Morning Style Mongers. Its all go this week, and I mean all, go, as London Collections: Matey (clicky) is upon us again, style men. Obviously work is super hectic, but also gotta think seriously bout roster of style. Got four main stances planned (eight if you’re a breast counter). Canali louche Double breasted blazer/pants in ivory Shantung silk, see below (if Stella from Buckinghams can get some of the lipstick/blood/Pinot Noir out of it, that is. Shout out to the Buckingham crew, best DC’s in all of Mayfair town (click) seeing you later). Does require hot climes too.

TS Canali VI

Then there’s Thom Sweeney D.B. H’bone-Slub city from Ariston , fitting today, also a little D.B. number from Brunellos Cuccicuccicoo, more of that scenario later, and this big, serious production D-to-the-freakin’-B from the atelier of Eduardo ‘Scissor-Hands’ Sextoni (click-mans). Its a proper bespoke affair, four fitting minimum, ffs. Its gonna be doppio magnificent, check it.

Sexton fitting crop

Off the shoulder look: Sexton & Sebag-Montefiore at work in Beauchamp Plazza, fit II

I petitioned double-breasted was gonna be a thing a number of times over last few years, here, in print and in persona. Nay sayers included editors, fashion buyers and fat men*, but I’m sticking to my guns: Double Barrel stylee. Dave? Ansell? tek it..

Good god. Too much. I like it. Work it.


Peaked to early? No way, Sexto-L’apel: Tailoring stuff, as and when it happens, live on Style&Error..stay tuned style bredrins, there’s more.

I badly wanted a ‘long, low and leafy’ (in-house term) D.B. from Sexto’, proper shoulders the lot. Pants are gonna be pegs with pleats, high waist and massive turnips. Oh yeah…Feel like is gonna need a massive gold chain tethered from pocket to waistband, too, or something. Maybe an ingot. The coat hangs really doppio well, already, even with no buttons. Its a proper length too. None of this ‘X.Factor contestant’ short shite. Fancy wearer patterned silk shirt or a singlet with it. No tie need apply. Maybe a Fendi scarf, but no tie. The pinstripe fabric is banging Vitale Barberis Canonico, but hope is not too hot for Pitti in Florence, as plan to drop it one night there, when its a VBC x Sexton + thing with the Permanent Style bloke. Will dig out a linky.. <to be updated, Simon>. Step from me Pitti Peacocks btw, we’re gonna do a Style&Error Top 10 Peacock Pillock flick book as a gift at the end of the shows.

Stubbs in Sexton coat in progress

Love the coat-line, but can you fix the hair-line for Friday? Um..unlikey. Fit III

Hair wise, gonna go for Blol-ume to compensate. Bound to work, non? Regardless, though, aint gonna be dressing this creation up in the manner of the straight go-er. We see those chaps at the LC:M, don’t we my style Mongers: dress up in a jacket and at dress up in a tie! Tell them again, we’ve got to tell them again: Its moved on. Right on. You’re murdering those suits, boys. Off you go to the office for 9am sharp, right? Looks like it and all… Barrington will explain. Bazza..tell them again.

Whoops, seem to have gone off topic somewhat. To recap, LCM is near/fittings are now/Double-Breasted is the lick, Roger? See you Style Mongers at Kims Jones fashion chat at Louis Vuittons disco floor laters, if you’re invited, seen?

Stubbs out.

PS. Also have an amusing incident with some smart arse alteration tailor down The Row. Not sure got time for it now, but its a Brunello thing. Funny, but there will be blood letting… my pants need bloody letting down, too. BCs come like flood pants, and floods its gonna be! Am going Old Testament on those boys. Take it Prince…. Judge 100 Years.

*<something bout being cumbersome on the eye, not sure yet. Unlikely to be positive>


Afternoon Style Merchants. Been working on various looks and stances. Some of them are in this picture. My that Canali ivory shantung silk is a stain magnet. Who’d have thought it? Good friends and others alike seem to wanna press against it, almost malicious style. Regardless, big ol’ list to kill off, so speak later, Roger?

living room and Canali

 Captions are good

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Fundamentalists. Writing bout the Jac’ again. Jacquard that is. However, always makes me mindful of the other Jac’, so stick it on below. Busy juggling copy, so can escape and actually be out in Da Metropolis. Am proper strapped to my Haslev desk (click) and stuck in da house till then. Mr Fingers, set my soul free, if you’d be so kind.

This music is not exactly conducive to work. A bit “Playtime Fontaine”, right Holden? If I do make it out, am going down Hattons to get something to go on my 31inch plug-link chain, and then to Bulgari. Note. These two things are not related issues. Might also link my man Joe Mills for a blow dry, (click) and (clicky). Hope to be writing bout Blowies when I get a mo-ie, but feels like never gonna happen. Never gonna happen. Am egged on by Ronson’s recent efforts at the TAG Heuer bash in Monaco, though. Full blowie-marks, Mark. He was there DJing at the Heuer bash for their new ambassador, Cara Delevingne. Liking Rono’s Monaco style stance too, electric blue double breasted suit with jersey tee.

TAG Heuer Monaco Party

“Up Your Ronson!”: Exemplary Monaco Blowie on Mark.

Talking of summer stances, might also go get this Dunhill shantung silk slubby shirt (click) with abstract shell print, done in Lake Como-over, in coral colour. Its an exceptional material, and it is to go under Ivory silk shantung Canali suit that have just got involved with. Wanna see the suit anyway?

dunhill silk shirt

Dunhill at the OK cor-al*.


“Canali, wo-oh, woah.”

The fabric is drop dead, show stopping lush. Slubby (again) ivory silk shantung. Such a wicked weight. Gonna also drop with Breton vest, obviously. Also considering Corthay Alfreds. Reckon bang on for the June weather, right? Oh drat no

Top up Jac..

The outfit is for a Christening. Also shopping for a Christening. Does it matter that am a Satanist, on occasion? At least means am a believer, right? God, can you feel it?

Stubbs will be out The Metropolis soon.

*ridiculous pun. Don’t give a monkeys.

PS. Visuals

TAG Heuer Monaco Party

 Ronson with Blowie & Cara.

PPS. Visuals of ‘Skeletonized Blowie’ that am working on. Like a big blowie quiff, but with bits missing.

Last Blowie

Last ‘Sketetonized’ Blowie in Joe&Co, Soho, May.


Afternoon Style Merchants. Oscar winning film Actor Eddie Redmayne was announced as Omega’s new ambassador yesterday. Looks every inch the style ambassador to me. Omega are also having a banging year kettle wise, and when I get a mo, gonna put some more of my favs from zi Basel. You’ve already seen Das Vadar Speedmaster, right here on S&E. Stephen Urquhart, President of Omega said, ‘Eddie brings true elegance and integrity” to the brand. Redmayne’s a super focused technical actor and remains double chic while working. Never seen anyone deliver like that when in front of camera before, never mind holding one. Remarkable stuff.

Eddie Redmayne ambassador low res

 Watch scene: Are you really ready? Redmayne style

Aside from the new Omega Globemaster to be released later this year, Redmayne’s in charcoal grey, peak lapel alpaca Kilgour (click) overcoat. That piece is an utter killer, pure distilled new Brandelli Kilgour in one coat. The graduated fade cashmere scarf is also from The K.

I heartily agree with Il Presidente on this matter, Redmayne looks doppio elegant. Then again, I concede I am rather biased. I styled him in these shots. 

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Fundamentalists. What have you done with the weather, one wonders? Deeply engrossed in outerwear quest this Bank Horrid day, yeah. Stick on Dave x Steve, below, and come in from the snizzle. As May is being such a totes fickle fucker, even rainwear seems currently suitable. It’s as if the Government have privatised the weather, and now its on a pay per view basis, but somehow we’ve defaulted, or our chips expired, or something. This Private White V.C. Dispatch Riders Trench is a seriously top ranking piece (clickety click), and might just take off the edge the misery.

Private White VC Dispatch Trench

Private White VC Dispatch Motor Trench, £bout-a-bag-of-sand.

An un-looseble belt proved interesting to deploy, the half raglan shoulder makes the thing super good fit, yet still action worthy. The massive wing collars and lapels flap about to smashing dramatic affect, as I found out when shot it for a campaign the other day on an elegant British film actor. It properly rained on the James Smith & Son city (click) umbrella I gave him. And this trench. But not on him . They even hired additional rain. In my position as trench tweaker, just outside the broil , my Blowie was raised to the scalp by the end. Had to re-blow twice, ffs.


Booyaka, booyaka, Whagnee is massive.

Talking of Re-blow/Re-Blowie: Elsewhere in the weekend, Mary Anne Hobbs played Saturday afternoon on Radio 3 (click-mans), her show was good with loads of Steve Reich. Two hours of excellent, engaging music. A proper solo-sound-tonic. This is a Reich Bowie remix using Steve’s clapping music. Its partic’ good. 

“Your country’s new, your friends are new
Your house, and even your eyes are new
Your maid is new, and your accent, too

But your fear is as old as the world”

What have you done this weekend? I’m still doing it. Pretending to work that is. No one’s fooled. Not even my florist nor my cheesemongers.  Shout out to The Dark Knights of Colesterol (click). 

Stubbs out.

PS. Will have another stab as this caper when the ‘Zola wears off.

PPS. Nice looking sink, non?

PPPS. <insert words here>

NB. Private White V.C. is properly ‘ream. Do you understand?