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Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Evening Style Mongers. Those of you have been watching at all will have noticed nothings happened for over a week on here. This short pause has been caused by real life breaking into cyber to-do list airspace, I must confess, its been spilling over all over the shop.

You dogging aye up?

Such a shame, as so, so much of the stuff going down would make reasonable editorial. Will en-diva to catch up. Admit am regretful that have lost a grip on this caper, but what can one do. Working so late, I’ve just inadvertently watched some of ‘Sweat The Small Stuff’ on the television.  A far graver regret. Utter pony.

Stubbs out.


Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Morning Style Spachelors. I am very envious of Valetino’s hair do in this Andy Warhol portrait from bout 1984. Nice, light blowy. Brandelli reckons he’d just had his nose done. Who’s not up for a bit of self improvement? Its a lovely nose too.  He is signing V, right.

Val’ Garavani by Andrew Warhol.

Got a bit smeared out of shape down VF friday night with C.B.C.B.Barker, so can think of little thats particularly enlightening. Valentino’s wearing a Cariter Love bracelet, which he managed to get in the shot too. Nice work.

Star-wood: Silver toe co-resps by Nicholas Kirkwood and blower.

Also metallic, I chose to bust the Kirkwoods out to White Rabbit (click) * and VF to ring the ch, ch, changes. Oddly quite like ‘em as an action shoe, as have vibram sole. Proper sportif. Meanwhile, its all about volume at the moment, hence the blower, as getting it where I can. Thinking of installing a permanent hair dryer at MingCorp on Albermarle with some Kevin Murphy Rough Rider so can always access an early evening blowy when out in The Metropolis. Might also do a suit based stance with the silver Kirkers today for the XF session later. Might. This isn’t really effective journalism though, is it?

Stubbs out.

* Which was double good. We drank a bottle of Luddite.


Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Afternoon Style Merchants. Had plejza of introducing The Madre, Mary, to Edward Sexton and his wife Jo yesterday. Business goes on, but with Ma riding shotgun in the Aero, which is a hoot.

Edward and Mary outside Scallini’s

Hoping to get hands on some Cifonelli looks for my Evans film chap too. Am properly digging their RTW offer, new for SS15. Likey? Even dont mind the boutenier flower guy, a la Rake mag motif. This is a show however, not a shoot. Or an high tea.

Cifonelli SS15

Later today its a reccie of the Map Room at The Claridges for special mission, and a jaunt round Liberty’s for some bits for Mother. Resuming normal, piss-poor service later in week perhaps.

Stubbs out.

More Cifonelli SS15


Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Morning Style Mongers. This is a pictorial review of Tuesdays runnings. Might be swifter to get off chest than by writing. Might also be pony, so shall see. “Look fellas, I’m in park”, for example see below, just isn’t working for me. Daggnabbit, I’ll persevere .

Big thick tree in London Fields.

Better inject some style or gonna lose ya. This was the end of the schedule, Gieves&Hawkes Flagship (or Lagship as was later on) relaunch at No.1 Das Row, and to celebrate a collab with Vitale Barberis Canonicio Mill. Francesco VBC himself was there, sat next to him.  Its the grandest thing seen executed on Das Row ever, unless forgetting something. Full credit to JB and his massive and TheMasseyInc.

Jason Basmajian & I at Gieves&Hawkes flag ship shop relaunch. JB is using Boston gang sign to say he’d like to move on to cocktails now.

JB is in Gieves (no shit!) cream sacky cloth (will check) dinner jacket, and I’m in Brunello Cucinelli blue cashmere mix with Emma Willis cream silk pique dress shirt. Lanvin tie. Moving Nick Roeg style progress through proceedings, here is Harrods early at bout 2pm.

Loro Piana mannequin looking pretty dashing at Harrods on floor walk with Jason Broderick.

Spent hour or two with Harrods menswear overload J.Broderick. Good to get briefed on whats actually going down on the shop floor of the luxury retail space station hovering above Knightsbridge that is Harrods. (Note. Went back to that dubious manor later in the week. Someones brand opened a misguided shop that is largely blue, with largely blue product and everything. Pretty, pretty horrid stuff).

Touch cloths-Caccioppoli check fabric chosen for Zilli two piece just commissioned.

Turns out the message is all about the new, smart comfort. Fact. Goddit? Will explain in the HTSI. Meanwhile, I properly rinsed dat Oyster Tuesday, and made it up to Weighouse Street to link Matey off the Box and the Sweeney bunch.

More cloth touching with D.O’L. Matey of The Telly with Thom Whiddett at Thom Sweeney.

Btw, Thursday the dashing duo opened their new RTW/MTM shop on Brutton Place. Brilliant shop, with so much excellent gear in it. It’s a new offer/idea as far as I can tell. The stuff’s hanging there, all curated like, and you order your own versions MTM. Easy, right? That whole evening deserves post of its own, frankers.

Also too DOL to drop an order at Hardy Amies, for a Signature Bespoke suit for him. Also deserves its own post. Not sure have any images. Quite bad. There is this though…

Keeping it real with silver 15 denier socks with Alberto Moretti velvet slippers featuring silver polka dot bows.

Was happy with the silver almonds, but hated the presence of a pocket square. Was a sort of vintagey shade, so worked with cream shirt, but just felt like too, too much. Let the thing slide away in the end. Simple is better now men. Clean. Especially if wearing interstella socks, right? Evening was double good. Here’s ultimate Editorial Guv’nor Gillian de Bono of HTSI in a doppio JB dinner scenario.

Rare JB- GdeB-JB formation.

This post took bleeding ages and not sure how useful its been to anyone. Retink.

Stubbs out.


Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Morning Stardust Merchants. Was so pleased with putting some chocolate brown cotton drill drapes up at the new sash/bay window* last night, that freaked out in a moonage daydream, lost myself in The Rise & Fall of the things, consequently stopping writing and all of that stuff. Gotta do it now, so cant update on week. Shame. Was a good, good week, but for now, gonna have just offer up my Ziggy Stardust sock stance from Tuesday at Gieves bash.

Star-Mond Rocks.

My silver glitter-almonds are part of a family tradition. Sister Julie, proper Dave Disciple, did spray her plaster-casted arm silver to watch him perform in 1973. I could go on, but think better if Dave lays out his silvered agenda himself.

Ziggy does Moonage Daydream.

Stubbs far out.

*temporary measure mind.

There’s a Starbust waiting in bay.

Pure temps mind. Temps.