Morning Style Merchants. Busy? Please do not even enquire, I’d only let you down. Again. Saw this bag for transporting riding essentials at Hermes press thing. Cotton toile and Barenia calfskin. One puts one’s helmet, riding boots and riding accessories in it, of course. My boots got thieved out the back of the Saab 900, yet I still want the bag.

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Mongers. How was the shriekend? Feel like once mine got going, it wouldn’t bleedin’ stop. In fact, it’s not under control yet. Going to the Gaultier opening at Barbican tonight (clicky) with Lyall (clicky). Dropping sauve Sexton to keep up with the outre crowd as best I can.

Gaultier Mannequins.

Who remembers Junior Gaultier? I loved that gear. About 1987 or so I thought it was the chicest thing you could be busting and lodged other denim in favour of cardboard stiff, dark washes with that prestigious white enamel badge. Remember? Cant even find them on the internet. By the way, its still Grace week on here. Miss.Jones got an extension. Like this version of She’s Lost Control (click). Do you?

So Lyalls crew for tonight look pretty interesting, or fierce, as I believe the term is. Hope nothing untoward happens. Sort of. Its the beginning of the week, so must behave accordingly and not lose control. Roger?

Grace Jone/Jean Paul Gaultier.

Will update with an update about what goes down, date.

Stubbs out.

Jones in JPG.

PS. Just couldn’t help put Joy Division up. Couldnt.


Evening Style Mongers. Started the day all Graced up in the sunshine, running, euphoric, (it is after all Jones week, unofficially), but now its rather gloomy, and these shirts just aren’t saying Jones, right? The most soulful can get them round to is via The Jam. Had them made for a client of mine as am sick of paying dollar for quite average, pony ready-to-wear ‘designer’ semi-smart shirts. Though would make to measure, call the fabrics, and get to fit, and see how it goes. Straight, but clipped. What do you reckon team?

This is probably the most unusual, with a rounded ‘Paris’ tab collar, minus the tab and with additional collar buttons. They are of course from Emmett. Button down style is coming back big time, and looking good. I only really go there with shorts, open, and with trainers, but there one goes. These are for semi-casual looks, I repeat. Semi-bleedin’-casual.

Fine striped blue cotton with Lyon collar. Okay, not a mad game changer, but did narrow the placket a trifle.  Might make all the odds. Check the lads collars below while you’re here. Remember trudging to John Menzies in Keynsham High Street to buy this. It wasnt glamorous then, and it isnt now, perhaps less so.

Not really got the stomach for this caper today/this evening. Whole day slipped from underneath me and now am tapping this out in the dark to Radio 3 Opera on Three, quite pony, while the cleaner woman clumsily clatters accessories and chattels on the rosewood. Angst? Um, fuck yes. Living the dream? Er, no.

This one I like too, a Liverpool collar, in white Oxford, narrow placket and ting, the most The Jam of all perhaps, no?

Then this guy is Paris tab without the tab, and no placket required too. Straight but good. Bear in mind, not trying to change the sodding world, just tweak it a tad, Roger? See how these go down and then maybe I get to have another crack and push it further. Did a black Liverpool style one, no placket, but cant be bothered to snap it. Gonna go and see Holden. He’s doing ribs, isn’t it?

Stubbs out.

PS. Who’s less stylish? Bruce or Rick. Tricky. If you were to be in The Jam, but you werent Paul, who would you be? What about Mick? Hm..Not with that hair. T.C.M is one of the first Jam songs with keyboard that would eventually led the new way for Weller, righty?


Morning Style Merchants. Usual story. Shant bore ya. Please exhibit patience during a short pause of service.

Oliver Spencer Madras check linen shorts SS14, £110.

Thanks awfully.

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Moda Mentalists. Bang under cosh, but compelled to consider what to drop to the V&A Italian Fashion bash tonight (clicko). Should just keep head down and not worry about style and thing, deadlines matter. That said, wont give in and I wont feel guilty. So, dress code: Italian Glamour. Currently in Tacchini retro tennis shorts. Reckon they’ll work. Mind you, is gets un po’ freddo still in April evenings, non?

Valentino and his ragazza, 1967

“Not gonna embarrass my store by opening the door when its breezy”, as Grace points out. Plus am feeling a little more gorgonzola dolce than La Dolce Vita out there on the patio. Still, defo liking Val’s lead here. Might take some inspiration from his stance. Smashing hair, non? Whole thing is sponsored by Bulgari. Wish my hair had better sponsorship. Forgot to borrow the new Roma watch that am really digging, massive style fail. Anyway, not gonna write about show ’til seen the show. For the best I think all things considered, but it operates on all manner of levels. Charlie Porter wrote about this yesterday (click) after interviewing the curator,  Sonnet Stanfill. Its good, and serious. Not what you’d expect perhaps. Dagnabbit gotta nail outfit before can write. Hate sort of bind, that but have no, no choice. Copy wise, you aint gon’ get, if I aint gon’ give it. You see, Grace has nailed the mood today already. Its to become Miss Jones week here on S&E. So, when you’re ready darlink…

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

PS. Went as Grace Jones to a fancy dress party when double naff theme was James Bond ffs. No, I didnt black up. Did have a temporay sex-change though, sort of. An Afghan turban/headdress might just work with those shorts now I think about it. Or..

Then there’s this. Oldish Prada suit with texture/pattern, equestrian tie-but is Hermes, and long collar shirt. Not ideal. Or theres version with E.Tautz green wool tie. Both not right. Gotta start scrivio or am morte. Maybe not folding arms like Valentino enough?