&, YEAH?

Evening Style Merchants. Went to the Modern Toss book launch exhibition, A Decade In The Shithouse (click) on Thursday. Thats a day late. It’s at The Forge, Cymon Eccles gaff, on Shoreditch High Street (click). Missed the opening night due to work, but Jon&Mick were still there, signing books and being funny, very Jon&Mick. They’re there this weekend too. Go and see them. I walked around the exhibition on own and found self opening LOLing at old and new stuff. So much of it is very funny. Some of it is really, dreadfully funny. Much of their work is beautiful to look at too. I bought a large print of this. Gonna frame it and put in the kitchen. That red is perfect 1968 Paris uprising red.

Le Travail C’est La Merede-From the work series.

Open Plan Filth Addict (click), for example in a large print is absolutely lovely. Sort of calm and expansive. Some of the old classics have been re-printed in vibrant colours. Jon’s found out how to use an architect’s printer and made a massive long wall poster. Forget what it said but it was great. He’s into the idea of wallpapering your whole house with something mental, like a massive Space Argument or something. Some of their working models, like the beard growing picture/calendar are excellent. Of course the talking Periodic Table of Swearing is extremely popular. Visitors were making is pronounce profanities perpetually. They have proper dedicate fans. Droves of them.

Open Plan Filth Addict. Mick explained this is based on real life scenario.

There’s the boys original photo-portraits from Loaded magazine (where we all met) up on the wall introducing them, with a big question asking why they can’t draw properly. They explain that they draw in ‘real time’ to keep the flow going. Its good. The sweetest thing I observed though was how when Mick was doing signings, he writes “& Mick”, leaving Jon to just write his name. Seems Jon also signs “Jon &” when he goes first. “You’ve gotta have a strategy” Mick explained, in a matter-of-fact manner. Its a brilliant, funny and enduring &.

Decade book out now (click).

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Merchants. Yesterdays weather was a trickster/bugger, no? Ruined my personal temperature control/style plans. Needed premier savvy look for whole day. It started out wet and windy, so went out in robust, thick hopsack three piece. Sweated like a farm labourer on lamb-plating day all day while working and beyond. Not ideal. Meanwhile, Mr.Evans wore Mr.Sexton doppio-breasted to the Dracula Untold Prem’. Far more suitable.

Evans in Sexton DB flannel and shirt, Tautz tie

Didnt deploy a pocket square. Messed up the clean architecture of lapels/shoulders, the expanse of gorgeous grey flannel, and the lovely textural/pattern interest in tie. No pocket, goddit? One piece less to fanny about with the visuals. Nice no? Look at the boy in those lapels. You don’t see that shit in Hollywood, anymore.

Full Doppio Sexton, with JM Weston shoes.

All sorts on cards right now, so no additional comment possible. Film was a tense, clarety affair, and came out wired from it. Full marks to Evans. Untold stuff to mention in fact, but cant now. Met this fella, Tommy Dunn, in the after party do. He was quite a hoot. Another Bulgari ambassador, along with Luke. He was in Thom Sweeney RTW three piece too. Sweating less than I though. He’s a pro I suppose though. Here’s a little Clash for Tommy.. take it Joe.

Would kill for that volume quiff right now.

Stubbs out.

Tommy was in Sweeney and JMWeston. What more could I tell him, but doppio thumbs up, Tommy.

Six piece crew, Tom&Tommy.


Morning Style Merchants. Doppio grande night tonight. Dracula Untold film premier with Luke Evans, who am styling and thus predict will be wearing Gieves&Hawkes three piece, although not firmed up yet. Simultaneously its the launch of A Decade In The Shithouse by that Modern Toss (click) lot. How to turn self out to bridge both cultures, that is the question, reet?

Plan to regale with tales from both. Plan. Pictures too perhaps. Got dash. Doppio retardo, sempre.

Stubbs out.


Evening Style Mongers. Forget how good Portishead were/are. Maybe that is why we caned the back out of Dummy. Still, it sounds double good and bang-right for Autumn when it comes. Nein?

Not quite suitable for this sort of insulation yet, but when it is, this is me for winter.

Explorer Trench Seal-Up.

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Style Merchants. You’ve been away? You’ve seen a-lot, yes weekender? Yeah. Awfully sorry its all got a bit mono-blog/weekender comment here, but been on manoeuvres, seen? Currently am on manoeuvres with The Madre in St.Ives no less. The rest of the family are here too. It’s a Brazilian Summer (upgraded from Indian) we’re having. Sort of.  This from Sergio Mendes (click) buys me time, and brings you the mood from The Wharf, where am dropping tunes, between bringing Mother tea and Asparagus. Shout out WrongWriter (click) for the tune.

Sergio Mende Ye Me Le.

Ye Me Le talks about fishing boots and the harbour, and thats where we are plotted. Thats it. Got all sorts to say, but need a break or it’ll bore us. Style can wait, right? If you can’t, there’s been stuff in the The How To Spend It you could look at. The growing trend for Traditional Smart Hats (click) , last week, and my antidote to the Receding Hemline Crisis (click) today. Then there’s Mr.Evans. Oh yes. Keep your eyes out for his stances coming soon. Been doing a few for him and they’re worth a look.

Stubbs out of The Metropolis today.