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Monday, July 2nd, 2012


Sounds like a villain out of The Sweeney, no? Anyway, Dennis had parked his Rover 3500 Vanden Plas round the corner from The Row during LC:M and got nabbed outside Hardly Aimless. I like the boy’s casual demeanour teamed with low-key Sunday style, especially as he was reporting from the street for The Telegraph. Dennis appears to be getting his tailoring done in Asia despite it looking quite like classic Brit-fair. Note: George not the only bod on Saviles to be up to that caper.


-Bass Weejun ‘Logan’ loafers (click)- Looks like they’ve become an LC colon favourite from my limited research. Beware: there are some properly horrid shoes on their site, woah. Nice version Dennis, nice version.

– J+ Uniqlo pants- are good, yeah?

-Herringbone tweed jacket made for Dennis in Vietnam.

-Grandfather’s RAF hat badge.

-COS bag.

In a bit of deadline-jam here so gonna come back to this.

Be nice fellas.

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


Nabbed Curry just before RIchard James on the Sunday of London Collections Colon Men, and didn’t he do well for a sunday crisp double breasted stance, no? Helps to have that slim build with the DB thing, but A.Sauvage’s* dark green cashmere blazer is dropping nice and neat with narrow Nudies and black penny loafers. Curry keeps it black with knitted tie and and bins, but also add curies bracelet interest on wrist.


(Will bung more product up when get a chance)

-A.Sauvage double breasted cashmere blazer (click). This is not a blazer or a web site, right A?

-Long John Nudies. Yup.

-Mansai fish hook bracelet thing (click)

-Diesel bins- party detritus foraged from stylists own drum.

-Ralphy Black label black Peckham and white Dickie. Yup.

-Church’s penny loafers. Nice.

Stubbs out.

* First name Aristotle FYI.


Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


This weekend’s inaugural London Collections : Men saw ‘The Count’ dropping a triptych of three-piece stances. Sunday on Savile Row outside Hardy Amies we got treated to ice-cream and Gandy-in-a-Glen-Check. Gotta love Dave for heartily supporting Brit-Street. Also for even-handily and consistently mixing his designers, his tailors and his high street. G’wan Gandy: leader of Alpha men.


-October House (click) Glen-check three piece with squared off vest. October House is the tailoring business co-founded/owned by that chipper, always smartly turned out TV present Dave Berry. Not quite as smart as my one off the telly, but, yes Dave! Saw you looking proper on the Friday. Dave in Dave. Whatever next tailoring fans?

-Russell&Bromley Oxford in caramel leather. Cant even find more than a holding page. Hash tag fail.

-Reiss knitted tie in chocolate-ish colour. This depends which chocolate we’re talking about to be honest. Butterscotch G&B anyone?

-Thomas Pink Shirt (click) in special Bengal stripe Is pretty nice, yeah? Thanks for the link, from Jermyn Streets new Beau, Andre De Trich’.

-Breitling Navitimer (click) – have to ask Agent Massey the model spec- I’m more about tie/pocket square nuance than movement fact. Massey? I know you’re about to have a baby, baby, but this is style crucial.*

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.

* Additional note from Agent Massey: “It is a 1970’s Navitimer Cosmonaute.  The Navitimer was originally launched in 1952 and has been in production longer than any other Swiss mechanical chronograph.  A rare sighting indeed.  Impressed.”


Thursday, March 29th, 2012


It’s been fully blown retail frenzy out in The Metropolis this week thus far. Found self in Topman’s lofted personal schlepping salon while sourcing a catering sized batch of skinny chinos. The lads up there are sharp, lively-so-&-so’s, they’re looks often notable. Mr.Green (not Jnr. nor Prof) always runs a clipped ensemble about town, flaunting rules of the establishment and juxtaposing stories like it ain’t no thing. That’s the young for you, fearless not clueless. This upright number is almost Mick Talbot/Young David Coulthard  staring in Sleuth remake set on a Whitstable long weekend. Gotta dig be digging that scene, no?


-Topman Design or Ltd. double breasted jacket, seen before on here, is obviously a big piece this Spring (click)

-Riess le-espadrilles (leather espadrilles)- cant find similar on site, still worth visit though (click)

-Topman Skinny-Clarkson wash. Retro Nineties worn skinny jeans. Ones found on site are almsot Wham! skinnys, not JC’s (click). Defo for the young.

-Charvet polka dot pocket square . Charvet’s site is utterly brilliant (click), dont think they’re too, too bothered about e-commerce. Can buy it off Mr.Portly though (click)

-Paul Smith striped almonds. Yup, stripes.

-Margiela button-down shirt in micro-oxford sort of fabric. Cant find on site (click) for their shirts though.

They mix it up nice those kids, don’t they?

Big Sir Philip was on his way up, so I got out of there. He’s good mates with Business Mouse. Know who I mean? (click)

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


While in action in Switzerland last week only managed to spot a couple of decently turned out style merchants. Young Millar was one. Perhaps too dark for clarity, but did want to capture his silhouette at least against the Basel night. Millar does for a living, hence assured classic stance. Interesting that as one of the modern arbiters of ‘correctness’ he elects to fasten suit jacket over a vest. No hanging offence for sure, and while heartening to see rules distorted by the establishment, does slightly defeat whats so agreeable about three-piece format. Meanwhile the vigour in which the new wave of style journos mix up their labels with the high street is most refreshing. Taxi zum fluss bitte!


-Jaegar actual camel hair overcoat is dead nice, with pert shoulders and wider lapels. Visit site as their tailored outer-wear is on sale right now, some good bits (click).

-Reiss three-piece suit (click, not quite the same suit mind) in herringbone dark charcoal grey. Double zeitgeist action, both grey and with trad-texture. Full marks. Reiss suiting is good and worth considering.

-Grenson oxblood brogues. Everyone loving a Grenson, right (click).

-Cos roll neck with silk mix. Roll necks might be too too overground soon perhaps. Millar and I were sat on the same flight home looking like odd knitwear uncle and nephew later in week.

-Specsavers bins.

-Rolex carrier bag. Doesnt do what it says on the outside. Good year for Roley as have mentioned.

I would put some images up but am rather busy this morning.

Stubbs out.