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Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Afternoon Style Monger Extraordinaire’s. Gotta go and deliver some serious chic this afternoon. Not long left before call time. Do you like the colour of my new door job?


Saint Laurent Tux’

Not for the first time in my career, the knob is obscured by the drape of the garms. Listneing to Sonic Youth to get more kool. Do hope it helps.

Run out of time, so come up with my new concept: editorial multi-tasking. Do you like my new shutters?  Kool?


Caruso cream jacket with Oliver Spencer Loungewear cotton shirt in brown.

Wish me good kluck

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Afternoon Style Merchants. Travel suits to go running in, yeah? Right. Was too, too swerve-backed and raspberry-crooked to even swim/walk/cycle yesterday, so hoping for more action later today. Had my shutters primed instead (not a euphemism). Do you like this modern sart’ below then?

Amies _CHR0641

 Hardy Amies SS16

Its in a matt technical summer nylon, a 3 button on the roll suit from Amies. Thought Mehmet Ali played a blinder for Spring ’16, non? Regardless, stick Brian Jonestown Massacre and give it a whirl/run. Busy week for all, right? Proper Vad Hände Med Dem!

To be straight, am trying to do a mood board, and this really isn’t helping man. Its just not. That’s pure silk from Fendi below, modelled by Steven.

Stubbs out.


 Steve ‘Silk’ Fendi , SS’16.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Afternoon Style Merchants. Addressing my televisual/cinematic scene this week. Somethings gotta give. Been a disciple of Close-Up off Brick Lane (click) for years, under guidance of Holden, but now its all coming apart at the seams, including areas of my abdomen. Just going down there to choose new films, pay outstanding fines and generally clear head space was good meditation/reboot, but now they’re moving the goal posts. It’s timely. No longer is it ‘hire what you fancy’ for a fixed £10/month. Now its all gone to shit. Been trying to hire Bad Lieutenant (with Harvey Keitel, obviously*) but can’t even get hands on copy of that. Maybe need to drag myself into the new world?

(*Forget the new one. Nicolas Cage looks like Alan Partridge playing an ulcerated Deputy Head Master).  I’d really like to do a feature on the best travel suits on outlaw junky cops out in the field. I simply don’t think my editors are gonna go for it under current climate though.


Ready, Steady, Cook. <need better caption>

So its time to deal with the modern age of home film/TV consumption and get NetFlicks or Sky, or whatever you lot been watching. Talking of modern, new travel suits, yeah? Ideal for a naughty cop to sit about in his big car all day, then go on a bender in looking presentable. Have a brass or two maybe. Unlined, breathable for summer/day time drug taking. Made in New Zealand wool woven by Loro Piana. High twist yarn give natural bounce back etc. for light skirmish. Now in five new check versions, function as separates too. Really like em. Stick one on Harvey, you look quite mental swaying bout with your tadger out like that.


Paul Smiths’ new travel suits. They are check now and in LP wool.

Been dying to re watch Bad Lieu‘.. I’ve begun to realise I’ve been sending out DVDs to people as gifts and they never even get back to me. They don’t watch them, do they? They just think am so out of date. The fuckers. Well have this: I only ever watch 10 o’clock news (sometimes), Newsnight (usually) and Family Guy (always). Don’t need special channels for those. Its all gonna change now, though. They’ll be sorry. 


Derby Keitel.

Talking of change; Keitels tonk-for-Middle-Age but never-the-less Derby-fied figure reminds me-I must launch my Bowie-Changes-Marathon plan on here ASAP. I’ve acquired fat back add ons, and effectively an inner tube of additional blubber sitting above the belt line of some of my bespoke suit trousers. Sat at desk right I now have what is approximately a Karahi Lamb and a prawn Dhansak strapped inside my navy stretch Sunspel wife beater at waist height.  What the point of bespoke if you’re not in shape? Actually…isn’t it that…never mind. Anyway, seriously can’t believe its there, but equally can’t shake it off with normal training, ffs. Something has changed. Something bad has happened. Cant allow it either though. So a new system shall come to pass. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, there’s other Keitel dark physical stuff happening to me. Anyone remember Charlie’s bad dream from Mean Streets? Try doing that one for real.  It’s quite challenging stuff. 

Stubbs out.


Friday, November 13th, 2015

Evening Style Merchants. The rumours are true. Wogan has prolapsed quite badly in the early hours of this morning when his private hoist was miss-deployed. Early signs are he will be back in reasonable shape later this month, but for now, thats not the only gap thats been opened up unexpectedly. The schedule is gaping too, and someone needs to present the Charity-athon. Who can take over this mantle? Who else: Been deployed on semi-emergency mission to Elstree TV Studios to dress Matey-off-the-Telly to helm Children Of Needy. Get your track suit off Super-Derm, we’ve got a game. 

capsule sport 1_bis


Hermes en Ville training gear, SS16.

Okay, its not actually a tracksuit, but it is a lovely green. This Hermes en Ville training stuff is the best sportswear I’ve ever handled. Pinnacle of luxe-sport kit. <Insert detail bout the stuff>. Really.  Meanwhile, sticking tightly to the beret themed week, been listening to this today/yest… Here it is: retro P.E.!

TV suckers on the other side, I know you hate, my Nan’s 98! Shout out the Carter Family who buried their dear Mum who was 99, today. Big Up Nora Carter, aka Paddy! Bastion of Keynsham and Frys Chocolate Factory. Hope you’re feeling strong Siobhan. My sister Ju was representing The Stubbs Crew. Shout out Ju. Updates to follow..

In other news, Chippy Ian finally showed. Got three out of four shutter doors up before the inevitable happened and he ran out of screws/time/light. Happy to be in the shutter game now at least. Now I know how Meatloaf felt, approximately, too..

Stubbs (three) out (of four aint bad).


Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. This is the Emporio Armani stretch quasi seersucker/macro-check embossed cotton Prince of Wales check double-breasted suit that mentioned. I am very impressed by it, even by cloth definition alone. Jacket is £750, pleated trousers £540. A totes steal. Seriously, loving that stretch jacket style. Tres mod-ern. Actually into how this suit is styled too. Does anyone fancy approaching Grandad collar shirts soon?  This is slim-fit shirt in cotton crepe, £200, in green myrtle. Might give it a whirl come Spring. Have seen some good ones. How bout getting beret’d-up, though? This is like shopping, non?


Spesh cloth: Emporio Armani SS16

Been looking at a futuristic/modernist take on tailoring. Now am digging this green/grey D.B. look right down below too, the hats are a side order. that said, berets were cropping up at Gucci too, even if a trifle Frank Spencer (click).


All anyones talking about: Gucci SS16

Heading town to look at SS16 in general, and to cast berets for this whole look later, while listening to Stereolab for suitable French edge to the afternoon. Stick it on, oui? On a more English level, gonna touch cloth at A&S, likely with Massey Inc.

<This is not a blog post. add more cutting to make function>

Look at the length on the Emporio plain-weave seersucker  peak lapels, myrtle green DB jacket (£680)! Pants (£350). Love myrtle green, non? Still working though, worn with no shirt/top showing. Tried it on, and its a brilliant piece, has a stretch, and everything. Thinking on… gonna run this all  past true Beret-Protagonist, Christos Tolera (click). 


 Spesh style: Emporio Armani SS16

Let you know what he says…

Christos Tolera

 Christos, keeping it Otto Preminger/real. What could go wrong with this stance?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.