Morning Style Merchants. Went across The Metropolis to The Little Venice annual May Day Water Carnival annual  thing to link old pals from West London on Saturday. It was very good to see them. An old fella was making a bloody good noise in the One-Man-Band format in a big drinking tent, with people singing along. Arrived and he was playing Leaving Of Liverpool. Really got to me. Instantly and deeply. In a good way, and starting singing along myself straight off. A happy, true moment.

Totes reminded me of Don Stubbs, my Dad. He used to sing it all the time. Spoke to Madre later and she said she missed Dad singing all the time. Very sweet. Big shout out to man like Don Stubbs!


 Having it Barge- looks like we were only bods there, but we weren’t. Honestly, we weren’t.

I couldn’t get this song out me head yesterday. Found it very emotional indeed. Don’t know why exactly, but this one mainlines straight to Don. Was good to feel something though. Shot below is from a little while ago of Mary, Don, & my sister, Julie. 

Mum, Dad & Julie

 Stubbs crew, Dudley Road, Wimbledon, circa 1957. 

A little later the old fella did ‘Puttin’ On The Style‘, which my Mum would sing a bit. My old flat mate from back in the day was amazed I new (most of) the words. This made me laugh and am gonna be talking to Mum bout it all weekend. Big old emotional sing song day, no? Soz, if you did want some style content, but can only manage the title of this song below this time and the shot above. Limiting, non? Back with style idea tomorrow/later. Promise. Right now am having family moment. Try MrPorter for clothes maybe..meanwhile, Lonnie, tek it away, this ones for you Mary.

Puttin’ on the Agony is such funny lyric. It works for right now too, don’t cha think? Have smashing Monday, you lot. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Note to you young folks, this genre is called Skiffle and was double popular, double back in the day.



Morning Style Mongers. Style Merchant Rups is correct, see last post message, maybe I should have talked bout Princes’ style. Didn’t have time, only to pay tribute to the music. Apols. But couldn’t help it. You know my belief that deep down music trumps style? In moments like this, thats how it goes down. Espesh’ when busy. Seeing the footage of man like Prince in recent days, am partic’ loving his work with avant garde tailoring teamed with strong millinery. Not least the example The Wrong Writer (click) AKA Holden UK, made me aware of. Had to put this down the bottom, though, as not Prince-centric enough/too many old fuckers in shot. Still no time to pay homage. If wanna see how Prince styled himself, Google image him, right? Its what I just did.  Liking him in tailoring right now, as he takes it somewhere so far from the boring old broker chic shite we’re being served/are serving most of time. Love sexy, non?


Prince at Grannies

Like this a lot too. Little tie bar in there I think. Maybs.


Prince with matching shirt, tie, square, sort & hat.

Stubbs out.

A handful of Rock legends are all playing “While My Guitar Gentle Weeps” in tribute to Beatle George Harrison. Then Prince comes on and blows the whole fucking old man gaggle off the stage. He is wearing  wicked <?> suit and <?> hat. Totally diggin’ the stage persona he is pushing here, as well as his sartorial stance.

Prince blows the mothers off the stage, stylistically and in guitar terms. brace selves.



Proper Fly.


Yes Style Mongers. R.I.P. Prince, as standard. Talk bout double serious B-side action: This is favourite Prince song. Erotic City. A 1984 B-side to  Lets Go Crazy. Is super nuts. The main version has brilliant sort of slow Chicago House-Jack base. This footage you wanna watch is below is live instruments over top of that, super cool-funky-chic but canna imbed the fucker. Click on linkage, though. Meanwhile, can’t find other versh’ on video to show. My failure. Excuse me.


Prince – Erotic City (1984)
Oh wait. Its worked. Don’t change a thing, just play it..


Coming back to this. Stay level, team style.

Stubbs out.

PS. Gonna try and enter a new realm today. Really am. Hope doesn’t fuck everything up. Like caring two hoots bout style and all that, but it could. Lets see.

PPS. Did you notice all the people biggin’ up the Queen for her birthday? Hilare. Lets make a list of the fuck-wits. It’ll come in useful.





Morning Style Merchants. Have you seen the time? Its damn near Noon. So many converging moments come at Noon today. Not gonna manage to satisfy all demands. Or many even. Bearly any. Not gonna. Will you lot except Alan, Alex & Ben’s Fat City in leu of my missing thin line of editorial content. Well, will ya? 

Fat City- Allan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn.

Did some research over the weekend, it include these shots by JPGoude. Doppio DB action. Like way he doesnt wear DB by book. Popped collar, fastened unorthodox at times too. G’wan JPGoo’


Jean-Paul Goude- One Man Show- Grace Multiplied, Paris 1982.

Thanks awfully, back at you shortly. 

Stubbs out.


J-P.Goudes D.B., again



Morning Style Mongers. Visited new Ami shop on Duke last week (click). Loved it. Met Alexandre Mattusi, Founder man dem. Liked his casual confident way a lot and his shop and collection were looking bang on. I reported on it, first, in my Sharpener column in The FT H.T.S.I. bout month ago (click). Then it didn’t open. How Parisian. Now it has, go there, mon ami. Honestly. Affordable, chic, unfussy, cool. Likey interior too. Big, open, bright, without being horrid and pared down. Got not proper time for this as impaled on all manner of deadline fuckery  Regardless/largely because: took ‘Little Fella Off The Telly’ there the very next day and dropped a ‘bag of sand’* on him/it, there and then. Thats what you call a ‘money vote’, mon Ami.


 Painted Parquet floor. A signature Ami thing, with diff’ paint in each shop.

Really digging the mannequin-less interior. It was a cafe called <forgot>, but now is re-opened up with loads of smashing, considered textures and colour. Not got time to go into it now,  but will. Also liked the easy clothes style a fair old bit <did I say that already?>.  This khaki cotton drill trench was dead good. Just look how the Parisian man is dropping it in London.


Alexandre Mattusi in Ami, Duke Street.

All this chatting bout Paris, cafes, trenches and stuff caused me to talk to Alexandre bout The Style Council Cafe Bleu debut album, 1983. Two British men (or four, depending how you count it) dropping it all over the place, and Paris. Loved that album on so many levels (even tho has some right pony tracks on B-side. Rapping Paul! Was that really wise?). Anyway, as said, gonna put more up later, this is a just a sketch, but one can’t stand still Monday to Monday, can one? Thats not a stance, thats a style capitulation, right? anyway, music. I’m picking this number for now, if my silly, battered soul can take it. Weller sang it too, first, but Trace laid the lyrics down on the album. Too, too much. Everybody, here’s introducing Tracey Thorn and T.S.C. (Gulps…) The Paris Match.

Obvs theres move clothes and sounds to come, right, but I’ve got people chasing me down. Probably deservedly. He’s some cursory stuff to get the mood over a bit <have added since>. When I visited next day met a crew of very warm, easy, chic staff, from Italy, Portugal, France, and even a token Brit. Like them. Is important to have right peoples.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.55.29

 Some Ami SS16 stuff.

Some more upbeat sounds from the album Cafe Bleu are below. Likey?

Headstart for Happiness by T.S.C from Cafe Bleu, also.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 09.34.34

Ami interiors are by Studio KO, no relation to Karla Otto, who do the PR!

<Do we need more garms in here or do you lot get it?>

Stubbs out (in the untarnished Metropolis).

NB. Mick Talbot, off of T.S.C,, (also formerly of the Merton Parkas) went to same school as my Dad. Rutlish. South Sides. 

PS. Am so, so pleased to find am now at liberty to tread the boulevard floor without fear of ever seeing the deranged, estranged fashion Ex once more. The style gods have smiled on me and deported her circumstantially to Los Angeles. Now thats what I call a headstart for happiness. 

* Grand, silly.


A.M.&T.S. in Ami changing rooms.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.55.00

Some more Ami SS16 stuff. 


T.S.C, Paris. 1983.