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Morning Style Mongers. Been at it somewhere near a lake in Geneva. Kettles, people, shuffling about in an aircraft hanger with a luxury facade and badly concieved luxury ensembles. Nothing more. Running by the lake makes a lot more sense however, and this song makes most sense of all. I might jump in the lake if I had one of Cartiers newly unveiled Divers watches. I started to like the kitch idea of a Roman numeral diving kettle, with a little prompting from the Duchess of Dundee. Funny, non? 300ms down they go if you needed it. Rubber strap makes it and brushed finish with black bezels makes it. The cold, spotlessly clean water of the lake is inviting a plunge, a tranquil place to wear it, non?

Caliber de Cartier Diver watch- pink gold

I need some cover here. Take it please Steven could you, and can ya show us some of your favourite looks while you’re at it?

Wonderful stuff, thanks awfully.

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Sports-Casualists. Tonal, summer casual things went off yesterday for The Observer with O’Leary. He’s was on form and I’m pleased all round with style roster, piece-highlights did include Sunspel, Orlebar, Sauvage and Car Shoe, backed up at the wrist by TAG Heuer. Sauvage’s Suede jacket is good, no? Shown off particularly well from this take from the retrospective look at Blow-Up we’re planning, working title Blow-Offs.

M.O.T.T. in Sauvage in Blow-Up

NB. The new small black Monaco Automobile Club of Monco (ACM) Heuer is dead good I have to say. Seen it, written about it, now used it in shoot and it works really well. It’s a chic, sleek little fella, neat and compact and cool. It’s a bit sexy. You know me, I’m a Monza guy, but am just saying. This here kettle is double smart.

The ACM on holiday earlier this Summer.

How To Spend It out today, The Sharpener is all about sports jacket style, and not a peasant in sight. Do have a read about Valextra; their top boy throws his brief case down the hall to demonstrate how good their new suede is, as covered on S&E in January (click). If only all luxury houses behaved like that, we could stage a sort of luxury Dragons Den/Its A Knockout each week with the International CEOs pitching their stuff like they mean it. I’d watch. Actually I’d like to host it. Luxury CEO Stance Off. Meanwhile, I’m out polishing my knob on the new decking. Saturdays eh?

Knobs on.

Just fitted these Victorian guys to the French Windows. Only took me 11.5 months. What a household dynamo. Is actually quite significant. Don’t worry, am actually gonna decorate too, but thought would wait till everthing nailed up in place first like a mood board in your living room. Ask The Russian about Monaco when you see him. He’s well out of The Metropolis. Too far out of radio contact to place our fabric order before Italy closed.. more of The Russian’s sartorial affairs next week. It’s been Buckley, Drake and Black Slate in Clapton, but blow-me, its over to O’Leary on BBC Radio 2 right this minute. Dont drop the ball kid, we’re on a roll…

Stubbs out.

Stubbs out.


Morning Tessellation Enthusiasts. Got my patio down, please excuse the scant postings. Actually, postings are always scant these days. Have had my flag stones laid rather like this ceramic strap on the Panerai Tuttonero. Well, similar at least.

Panerai – All gone black.

Am also writing about various watch stories, including one on the new-ish black watch trend. The Panerai’s from last year, and I’m a fan. There’s two new ones to report on. They’re very good looking. This is ‘black’ riven sandstone. Tenuous? You should have seen what I was gonna write.

Fifteen minutes with you.

Thinking about it, Harry Winston’s Midnight Monochrome might have laid down nicely in this story too. It’s in my edit. Might cheekily break my own press umbongo’s (click) on these: ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ Speedmaster from Omega, and the TAG Heuer Calibre 12 Monaco ACM in Black.

Harry Winston Midnight Monochrome-avoids slating by press.

Might not. Someone from the ministry for watch propaganda might come right over and slap me on the patio. Mozztradamus, Is that you?

Stubbs out.


Evening Tactile-Tacticians. Luxury desktop spivving of a Tuesday night is what I’m all about, believe it. What do you want, ties? Ties. Ties, yeah? How about Drake’s (click) bold check numbers in lovely cashmere blend and crafty colour schemes, at £95 a knot?

Drakes City Rollers.

Those aren’t even on the site yet. The Luxury Missus cast aspersions on these fellas, calling them Bay City Rollers ties. She’s wrong, but it’s still rocked my plans of debuting it tonight along with some vivid golden/green chinos and a my new Pal Zileri Viaggiatore DB blazer. Regardless, can I interest you in something rustic to go with the tie sir? Cashmere blend sports jacket from Holland&Holland perhaps? I can let you in on this one for £1, 500. Never mind the throat fastening, feel the compression on that.

Holland&Holland sportswear. Nike, they’re coming for you.

Kettle wise am in a process of discovery with this Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT guy. Really like the look of Jaquets (click) work for 2013, and this fella is challenging all sorts of convention, but quietly. More from that when my watch agent Andre de Trichateau brings me right up to speed on the matter. Missed that appointment at The Basel, now have deep, deep regrets. Can’t get Jaquet out of my head…

Jaquet Droz GMT.

Matey off The Telly’s 40th bash tonight- outfit updates to follow, but first must visit Anderson&Sheppard and The Connaught Hotel for utterly pressing sartorial/luxury issues. Will have some to share, am sure. So, did you wanna buy the tie then? £85 for cash, or any three for £235. Keep shifting, shifting, shifting, keep shifting, shifting…

Stubbs out.

Jackie, would you be so kind darlink…


Morning Kettle-Fanciers. This is not a blog post. Just wanted to say love the Jaeger le Coultre Deep Sea Memovox ‘Tribute’ kettle (click)*. So much more to say about it, but the Duchess of Dundee will have my internal rotating alarm indicator for a garter fastening of some description if I dont file something shortly. Set your internal countdown to that, clock-watchers. Alarmed?

Jaeger le Coultre Deep Sea Tribute

I’m under nearly 10 bar of deadline pressure here. This 2011 watch was tribute to the 1959 version that connoisseurs and style merchants alike go berserk for, convex Plexiglas and all. Infernal rotations, now thats what I’m talking about. Arent Jaeger just always in the top five, nay top three, manufacturers for chic, non?

Stubbs out.

* Such bad dancing/snarling. Really bad styling/video. Song surprising pass-able.

NB. This whole franchise is not based on a pun on the word trial. Really it isn’t.

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