Morning Style Mongers. The style&culture magazine* who just shot me and Stretch wants to know who my style icon is. Cant seem to answer. Already said Dave as to favourite recording artist, and mind sort gone blank for icon. It depends on so much on mood/times. There’s one guy in mind, but he’s not finished his style run yet. Went for a run round Keynsham, to ponder, and all I could think of was a meld of these chaps.


David Johansen vocals, New York Dolls, Whistle Test

If had more guts and good looks might have gone for this. But didn’t. Saint Laurent giving it a good go though. This look will be mentioned when I do Gucci Coup, soon tings.


 Bry’ and Toto, back in the cafe.

Bryan for his services to subverted sartoria, see above.


Bryan relaxes at home.

And for wine/watch style, above.


Thomas Jerome Newton in Nick Roeg’s Man Who Fell To Earth.

Based much of my of my casual outerwear taste on this look. Thinking bout, 10,000 other bracket fans did too, partic’ Scallies, and even the Mancs.


M.W.F.T.E Luxury lounging.


Thomas Jerome Newton, millinery and robe shouldering.

There more to discuss, of course, but simply gotta dash, the Madre’s under the knife, and I’ve just been killing time. Gonna send Docs&Nurse mag a link to this for my answer, should be fine, no? 

Stubbs out.

* Shan’t name in case they getting upset, right?


 Dave at Premier of Man Who Fell To Earth. 


Dave vs Dave, looking very Haider Ackermann, to note.

NB. Context is everything in style, and when one considers the context that Iceberg Slim was functioning in. He’s a boundary maker/pusher.


Iceberg Slim- the hair, the shoes, the neckwear.

Mr.Slim not exactly bang on trend for family values and the like, but certainly exhibits admirable bravado and flair. And hair. 


Hi, Hi, Hi my little Style Simmers. Listened to Iggy Confidential show last night on BBC6Music (click) and it was doppio heavy. Totes derailed my Total Grayism column research, but so what? Nice one, Mr.Pop. Loads of good stuff, loads, but this track by Shamir just bounced. Its still bouncing. I’m still bouncing. Check it..

Could use some more cowbell, right? For those that don’t know that one (click) here. Now, that video is what I call research into ‘Total Grey‘ and tings. Nien? Oh well.. Off out now with Das Lyall Hakaraia for polite and civilised drink. Not gonna wear grey, but not gonna wear colour either, bar my russet leopard gheko tan. Maybe a dash, a shirt to go with skin print maybs, but defo doing a singlet and a big hat, see Twitter (click). Maybe a bit of light tailoring. I’ll stick a snap up if can pull one off, in manner of speaking. 

Stubbs out.

PS. This is so I don’t forget about this track below. Please jus’ ignore it

PPS. More on Total Grey when its time. In Autumn. 


Morning Style Mongers. Managed to slip through Hattons to link Stretch (click) this week bout some jewellery action been planning. Looking deeply at ingots, but as seems like most got melted down with the gold price hike, and while both strongly feeling barking effect on other jewellery, got us thinking bout a bespoke barked ingot. (Know what I mean by ‘barking’? Its a well late 70’s car-dealer-esque effect on gold, bidding on a barked gold pen right now). So, getting Stretch to kindly design an ingot bespoke for moi as a consequence. I mean, its not like he’s got a lot on his gold plate right now, non? It’s for a look am working on, natch. A subtle meld of Nouveau Romantic Darts Team Capt. Mutton and Luxury Gypsy Speed Flanneur. There are similarities. If you want a musical theme to this read, try The Passions down the bottom, from TopOfThePops its not ideal, but what really is. Check Powell*. Stick it on, nein? Meanwhile, talking of vintage links, we vidied these from Bouch’ while nosin’ around. 


 Window schlepping in The Garden.

Door policy on this gaff is proper hilare. The owner would really rather not have you in the shop at all, let alone spend your wedge. He’s even got a tattoo ban in operation, ffs. Didn’t like the look of my mushroom croc clutch much either. We had to work from the outside, and was only when we pressed previous receipts from shop and various i.d’s to the window that we garnered entry. Too silly. Too funny. Fermer le Bouch’, matey. Bouch’ the past, Bouch’ the present..

Quatre Classique Cufflinks

Boucheron Quatre cufflinks in 18kt pink, white and yellow gold, brown PVD and brown ceramic

These Quatre guys from Boucheron struck me in the week while in liaising with their people. Super, no?  Even though don’t wear links much now, am strongly sucked in. Perhaps should wear them on a chain. At £4, 730, it’d have to be a nice chain. 

People Masek

Oliver Peoples.

Randomly, like these top Oliver Peoples bins too to go with look. Its all getting so, so tonal. Even had my skin done while in France to fit in. Am sort of peach/Cuprinol colour with leopard gecko freckle effect currently.


Carts got the right stylised ingot idea here, but too too small for purpose. 

Gotta dash now, as shooting today with Jocks&Nerds believe it or not, along with dear Stretcha too. Interestingly, we are modelling. Oh yes, in our capacity as C.P.Company dedicats. Simply could not refuse. Asked me if I new a contact for Toby McLellan. Yes, I do: Too fun. Self styling: Planning the look now, which has to involve vintage C.P. action form ones archive. Will include new caramel unlined Guccis (clicky). My current working title for look is ‘Peach Tonal Herbert’ or ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth Tones‘, shall update

Stubbs out.

P.S. Do you think the morning of the shoot is too late to be hand washing your C.P. Mille Miglia? If so, might have naused it a trifle

* D.J./TOTP Presenter, Peter Powell does the same earnest whisper technique in the intro as used by the Presenter/D.J./friend/client Dermot O’Leary. Nein?


Pant and texture wise, Dave’s not far from it with these though. 

See below for where am heading with Thom Sweeney Ariston DB suit/Dunhill slubby silk coral shirt below. Cant see the pleats, but the pants are killer good. Not nearly enough jewellery though, nein?

TS TS texture  look

Peach Belming: TS in Thom Sweeney Ariston club silk/linen herringbone. 


Evening Style Vendeurs. Back from Provence’s citadel of luxe that is the Hotel Crayon le Biro (clicky). Was smashing and must find time to say things bout the gaff. Not now though. Now Friday is a jarringly bleak Metropolitan backdrop to take on board for July, non? Always back to the rain..Regardeless, this is merely a holding note till get free, before try to write what promised/hoped. Meanwhile, am Mac-manacled to my pony keyboard of non-deliverance. My, I’m slow. Is own fault, and is a minor. That said, ever feel kinda down-and-out, just don’t know what to do? Have a quick douche with G.S-H. (click), rinse yourself some perspective, you’ll be right as rain, see/hear below. Could you call on Lady (Luke) Day

Yoohoo! John? Yoohoo, over here mate! Jooohn..Think might help for a spell. Whats helping me through mind, is my new addiction to the silk/linen jacquard shirt/jacket that busted consistently in situ on resort. It’s given me totes-new edge on resort luxury. Wish Haider Ackerman (click-clicky) did Speedo-style trunks, as would then drop the full look. Looking at the man himself with deep Peter Pan tan, think he might do a pouch, as it goes. Regardless, here’s the jacket am flexing resort style, even as home-wear now.

Haider Ackerman jacket

Haider Ackerman SS15.

Granted been wearing a bit differently. Less layers. More shorts. It was 36 degs at times thoough, so layers weren’t de rigour. Matches is the best place to get Ackers, for those Style Mongers who fancy a bit of it (click). First to stock in UK, but thats Stacey ‘Savvy’ Smith for thee, non? Might get the striped vest thats on sale, in the look below. Might. Should get on though really. 

Haider Ackers trouser ref

Ackerman SS15 look, featuring silk linen jacquard pants.

Do really like Ackers in-house styling too, non? Sling it all in there and keep it loose, louche and unbuttoned. We’ll give it a go, Haider. This layer was good to cover up when the Provence sun got too much for mixed gingers. It did. One more question to consider though that came to mind while was away. Why were the really fat people I saw sunbathing? They were  super white and blotchy, so what is the point? What were they aiming at? Surely if they’ve got time to loll about on sun beds in the name of looking good, they could get on a velo and cycle up a hill or two? Not criticising, just curious bout this one. 


Anyway, told you my take was a bit diff’. Still loving the fabric though, zig-zag silver blue jacquard silk linen. Too, too much. Put with ol’ fav Orlebar ‘quicks’ in red, vintage suede Sergio Rossi nautical knot loafers and my Panama from Anderson&Sheppard. Anyway, gonna knock this list out from under itself, and be right back on here, right? I’ve a vested interested in finishing. 

Stubbs out.



SS15 Singlet life.

IMG_0411 copy

Quick retorts, on resort, featuring I’m-alright-Haider-Jackerman.


 Here it is… and you say, goddamn..



Afternoon Style Mongers. Hope to say more later but trying to grind out copy bout shearlings in 34degree heat. Even the lizards have applied for factor 50. I’m alright with that. In very lovely place and wouldn’t dream to complain (click). Its super luxe in this gaff, and admit that starts to do my head in. Julie (sister), this is the place we’re in. The pace of Luxe is so, so slow. Places like this think luxury is re-coiling a very tightly coiled hairdryer cord every time you leave the hotel. They are mistaken. Still, it is lovely here. They’re not mad keen on my working  on site though. Guess am not consuming at the preferred level while avec keyboard. I am currently sat under the middle canopy on the level overlooking the pool, see below. They didn’t want me to have it, as they said it was for guests who are coming who want to enjoy the view. The only shade is at these tables and I need to write sitting up. Should I sit in my room? No one else is here yet, all the tables are free yet they want to keep the tables for ‘guests who want to enjoy view’.  Who and what do they think I am? Luxury-Vexed is the answer. 


 Hotel Crillion le knave?

They mean they’re waiting for the bigger spenders I think. However, not allowing them  to be treating man like some knave just cos I’m not old/capacious/sloth-like, like most of the other blokes here. Cha luxe-vendor! Step from me, really slowly, yeah? Regardless, super-glad have got my Panama on to smoulder under.


 Stubbs family float stance.

My Panama, I must note, got slightly mauled at security in terminal 3, much to the amusement of my companion. It managed to go thru the x-ray scanning machine on its own/out of the tray, then having got slightly distressed by the lead curtains, its brim then got wedged in the first roller, tipping it upright, only to be crushed by the following tray. It took damage, fracturing the body slightly. I’m taking it in my stride, but Heathrow will be hearing from my people. Know what I mean? I’ve got the lane number noted down, the lot. Till then, am this matter keeping  under my hat, as it were.


<caption here>

Meanwhile, out in elsewhere in Provence, seen some good stuff, like an impromptu scooter rally that would like to share. Looked wicked. I will later on, I hope. For now, gonna tap out some lyrics, plotted in my vintage Sergio Rossi knot loafers and my new Haider Ackerman jacquard overshirt- totes glam. Gonna relax into a metaphorical sheering, and rise above the luxe-prejudice. Fuck you, coq-monsieur. 


 Cool, not luxe.

Stubbs out.


Bliss: Keep it tight, keep it luxe.