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Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Evening Style Mongers. Shot this on The Row during LondonFashionWeekColonMenapostropheS. The Doctor wasnt even practising. Gotta love his all British flex, non, including Peter Jones? #Strong. Full Marx.


The Doctor snagged the Gary A’ coat for £990 in the  J.J.Cale. How there is a bespok sale, I dont know, but he must have special dispensation. Lock softy Fedor a is a bit spesh. Other moments included the tiny orb&septre on his Vivienne Westwood

Nice one Doctor, was top plezj’ stancing to you. I dubbed it a serious statement Sunday ensemble for LFWM’s and the Doctor explained ” I have standards- to blend in!” 

Meanwhile, in other news, my hippy nerd, Karoli, who I am very fond of (note), has gone (effectively) mental and AWOL as well. The double*.Last heard from in Budapest. Need a new nerd. Let it be heard. I’m doing the best that I can…

Stubbs out.



Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Morning Style Mongers. When you ask for guidance, sometimes, the stylistic universe helps you out. Sometimes. This sunlight boot demo made it a doddle for me to go Harness over Jodhpur on a Saint Laurent level later on this very day (click).Was running through London Fields yesterday straight past young photograher Matt Tortolano who was busting a simple, classic rock’n’roll leather biker/jeans flex to great effect. His Saint Laurent Harness boot with a bit of true-grit fatigue looked wicked with his narrow, quite faded Nudie jeans. More, more faded denim, as am petisioning my editor.I also kept banging on about, he’s kept the thing pretty strichtly The Velevet Underground, with a Topman rib polo/turtle neck for a modecium of warmth and  a frisson of colour. Tortolano also working some interesting custmosed jewellery, too.

Matt told me that the signet he updated inserting his own Masonic stone. Didnt strike me as on the square, but looks can be deceptive. Double simple, and double effective, the wear on the All Saints leather and the boots made his flex funtion properly, and that it fitted.  Tortolano’s boots were making it for me, as he strutted down that cycle path bit by the recycling bins. His bins are of course classic Wayfarers by Ray Ban. Surely some think gloves and a nice fur hat woudl have helped gainst the cold though, darlink? The youth know best perhaps. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Do seem compelled to call things chocolate when live in the stance over the years- this is more like Burgundy as Matt mentions. Am a colour pillock.


Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Evening Style Merchants. Shot this Style Stance of artist and photographer Mr.Righo (click) on the corner of Jermyn and St.James while between Emma Willis (clicky) & Lock&Co. Hatters (clickmans). Its been half a decade since done one of these videos and as shot on iphone this ones come out massive. Maybe thats good as Marko is 6’8″. Those old dears I hired as extras worked ever so well, am dead pleased. Thanks girls. 

Righo’s ‘Volume Teal Trench Stance’ was a good one to return to, and shall avoid return of the Mac lyric as best I can. Forgot to ask him a couple of things, such as what does he call this look, but can fill that in later maybe. Details I am strongly diggin’  include slim belt with pleat and of course tripple-teal with black foil flex including teal almond rocks! Too good. Full marks Marko. Imagine it with the green Bowie Lock Fedora. Imagine. Now gotta work how to make this go on the Instagram. Busy night, non?

Stubbs out.



Monday, July 2nd, 2012


Sounds like a villain out of The Sweeney, no? Anyway, Dennis had parked his Rover 3500 Vanden Plas round the corner from The Row during LC:M and got nabbed outside Hardly Aimless. I like the boy’s casual demeanour teamed with low-key Sunday style, especially as he was reporting from the street for The Telegraph. Dennis appears to be getting his tailoring done in Asia despite it looking quite like classic Brit-fair. Note: George not the only bod on Saviles to be up to that caper.


-Bass Weejun ‘Logan’ loafers (click)- Looks like they’ve become an LC colon favourite from my limited research. Beware: there are some properly horrid shoes on their site, woah. Nice version Dennis, nice version.

– J+ Uniqlo pants- are good, yeah?

-Herringbone tweed jacket made for Dennis in Vietnam.

-Grandfather’s RAF hat badge.

-COS bag.

In a bit of deadline-jam here so gonna come back to this.

Be nice fellas.

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


Nabbed Curry just before RIchard James on the Sunday of London Collections Colon Men, and didn’t he do well for a sunday crisp double breasted stance, no? Helps to have that slim build with the DB thing, but A.Sauvage’s* dark green cashmere blazer is dropping nice and neat with narrow Nudies and black penny loafers. Curry keeps it black with knitted tie and and bins, but also add curies bracelet interest on wrist.


(Will bung more product up when get a chance)

-A.Sauvage double breasted cashmere blazer (click). This is not a blazer or a web site, right A?

-Long John Nudies. Yup.

-Mansai fish hook bracelet thing (click)

-Diesel bins- party detritus foraged from stylists own drum.

-Ralphy Black label black Peckham and white Dickie. Yup.

-Church’s penny loafers. Nice.

Stubbs out.

* First name Aristotle FYI.