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Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Evening Style Merchants. Shot this Style Stance of artist and photographer Mr.Righo (click) on the corner of Jermyn and St.James while between Emma Willis (clicky) & Lock&Co. Hatters (clickmans). Its been half a decade since done one of these videos and as shot on iphone this ones come out massive. Maybe thats good as Marko is 6’8″. Those old dears I hired as extras worked ever so well, am dead pleased. Thanks girls. 

Righo’s ‘Volume Teal Trench Stance’ was a good one to return to, and shall avoid return of the Mac lyric as best I can. Forgot to ask him a couple of things, such as what does he call this look, but can fill that in later maybe. Details I am strongly diggin’  include slim belt with pleat and of course tripple-teal with black foil flex including teal almond rocks! Too good. Full marks Marko. Imagine it with the green Bowie Lock Fedora. Imagine. Now gotta work how to make this go on the Instagram. Busy night, non?

Stubbs out.



Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016



Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Evening Style Mongers. Its been a long time, I shouldnt have left you, without the odd stance to step to…Went out twice last week. Twice! Hermes bash Wednesday in Selfridge Hotel/Carpark, Stella McCartney gig-show at Abbey Road Studios the next night. Thats me done for a month. Regardless, on both nights a young person came up to me and asked “are you Tom Stubbs/Style&Error man?” Different ones, mind. They were both fans of the video Style Stance, believe it or not. Been toying with re-working the idea, and these boys have given me the charged that I need. Thank you ChrisAmfo (click) for one. Its on. Am planning the return of the Stance. The temptation to post up Mark Morrison is almost overwhelming. 

Here’s some vintage Stances to remind you lot what they are.

No.17, Mr. Chris Sulivan. 

Cant belive even managed to even embed this thing five years on. Doppio yay. Writing some more stuff in this space as you read… really I am.

Stubbs out/at it. 

PS. Couldnt help this..take it Mark.

Shout out to my mans dem from the Loaded times when used to shout this song out every issue. Those were the days.