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Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Evening Style Mongers. Wishing all you lot double-well. This time last year I was on a confused aeroplane flight to Mexico. Highs & lows streamed through my head & heart and I had pretty much no idea what they were about. They’ve all but gone now.  “In a mad world it always seems simpler to obey”* my newly begun novel just told me. Roger that, G. Will see how seems fit to implement that diktat in coming 12 months. Goodbye 2016. You’ve been a tough, but a significant one. I’ve got into this significant sounding one below by listening to the “Greeneland” themed Words&Music (click) on Radio3. Stick on Chico and the boys.. Stick it!

Goodbye 2016, its been emotional.

Talking of toughies, just not sure which way to go with these boots. Still. Thought would have this wrapped up by now, but its gone to the line. Which pair of black Saint Laurents is the question? ‘Jodhpur‘ of ‘Harness‘? Gotta make a call and drag self down to Vogue Fabrics Dalston, to say hello to Lyall in time for the end. Or stay in. 

Dave & Ivan

Jodhpur (click) is more wearable, insertable, streamlined, and practical. With Jodhpur ankle strap deets and lower heel, (and gotta love the crazy naused up ‘lexic-spelling shit, no?). Harness (click) is a higher and more Cuban heeled (which am strongly digging), same shape last but with side zip and promient styrup thingy. Just had another try on and simply cannot decide. Its gonna largey be a denim flex with these, surely. Or is it it? Maybe the Jodhpur slips into a tailored scneraio easier. Thats the the ishew right there. But love the additional agro’/bondage quotient ya get off Harness, though am already over the line on midlife crisis level, so trying to be mindful, right? Hate to make self look like some sort of pillock. That, would be awful. Having to do the whole Saint Laurent showcase on my new sheepskin rug for fear of scuffing the soles. Proper busy scene here a Lavinia Villa tonight. 

<insert style conment and image>

While we’re talking soles (and even of choices), this below is Dave singing Lady Grinning Soul. So many Bowie greats one could choose to sign off the year of his death, but always loved this one so, so dearly, so gonna obey it. Tried to actually occupy the song for a while. Bit silly. Didn’t work. Have stopped all that caper now. Life’s so much easier as result. 

<some sort of other relevant comment>

Has Dave’s death changed stuff? He was an old-ish guy, still creating, who had to pass. Not sure how feel bout this, but the situation has made Bowie’s visibility/popularity balloon for an entire 12 months. Without being a snob (actaully being a massive snob, as it goes) I’m not sure many of the people referencing Dave this last 12 months actaully listen to his albums, as it were. Yet he’s the mast to the big old “2016 what a terrible year” raft of banter/group-opinion that people are floating on socially. Thoughts go out to Iman and his family as there’s no doubt they’re missing him the most of all.

David & Iman

People are banging on about the great celebrity death toll of 2016. Yes, there’s a big old list, but a far shorter list of other stuff to talk bout in their heads. Its the thing to say right now. G’wan the crowd consciousness. “2016, you can just do one!” someone Insta-tweeted. Yeah 2016! Thats told you. Probably cos we’re all glued to Instagram that it seems so double significant. Maybe its a good year to die in. Pals of mine discussing that it does seem that many of the ‘left-leaning’ have passed, and in this right-skewed vista we’re occupying, it feels far worse as a result. Could well be part of it, no?

Personnaly 2016 was a tough yet brilliant year in many ways, and best of all with almost no regrets. Not none, but few. Thats all I can wish for the next one, *gulps*. 

Happy New Year you lot. Peace.

Stubbs out.

* Our Man In Havana by Graham Greene

PS. This is one of the most amusing images of 2016. Maybe one had to be there, but it captures the moment (at Sali Hughes’ second book launch) immediately before Michaels Hogan and Holden could possibly be about to meet in the real world, and not in as mistaken identifies on social media, as had happened, much to our hilarity. Really needs a speach/thought bubble above Holdens head for maximum mirth. 

An already lubricated Hogan enjoys banter at Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic book launch, while Holden looks on..<laughing now Hogan, but just wait till Gary Kemps Blitz Club anecdote road show makes its way round to you..>



Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Happy Christmas Style Mongers. Hoping you lot are double well. Please excuse the month breather but been in research & development, of life, more than style. Am currently languishing in the old ‘hood. It’s bang lovely to be with the family, obvs. This moment feels tangibly important in ways which I had lost touch with, possibly never really grasped before. Which is good. That said, am heading back to the Metropolis, very shortly. Might catch Midnight in Lavinia Villa on Christmas day, which will be a first. For the road, am taking Tom Tom Club’s Christmas in The Club and two doses of Words & Music off of The BBC Radio 3 (click). Check it for a tranquil fix. Best program on radio, which I might have mentioned before. 

Here’s a long overdue style update: gifted the Madre a Temberley at John Lewis leopard pussy bow blouse, and to be honest when she opened it rather fancied a go on it myself. Black and nude leopard print with flouncy ruffed sleave thing and collar. She’s been doing doppio and trippio leopard loads of recent, so its hers to keep, of course, but if it comes up good in a size 16. I’m in. Back to J.L. first thing tomz. No quibbles.


Just tried it on back at her old folks home and stuck in on The Insta’. Think am double likely to go fetch it in another size 14 if they got it. Plan to drop it under tailoring, as dont want to get to blousey. That would be daft. Coul work though, no? Under somethig check or bit textured, spewing out the front/top? Nein? will giving it a go regardless, as gotta massive white sheepskin rug to swap for smaller one, perhaps, as is dominating any room I stick it in. Of the two rooms that is. Note, am home now. Made it back to the L.V. for Midnight. Got some Boxing Day manifesto to lay down on here so stay tuned, both of ya.

Happy Mistlemas.

Stubbs out. 



Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Evenign Style Mongers. How is it a g’wan? Am slipping out shortly in the Hackney Friday night do get myself some fresh, stranger Style Stances. Quite keyed up for it as it goes, as it could be rubbish- in which case some of plans would be a trifled scuppered. Adrenaline is good. A plan is good. Mangal is good, by way of self reward.

‘Style Stance’ Stalker Stance, with C.P.Company cinched padded coat and DAKS cash’ scarf.

This my current Stance Stalker Stance am busting, but thinking might not have the right accent to get the Friday night crew on board with ‘working’ with me.

Jonthan Richman Singing bout bars and dancing.

If fancy it post Mangal, might slip down Lyalls gaff/Vogue Fabrics Dalston. Wont dance though. Honest.  

Stubbs out.