Mornign Style Mongers. Admit I’m Dave-Lazy: Never properly immersed self in Blackstar. Have now. Went Michael Clark twice, Friday, and Wednesday last week, and got immersed. The Satie bit at the beginning seemed way better second time too. 


A bit stalwart to nouveau Yoga ballet perhaps. Looked a trifle too shaky on Friday too, though some must have been intentional, and Clarky asking nay on impossible stuff of his company, am reasoning. 

<See BlackStar Belwo> “Why have they got tails?” M.C, asked Brix after the show. “Cos they’re cat peoples” was the reply. Explained.

When Michael Clark’s Company dance to certain music, they can make you listen better. The music ends up better in my ears after,. Quite nuts, but it does. This for example. So much more procussion is out in the front for me. now. The sort of North African sax started to sound brilliant in this

<these are missing notess>

<but this post doing my head in>

Might stop and start again.

Stubbs out.






Evening Style Mongers. Wanted to do a proper post but am still working on pending style stuff. Embarrassing really, its out of control again..  part of losing contrcolled included compulsion to look at Fall x Michael Clark “I am Kurious Oranj” works today. Result of seeing  Brix Smith in conversation with Michael Clark last night for a while, up close and personnal. They covered varied cultural and social and stylistic subjects with off hand vigour and flair.  Double interesting. They talked about when Michael’s company worked with Brix’s band, The Fall for “I am Kurious Oranj”. Did see The Clark Company perform New Work 2016 last night which has justified this whole week’s existance in two hours flat (and a post I’ve not finished doing). Was brilliant. Took me two takes to really take it in. Now planning on seeing Brix and The Extricated in Novemeber as result of giving her a lift home. 

You might have noticed am struggling on here a triflle. Cant fight that, but cant give up either. Surrendering to the fuckery of it. What am gonna do, shut it down and write my tappings out on a another, new and poorly serviced site? No point. Besides, where and how am I gonna get stuff like this into my day? 


Am happy enought to kick about on my own here for a bit while I get a handle on what am doing. Talkign of kicking about and handling, snapped an intrusive still life of Michaels leather oven gloves and black Gucci snaffle mules, plus choreography cane and some sox. Not gonna put it up here, but it is on instagram. Actaully, fuck it, am short style content for accessory fans


Clark black leather accessory choreography cluster

Stubbs out.

PS. Might as well have this too.. this ones got it all going on: Leigh Bowery, the lot




Evening Style Mongers. Am on the case, but tied up with work. Found some really good new pieces from Jupe by Jackie (click). Double like them. 


There’s a whole load of them in my place, really good, other brands too. Interested men? Still considering ties? Wish I was. Stuggle with shirts at the moment. And aprons even. Just tried to invent new receipe. No idea why I thought I could do that. Who knew all that stuff about shallots? 

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Merchants. Saw The Michael Clark Company New Work 2016 (click) Friday night at The Barbican with The Wrong Writer. Land by Patti Smith is the music to one of the best pieces. Is semi-lodge in head currently. 

<insert coherant comment bout show and surrounding culture>

<make style based observations on other style/cultures in view this weekend>

all outfits this time of year become defined by outterwear again. Its that time. Lets talk..


Stubbs out.


Morning Style Mongers. Totes struggling to keep up any sort of posts. Is the dilemma between living life and writing bout it. Bit like taking pictures of everywhere we go. Why? How bout just living. Still compelled to do so. And to post them. Porquoi? Still, I/we have other compulsions too.

douze step

Marseille douze step program.

I’m leaving Marseille. I was compelled to come here on my own for various reasons. Now its time to leave. I really like it here. Its a really rather different city to much of France. A troubled city I am told. Dont wear your gold, I was told. Mind how you go. Mind has been the big thing for me here. No time to go on ’bout that though, but its what have been trying to ouvre. Marseille does have a menace. An edge. For sure.

<more stuff>

Elements of Marseille remind me of a the seaside town our family always holidayed, St.Ives. On other levels it differs, strongly. Both have a religious building upon a hill to the right of the harbour. St.Ives is a tiny chapel. Marseilles is a palace/castle Notre Dame. It has a gold statue of The Lady herself on the top. It’s a mental place, worth the many steps I ran each morning, as I do in St.Ives. Both take your breath away in the climb up. 

Another church makes for my digs in Marseille. A mad b’n’b in the crypt area of a church dating to 1060, largely destroyed due to it housing pro-monachy/church meetings later in their history. My window looks out from under Christ armpit. Another breath taking view, espesh’ after all those centuries.

Christ pit

Room with a view: Christ’s pit, the cross from behind.

Am sat writing dans le jardin out the back having breakfast with birds, in and out of cages and church bells over head. I live in one of two rooms that back onto a converted nunnery. Have kept my eyes open for other residents, a clue as two who they might be, but alas am nun the wiser. I loved staying here. In the Old Port. Le Panier area. Amongst the old buidlings, steps and graf’, is this imposing church tower, which I can see from across the port while heaving for oxygen under Marys statue. Hidden is a hippy, free garden to plot. It gets the sun. Must have been nice for the nuns, though not sure would catch too much through their habits. 

nuns garden

Nuns Garden. Working hard on me column .

 <more word stuff needed>

Some told me that Louis Vuitton in Marseille give their brands bags out inside another non-branded bag so customers dont get robbed. True? No idea, but when French people not from Marseille talk bout it you can see they’re scared.


Nearly finished. My bnb/church from 1060. Pull ya finger out, non?

Though alone, I have spiritual and cultural guide here. Marko, my tall pal from the E5 endz is a native Marseille man dem (will look up correct term later). He has guided me to good bits. These include Toinou. Very much the fruit de la mer equivelant of the Mangal in Dalston. No frills, avec metal fittings, tables and bar, like the deck of a trawler. It is a Marseille institution. You point/order the bits of seafood you want, choose your sauces and sit down and wait. They don’t have electronic flashing beepers discs in the mangal yet that go off from your table when you stuff is ready, though. Tables have a built on bracket for you beeper to rest, or for your platta of Oysters/Lobster/Moules to sit upon.Tout, tout tres bein. Dont have in St.Ives either. Saw a couple of Stoney clad, not so young, Marseille Herberts down there too. Copied what one of them had. Also went for clams with pesto. Were all double good.


Toinou. Google it and go.

Keeping going up the that hill from the Port, and I like best the Notre dame area. Beautiful old architechture, but not a rich gaff. Run down, but still with majestic buildings, old steps and fountains, melded with trappings of the now. Graffiti & L’Herbers everywhere. Arabic market stalls, mobile phone repair shops, fabric sales and burger/pizze slice cafes. 

Its largely Arabic. Its poor-ish. Cours Julian is the areas that was most alive out of where I visited. Getting towards old Hackney in its mix of bars and restuant frequented by a mix of people. Its good. Not like St.Ives. Found this place after been there a day and a half already, would have gone back in the night, but was heading posh gaff Rhul for Boulabaisse, in far dressier gear, Guccis and gold bits. Could have gone back after, but not looking to prove such stuff right now, either way, so didnt. 

MT 2

L’Herbets de la Notre Dame dans le Marseille Tuxedo

The Marseille Tuxedo*- effectively double Adidas track suit flex, top and bottom is prevalent and looks great. As documented by the Tall Man, (le clique). Adidas reigns supreme there. Its the uber brand for the M’ folk. Will be addressing when back to UK. Is Marko’s department, so not gonna bang on bout it. Go visit le Mans site. Allez!

<cultural question to l’Herbets: Why hang about side burger/pizza slice bars drinking coffee when there are amazing coffee gaffs right by better coffee. Or fish gaffs? eh? dont get it. NB.This happens in St.Ives too>

What else? loads.. will be going back, for sure. whether am still taping out this old tosh on here, who knows. But if I am, will write bout it. 

<talk about Boulabaisse fish stew and ting- too too tres bon>

<loads more, but must go out and live. Vivre la vie, soit libre>

“Let everything happen to you

both beauty and terror

just keep going

no feeling is final”

Rainer Rilke, German poet.

Yeah, yeah Rainer, totes, but all apres de petit dejeuner?

Stubbs dehors…


La mode, en garde.