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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Had no expectation of this, but got beamed out The Metropolis and placed here, on the road again. Got the plane, not the bus this time.


Been here before in someways, not in others. Back when have something relevant to offer yas. Maybe bout bretton and buses. Take it Johnathan

thanks awfully,

Stubbs out.

Couldn’t help giving ya the full studio versh below..



Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Still visiting? Wow, I admire your persistence, but shouldn’t you not be off on holiday somewhere as its August, and that? Fashion is on holiday, but I am not. Nor are two of my life long pals who I saw on Sunday afternoon, Ben and Paul. We ended up strolling round Paddington Rec’, for all timers sake. We laughed and were happy, talked of times being ridiculous in that manor twenty years ago and more. Carnival bashments, for example, now approaching on the August Bank hol’ this coming weekend. We were in little doubt that we were either approaching, or perhaps even past the August Bank Holiday of our lives. On that basis, am proposing we have as much honest, wholesome and bitchy fun with style as possible before we really are The Last Of The Summer Wine (in Gucci). Talking of which, my old right hand man dem, Jo’ Da Pole showed me this yesterday. Its that Jared Leto chap who’s gone mental for the New Guc’ flex. Is old story for many, but thought stick it up on here regardless. Yes, Jared for getting properly involved. Surely a contender for next cover or Arena Gnomme Plus+?


Leto in SS17 Gucci full look.

There’s a moment captured that I’ve stuck down the bottom when Jared saw the thing live at the show and went nuts for it. Respect for puttting you money where your open mouth is Jared. Maybe unbuttoned might have worked better? Nice pink StaPress too. Really like,  like a 1974 National Coach driver on his way to Pride, without wishing to sound remotely Gnomo-phobic. This aint an isolated incident, J.R. is bang into his new Guc’, and fair play to him, Enough of this though, and onto some music, & despite urge to put Laughing Gnome on by Dave, he’s his pal Ig’ doing Endless Sea, si?

<insert more stuff> 

Meanwhile, for more amusing distraction, and I don’t know if you lot are on instagram, but regardless, get involved with this KirbyJenner bloke (clicky). He’s comping himself into pictures of Kendal Jenner as if he’s her brother and is well funny.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.50.37

Kendal&Kirby Love Cover.

<Some actually holiday based flex suggestion>


I really like this Saint Laurent shirt, but fortunately for friends&family I can’t afford it.

Whats wrong with buyers short wise. Surely is all about a pleated short now? Hardly any out there. Just ordered these from Rubinacci for a test prance.


Rubinacci shorts in cotton

Am booking a holiday myself but a bit anxious. Various reasons. Going in own again, but couple things gotta deal with. Will explain later.

<later still, Mums Care Home Hog Roast bash’ the weekend>

Must also salute other menswear blogs for taking a lighter look at style of recent. Over on Permanent Style (click), my pal & HTIS college Simon Crompton,  is doing all sorts of new interactive stuff with the industry. Here he is doing the sartorial conga with some Spanish tailor chap. Or is it the Lambeth Walk? Oi! 

Perm congo

Lets all do the Conga, lets all do the Conga..!

See ya later sunshine people, have this Talking Heads track below and then I bid you cheerio.

Stubbs out.

*For Funs Sake, yeah?

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 08.42.25

Lito witnesses rebirth of Spock at Gucci




Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Morning Style Merchants. Never enjoyed the month of August before quite like this time. A quiet one, but quite lovely and serene, at times. The mornings are good, too. Listening to this Words&Music since Sunday night (click). Best program on the radio (is on BBC Radio 3). Only lasts for thirty days though then it drifts off, so… listen soon if can. Stick Faure track below on now if you can, its special. Not listening to music or radio perpetually at home anymore, as constant background diversion from self. Its all ’bout silence and the void for a spell. Sitting plotted in the void. So, with music like this is on, as a treat, R&R when working down in the Juergen* , or just cooking stuff for self,  it’s a proper moment. A tonic. Maybe should get out more? Inclined to think should get out less.

<inserting summer night style here later, probably, almost defo>

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 07.17.29

Bazza H by David Hockney.

Slipped throw the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy when waiting to link the Little Bloke Off The Telly on The Row last week. Knew he’d be late, so took in Daves show in 25 mins. Not mad keen have to say. Like idea of homogenous take on 50 people, made it about presence of each one/their expression and  all that, but some of which he naused up. Something really bored me. Likely the other punters. So grey, straight & Middle C (heaven forbid). I do like this one of Matey Humphreys most probably cause of his look, insane tie, two tone-sneaks etc. Rest looked so bland though they were mainly lofty luminary pals of Dave. It like he couldnt draw quite a few of the heads and hands- all got a bit blobby. Struggled with bald men particularly. One good thing was how the position of feet says so much about the sitter though. Bit obsessed with how people place their feet. Its a tell of their assumed positioning on the world. Barry’s pretty good on that level- keeping it real, cool, but can react when needs to.

So meanwhile, when the Words&Music episode has gone,  these pieces are for the longer game. First from Gabriel, simple and super soothing.

Little different feel from Toru, with guitar. Thanks T’. <insert more style here>

Stubbs milan in Sweeney:Camoshita

Milan menswear shows flex: Thom Sweeney/Camoshita shirt.

Look, Some chap just put this picture from Milan, outside E.Armani show to be exact, up on his Instagram this morning- I doppio love that Thom Sweeney suit (super Ariston slubbing linen/silk h’bone fabric), that Camoshita shirt, its my totes favourite. But brother, its August? isn’t this photoblogging supposed to be an immediate thing?! Am kidding, course, but stuck still it on out of vanity. 

 This is music is more gorgeous than then Ariston clothe above and its  by Claude..

Ernie Tautz SS17-really like this look from shows of similar ilk. Low gorge on lapel partic’ good.

<some more style, yeah? yeah>

Stubbs out.

* Teller- Cellar

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 09.47.03

Gab’ Faure in brown shade of DB, its all the rage it would seem.






Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Just when you’re trying to give up the tabs, smoking suddenly presents itself in a fresh, more exciting way-in than ever before, no? Was at Dunhill’s archive in Walthamstow yesterday, sniffin’ about, and this lighter lives there. Elvis’s one paled in to insignificance comparatively in light of the lighter  and his didn’t sing a tune the or anything. Pablo’s light has an engraved drawing of his Muse/Squeeze Dora Maar on it by him, seen?


Doing something on Dunhills evening wear. Its actually this season in real time now, remember this (click) ? <can’t insert link, ffs. Oh, wait, its gone in…anyway,  gonna put some more stuff in here later. Truman Capote dinner suit etc…Please hang on to yourselfs>

Stubbs out plotted in the garden in silence with my void.

NB. Making friends with the void, then can go on holiday to south of France with it. Holiday lodge till September as Clapton and my pals are just too too lovely to leave. E5 Fact.


Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Morning Style Mongers. Double digging what Peter Dundas is doing back at Cavali. Like this look, suede boat blazer and scarf which  almost has a touch of the Keith Richards bout it, non?  Stuck it in the HTSI today, but we shot a really pony horrid jacket still life and am shamed.<insert point/words/context/opinion later> this is to try and make up for it in minor way.

MM3_0910Pete at Bobby C’s  for AW16

Approximately suitable music below from Howlin’ Wolf, as in Keith would approve. Rigtht. Makes me fancy a cigarette too. Don’t tell anyone as so not on the schedule. 

Stubbs out.