Morning Style Mongers. Reluctantly gotta leave beloved Lower Clapton this morning despite of deadlines et al, and do West End stuff. Pah! A celebrity client of mine is being shot wearing my fav’ tailors, the mans dem Thom Sweeney, at their place, for the mag dem Esquire Big Black Book. What with the football result, only seems fitting to go as Pedro, Caruso’s (click), character muse guy from Buenos Aires, right? Must admit, I always feel a bit more Fefè at this time of year (click).

Caruso’s Pedro from Buenos Aires.

If only everything was as simple as that link. If only style & fashion was as charming, creative and well thought out as Caruso’s world of men and menswear. Charming. Unlike my disposition this morning. Love, love Caruso and their six character muses. Or is it five? There’s no London fella note. Maybe they’re recruiting?More of Caruso when I catch up with you next. Weekly is it now? Who’d have thought; a weekly post. Like The Ceefax of style, updating on a sporadic roll.

Stubbs out.

Caruso’s Fefè from Napoli.


Morning Style Merchants.  Astute observers will note I’ve flopped rather badly on the posting front of late. While I get ’self back up to flighting wait, here’s something I wrote the other day for my pal Gary from Adidas who wanted Adidas anecdotes that stick in peoples minds.  Mine’s not particularly exciting, but I like the way it panned out. If y0u’ll bear with me, this is me posting for now, normal service resumed later in zi week. The picture of Dave is in current Paris Vogue Homme International .

Dave in Adidas Stan Smiths (click)


When I was at fashion college in North London, I spent time and energy desperately trying to pass self off as a clued up, spivy type of chap. I desperately was not one. However, touting ‘deleted’ Adidas trainers (at college and in west end) did help raise my street profile just a trifle. Around 1989/90 a trend for low-key, retro trainers like Stan Smiths, Gazelle’s and ‘Shell Toes’ was on, harking back to simple, clean lines compared to things that had got a bit complex, flashy and high. Cream slices, we’d call them.

Classic Stan’s. White with navy trim

People started looking for trainers of this ilk that had been discontinued, or ‘deleted’. Duffer would find styles and sell them. For a while, chatting about ‘deleted’ trainers was a thing. My pal Nick Sulivan, a Manc living in Liverpool, met a bloke who had a warehouse half full of deleted Adidas Match Plays. Quite nice, not madly so, but definitely not in shops anymore, (whether deleted or not).  We did okay spending time in Soho and South Molton Street hawking these trainers out of laundry bags to trendies who looked like they had money.

Low profile Adidas Stans.

Think we were doing them for £25/£30 a go (with box), costing us £8. Sold a whole haul at Vidal Sassoons training school on Davies Mews. Met a new slew of connections that led to all sorts of fresh business and capers for years to come. Two of my Cockney pals got hairdresser wives out of that Sassoon deal. Three children spawned thus far from the Deleted Adidas Match Play/Matchmaker trainer deal. I do remind them of what they got from this on occasion. What I got was to pretend to be savvy in public for a bit. Still not got the hang of that yet.

Stubbs out.

PS. Talked myself into getting a pair I think. The white with white Stan’s are the ones I fancy. Gary, how does one apply for those kiddies? Or the cream Match Plays below, maybe..

Adidas Match Plays.


Afternoon Style Mongers. Seem to have got lost in style, fashion & luxury. Not in an ideal way, but could be worse. Would rather be lost in music. Or lost in Lido/Speedos.

Do feel relatively ’so alive’, (click) for more.  I might quit, my ten to five. Style later maybe, but Mark has an announcement..

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Style Mongers. Get amongst it as best ya can style wise, while we’ve all got time to drop a look. Been chattin’ about jacket length to myself this last week. To be fair, gotta shout out to George McCrae who’s been bopping along me all the way so far this month. This afternoon, George and I go boot shopping. Meanwhile, there’s a change coming, not least length-wise. Despite this forecast, George is rockin’ on in the this cropped little number and coping just fine, not remotely dandy though.

Total agreement about the jacket with no top underneath too. Not sure what that fluffy think is though. A Disco-Gonk key fob perhaps? Who knows. Top hip movement regardless. Full marks. If ya ever stuck on the floor, these moves wont do you any harm. Keep chugging along to this for rest of June. Then change. If ya out there…

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. More style&fashion to come when we’ve got clearance.


Morning Style Merchants. Will resume normal, piss poor service when back in Londra. At shows at mo’ in Milano.

Till then, vidi DAF Nan Milano, proper vecchio mondo macchino moda.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.