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Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers

<insert the words- will do later, yeaH?>

Talking of tall men…


Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Evening/Morning Style Mongers. It was hot today/yesterday. Unrelentingly. Too hot to write. Or apply self. A worthy excuse. Work difficult to concentrate on. My fault. I’m too hot to brief crew even. Gone back to a lone wolf unit of one for today, self employed, self mediating/medicating as best I can. Freedom is not to be sniffed at. I never sniff at it. They wouldn’t let man into the Lido, though-I called too, too late…. Friends wouldn’t let me go to Panama or Costa Rica on holiday on my own, also. Its was called- too, too early (am quite glad, for now). In the end compelled to train in the mad close heat of the garden. In the end had to run in the madder blast heat of The Downs– just then was all could do to get an iota of control over myself. Nothing else.


Bowie in asymmetric Kanasai Yamamoto ensemble. I love an ironing board in the work place.

A relentlessly propelled river of stuff flows through my head and I can’t divert it, almost ever. ‘This time last year..’ prompts the river etc. ‘What if..’ ‘why that..’ floats the river of considerations. Things are fine mind. I don’t really mind. An ideal time to observe the process, apparently. Looking forward to the process of some sort of mental-dam being constructed. This is song is damn good, suggested an iota of free-thought while free on Downs. Stick it on, if you will. Don’t know who Kev’ is, don’t care but likey Harlem River. Regardless if is on/off hot/or not, am ‘working’ on a Japanese style idea. Perhaps I should visit Iota for my holiday and call it research.

Late, late on exhaustion is also good, because then the river stops being the main event. Observe. Am trying, but now am spent, can try and try on this Japanese style/Kimono style theme was also supposed to be working on. There is some brilliant menswear taking it as inspiration.  Just when I do that, magically –bang!… I remember the major protagonist of my story. Its dear Dave, of course. Then I find some really, really good Dave stuff. This is far more than merely an Iota. But then it is very late..


Cape by Kanasai Yamamoto

I’ll never forget the day you died, Dave. The whole day was ill from the moment of waking to the miserable, schnied end and right throughout, too. Miz’. Totes miz’ and confused to hell too. Death and dislocation on a Monday. Fractured and on edge. Not the cool on edge either. A sickness right through. Lets give thanks that moment has passed. 

Thank  you dear David Bowie.


Volume control: David Bowie & Kanasai Yamamoto at a fitting. Note how Yamamoto’s knit is same motif as Dave in famous asymmetric look with hoops, top picture.

Stubbs out.

PS. Wanna see some Japanese/Kimono inspired menswear?

PPS. Going The Financial Times Board room for lunch,  facing two directions, up&down The River Thames. As a host mind. No time for internal flow today.

PPPS. Going Prom 7 tonight. Gabriel Fauré. Stravinsky. Poulenc- lots of singing and that. Taking that Jim Massey fella. 



Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Evening Style Mongers. Have you heard this? It’s quite good I think. Not a mad Van Fan, but this is double right. Sad though. 



Stubbs out.


Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Plenty good stuff to be getting on with, so that’s just what gonna do. Bowling bout town in rain under DAKS umbrella with new client Rob Brydon earlier in week was a hoot and very productive. Not sure what to share bout it though. Fillet steak cooking with Holden also good life-living, though fear fractionally overcooked the meats, made a lemon faux par too. Note. Not a dessert in itself. but an error of execution. instead. Served him authentic vanilla ‘Remo’ Italian gelato, which received much maligning as looked quite a lot like a pomade in its 50’s glass jar. Once tries to little avail…Meanwhile, have got Miles’ soundtrack to Elevator To The Gallows implanted in my head though. So that is that. Went to see a play on Friday at The Barbican and that did it. Think mentioned it in last ‘post’. 

elevator-miles and moreau

Jeanne Moreau (stars in film) & Miles Davis (composed and played soundtrack) 

I better get and see the film, or shut the fuck up ’bout it, no? Stick it on, would you? Then help me consider my check list for the moment: shut up get/see film, work out destination/plan for holiday/journey and drop outfit ideal for mean streets of Clapton/Mayfair. Easy does it, right? 


Tautz SS17

Gonna book a holiday somewhere this week. Suggestions  welcome. Expecting the soundtrack to come with. Probably won’t book Paris. Liking this Tautzian number.. Current theme is still playing.. 
<Insert style comment/imagery>

Goucho shirt chic is coming for SS17. Look. Proof.


Missoni SS17

Stubbs out.

P.S In the end stuck my Tautz maroon parka over Missoni shirt with revisited Gucci snaffles (post rain apocalypse from Wednesday-fed them orange gear/goo and now a better colour, would you believe it?), and the thing worked. Was tobacco, lilic a and maroons melange- worked out. Was new enough to amuse me for a the day/session. easily pleased perhaps.


Friday, July 8th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Cant keep the-fuck-up with this caper, you might have noticed. Apols, but it is not easy; Staying abreast with this journal that is…life is fine mind. Was a good week out & about in The Metropolis, I have to assert. Styled the actors off of Poldark Monday, included torso-throb Aiden Turner. Was good, simple bloke styling, hope to include images when legit to do so. Then Tuesday night interviewed that Patrick Grant chap from Tautz and the Sewing Bee at the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn for the first of their ‘Fashion Series’ talks. Was an invigorating experience and found talking bout British mens style with Patch was almost therapeutic. Look, I’ve pulled a hernia while swooning. 


 Hoxton Hotel with Patrick Grant

Busted that Camoshita- United Arrows stripe shirt with Thom Sweeney herringbone silk/linen suit. Its like a dry, raw vintage silk, I’ve put it up on here previously. Am digging wearing lively, pattern shirts and tailoring with shirt collar out of jacket, Fifties style, ended up doing it all week. Its gotta be the right sort of collar though, with a little loop. Forgot what called. Maybe didn’t even know. Told you it is not easy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.12.07

Grant x Stubbs.

Stick on Ofege if you want, yeah?

Below look is dropped at Wimbledon on Wednesday. Is Dunhill printed silk shirt from last summer. Sadly reminds me of some lost times, but I still love it. Worn with A&S Panama. Was interesting in the very intense late lunch sun how the hat really did feel like a piece of protective clothing/kit as the people around me sweltered. Ok, you get hat hair later, but fuck it, was double nice to hide under it as the sun beat down on the crowd. It really took bashing. Thank you South American hat spirits.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.28.25

Too much lip gloss? 

Friday went to see Needles&Opium at The Barbican (click). It was super engaging visual and olfactory experience. A cubic set rotated at difference moments with backdrops of Paris&New York projected on to it, with a Miles Davis ‘Elevator To The Gallows’ soundtrack. It was good. The story was deep and poignant. Also funny at times. It made emotions happen. Was about an American actor away in Paris with a broken heart, Jean Cocteau’s time in New York and Miles Davis love/addictions. It was about love and addictions. Addicted: I’m listening to Miles’ sound track from the film this all weekend as result. It is sad, lonely but good. 


Needles&Opium and Jean Cocteau in New York.


Needles&Opium, Miles Davis looks on Juliet Greco in the bath

Went on my own. I wore this look below. It is a new composition. I enjoyed it. Enjoyed the 56 bus in the evening sun a lot, partly as result. Felt free. The 56 is now a dangerous route for me emotion wise- it will pass. Buses do pass. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.38.09

Pastel flex

Jacket is dusty pink Paul Smith modal cotton cashmere, another Dunhill silk pattern shirt and Paul Smith olive green pants. Soft unlined Gucci moccasins. American Apparel belt. Sunspel bins. Oyster card/Freedom pass.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.45.03

Stubbs out, collars out.