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Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. This is the time of year for buying new domain names, yeah? 

Just bought myself a naughty one, and its not SaucyJack.Com.

Stubbs out.





Friday, December 25th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Lets talk religious festivals later on, for now, have a listen to this. Video is quite silly, but the song is good. Will put something else up shortly. After a run and a snivel. 

Stubbs out.


Monday, December 21st, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Doppio-festive scenes abounding? It’s unavoidable, almost. I’ve even got myself tree’d up for the first time. More of that later. Been super slack here as usual due to styling engagements, such a below.


“Derby aside, anything you shouldn’t have?”

 Stubbs out.


Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Afternoon Style Mongers. I don’t believe in Christmas decorations in Lavinia Villa, its perfectly lovely in here already, but I do believe in the power of high heels. Going to buy an indoor fir tree today to justify my new shoes. 

Tree Shoes

Tree glamour.

A sexy tree gotta be something, no, or am I clutching at straws? Maybe should get a manger too if so. Bless.

Stubbs out.


Friday, December 11th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Totes compelled to write this, despite it being pretty uninspiring reading/pretty perilous for my pony little style schedule; com-freakin-pelled though. So doppio-excited ’bout whole prospect of rolling with my Style Peoples tonight for our annual putting  am properly tied up in knots. For the correct sound-backdrop for this post, go to Sleaford Mods track below and stick it on, Roger? Am not fucking about… Put it on, it’ll kick in just as you start to get bored.


Looking for a suitable angle.

This is where we’re kicking off from. Dig The Richmond big time, (click) and they’re always super nice to us, but not in crawly way. Chic, fun crew. Think they prob’ feel sorry for Flamingo Bonce being stuck out&about with some dodderer who thinks he’s still on it. I do by the way. Think am on it. Talking of on it, check Lyall on the door of V.F.D., what was called Vogue Fabrics, (click).  <More night scenes from the evening to come>. We hot step it down to V.D.F later on. Even Baroness MingCorp is coming, its that buzzy.


Hakaraia holding it down at the door.

Meanwhile, out today in HTSI, is my column on man made soles, kicked off by Batterseas finest, Jake ‘Pleasant’ Walters (click). Got him some shoes to wear to my funeral for his birthday. Typically ex-Skin, he went for The Archies with a rubber sole. Can take the Skinhead out of… etc. Or if I die first, he can wear them in his little coffin; ‘though everyone will wonder bout the soles sticking up… It was what he wanted! I shall tell them, sagely. Column today is on rubber soles, not skins, btw.

Cleverley archie-2-popup

Little Archie by GLCleverley

Imagine the Sleaford Mods lot would deal happily with Cleverley shoes: See deliberate rubber sole shoe ref in video. I know you got sole.. etc.

Getting current, as we say, been a bit of a week for style stances, burning ’em up like it aint no thing. Monday was HTSI (see last post), Tuesday GQ all day caper with Flamingo Bonce, Wednesday Old School Loaded boys – mature squad at Eyre Bros, and now dis.. Monday was vest/fur and evening jacket, but then went roll neck and various Sexton power tailoring for next two engagements. What next, ffs? The night at VFD is called Bump. Is that in reference Derbies? If so, shall be fine. Bring it!


<more stuff goes here>

Stubbs out.