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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Morning Shoe Evangelists. Sniffing out plimsolls for a client of mine, then later the mag. By next spring every luxe-designer so-and-so has done a paired down Stan Smith/Reebok Newport style trainer. This is different slightly though. Clean, simple plimsolls is what am after.


These fellas from Kitsuné are pretty clean and nicely finished off, non? Definitely wholesome plims, non-trainer though (click). Hard to get hold of it would appear, a sensation am no stranger too.


These ones from Buddy on Hypebeast (click) might be interesting, a plimmish take on the Stan format, but the name Buddy is a problem. I cant tolerate people saying Buddy. Its thoroughly unacceptable. When someone says it, write them off as a person. Now that is simple.

Buddy, ffs.

Any other plimmish suggestions from you mob might be interesting. Might. I might also point out that M&S are doing a smashing knockabout version with no branding, that one of my inner style crew (I.S.C.) is happily bopping ’bout the Metropolis in right now channelled direct by me from source, but these celeb types want more. So much more…Beenie? You know what to do..

Stubbs out.


Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Morning Style Mongers. Hot, sticky scenes, you know what I mean? I’m certain you do. Running round the Lower Clapton and beyond, down at the Lido and everywhere, the ink storm hasn’t subsided. “We’ve found a look, and we’re gonna stick too it”, is their rallying cry. Good for you, you tattoo’d crew. Too right you’re gonna stick.

Rain by The Cult (click).

Puny armfuls of meaningless ink pour down in pointless rain. Chunky Indigo leg horse bites and borstal/summer camp friendship neck scrawls too. Knuckle dippers, are you gang members? Just wondering what the entry requirements are. Doesn’t seem madly exclusive. It’s gonna get funnier and funnier for us I’m realising. Bravi tutti tattoo’d hipsters, bravi one and all. Bring the blue rain. One day all will be one big reference and they can all do it. What do I know anyway. Remember this for The Cult? Rather liked this and Sanctuary. Ian couldnt half belt out a tune, no? To be fair trendies, we all did silly things. I think I did diamonte and a massive Cecil Gee coat on the strength of this, once maybe. Maybe.

Promise to do some style stuff on here, like the old days, jah?

Stubbs out.

PS. Surely top end tat’ removal geared for deluded hipsters would be a smashing business model for the future. Anyone fancy it?


Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Evening Style Merchants. Love a big holdall. This one is by Hermès and is intended to put all your riding kit in. Compartments inside keep kit separate including boots and helmet. You can wash them. There’s even tabs in saddle-stitched Barénia calfskin to hold ones crop.

Hermès cotton toile bag with Barénia Calfskin handles.

Love a big holdall type bag. Love. Feel like you should be able to go anywhere, do anything with something like this to throw your gear in. Its only yourself thats holding you back. That and certain narrow corridors with bicycles parked in then. As for the riding bit, am rather allergic to horses. Could be an issue. They did say it is washable?

Stubbs out.


Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Afternoon Style Mongers. Gotta just despise the new popular music scene, right brothers? Far too, too much vocoder nonsense for starters. Vocoder-overload. Wonder if the young ‘ens know or give jot who pioneered voco’ use? Probably doesnt matter. These boys, Stevie, Herbie, some others, loved a bit of vocoder, but over the top of their double good music, and with their actual voices still in the mix. Take Herbie below, singing one our main in-car themes from LC:MSeymour up the garage described this as ‘Tunes’. It works awfully well in the sun too.

Like Hancock’s look? I rather do. Very like the suit worn like that still, even if is retro, heaven forbid. Dropped a brown linen shirt with quite large collars slashed to sternum Friday afternoon to The Claridges. Seemed to go ok. Designed it with Nash Masood from Emmett. Its pretty pretty retro, but also looks fresh/engaging/luxe. More of that later. So listen right, the big debate in mens style is really gonna be retro vs. modern in coming seasons, seen? Been thinking; A look is a statement using given tools and resources. A bit like a musician choosing a genre and instruments. Statements are then made with those. Thats a bit like dressing. There’s some old ways of playing that still sound good, even with modern technologies applied. A few new bits and accents thrown in maybe. What about if one was to go back and drop in a rewind? What if. Post modern style, right? Its too hot to care really.

Stubbs out.

PS. If you’re East right now, am running by the canal, listening to Herbie. Suddenly, I thought it was knew..


Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Evening Style Merchants. Hope all is awfully good. Am on the panel for Nick Knight’s Show Studio’s Milan Mens SS15 collections (click) round up tomorrow at 3pm. Means tonight I better have a glance at what bits failed to attend in Milan back in June when was busy touching cloth/wrestling credits. Am sure will be useful/stimulating anyway, right? Bit worried about black leatherette booth mind. Planned to wear short shorts and a singlet, but am just gonna stick to that if it’s half as humid as is billed. Will think on.

SHOW sofa.

Carlo Brandelli is also thinking on the settee, so stuff is simply sure to get said. That Alex Fury chap from the Independent who defo know’s his high-style&fashion is also panelling. Only three of us? Does no one else fancy it? Perhaps show’s how ‘un-cool’ Milano is reckoned by the fashion lot at mo’. The ever-formidable Lou Stoppard is comparing, so there shall be zero room for any sort of sloth or slackness, fashion wise, or other, wise. You can get Mr.Muscle Warm Leatherette specifically for warm leatherette, did you know? Its part of a range.

Jones never released the demo of Torn Pleatherette.

Be good to hear Carlo chatting about style&fashion though, especially in light of his new collection and work. Been spending time looking at creations in new Kilgour at No.5 The Row (click). Do have a shufty. The thinking and work and interior are all double interesting. Stylish and clean. Modern. Still excruciatingly elegant in parts too. Thats the engineering don’t you know? Not the verve or the curve. Not got time to touch on it now ‘fraid, but have a look at the film KnightBrandelli made (click).

Stubbs out/in revising.