


New Anderson&Sheppard luxe drape.

Heres the deets for those that are interested: A&S Lounge Suit in Holland & Sherry 753107 Biscuit/Fawn Flannel (9oz) plus , vest with Step Collar. Cant do any more at mo’, apol’s but off to see the boys Casely-Hayford at their studio in twenty, Joe & Charlie

<I’ll put some more style in here. Wha’ you want? Trench coats or cardigan jackets? Thats what am holding largely> J,J.? Fill in the gaps could you please?  

Cant even get sign off in right place.

Stubbs out.