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Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Afternoon Style Mongers. This is not a blog post. This is not a blog post. Its just a cake idea I’ve been looking at in shirt form. Its been making me peckish. Missed you as it goes so wanted to touch blouse.. base, sorry. 

Gucci SS16 shirt

 Gucci Coup: The Boom Boom Bap?

Come to think of it, its been an age. We simply must catch up. Been all sorts on, and confess have had a hoot. More?

Stubbs out.


Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Morning Style Merchants. Still very much out in the thick/thin of it at Milan Mens Fashion Week. Saw The Michael Clark Company (click) dance at Pringle of Scotland last night. They achieved spell binding within a short space of time and in a tiny loft space watched by a slice of the fashion set. Doppio impressive. Twinsets & pearls never looked so poised and taut, and Clarks unique language and motifs delivered something beautiful, acute & pretty mesmeric. Fashion shows fail to approach on a movement level, as a rule.

Michael Clark Company Pringle Milan SS16

Scottish Moment: Clarky (far left, sat) and Co. at Pringle, Milan SS16 shows

More, laters, really, honestly, but gotta hit the park for my early morning Eritrean improv workout sesh’ thats become a tradition over last few days, before it gets too, too calde. Loving Milan, however uncool that might be. L-ing the D yesterday out here operating alone with my sleeper cell driver. Today, traffic returns to the Vias and Piaves and totes nauses the whole caper. Shame, but will cope. Keep it taut, team.

Note. Signor Clarkissimo & Crew are performing at Glasto‘ in June, reet?

Stubbs out.



Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Afternoon Mongerinos della Moda. Moved to Florence without so much as a by your leave, I realise. What can I say except will report in when get a mo’. Am attending the Pitti Uomo menswear circus. Plan to give the Pitti Peacocks a run for their Lire, using flesh and silk. Not quite to the level of Dave, though. 


Bowie during his layabout period.

All sorts to report from LC:M, and now stuff is happening here too. A Tailoring 6 way style clash as organised by Simon Le Crom‘ (click) for starters. For now though, keep it ombre, hombres.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.



Friday, June 12th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. To be vaguely informative, the whole London Collections: Mansdem performance, begins this morning. Yes. More as and when-ish, but for now, stick Turner on below, he’s got some pre- show notes for you. We’ve been courteous.

Chas & Turner

 Statement plasters: tipped to be well major.

“Comical little geezer. You’ll look funny when you’re fifty”. Its forty five I need to worry bout right now.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis*.

*flossin’ in my Benz with Mr.Newton.



Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Its all go this week, and I mean all, go, as London Collections: Matey (clicky) is upon us again, style men. Obviously work is super hectic, but also gotta think seriously bout roster of style. Got four main stances planned (eight if you’re a breast counter). Canali louche Double breasted blazer/pants in ivory Shantung silk, see below (if Stella from Buckinghams can get some of the lipstick/blood/Pinot Noir out of it, that is. Shout out to the Buckingham crew, best DC’s in all of Mayfair town (click) seeing you later). Does require hot climes too.

TS Canali VI

Then there’s Thom Sweeney D.B. H’bone-Slub city from Ariston , fitting today, also a little D.B. number from Brunellos Cuccicuccicoo, more of that scenario later, and this big, serious production D-to-the-freakin’-B from the atelier of Eduardo ‘Scissor-Hands’ Sextoni (click-mans). Its a proper bespoke affair, four fitting minimum, ffs. Its gonna be doppio magnificent, check it.

Sexton fitting crop

Off the shoulder look: Sexton & Sebag-Montefiore at work in Beauchamp Plazza, fit II

I petitioned double-breasted was gonna be a thing a number of times over last few years, here, in print and in persona. Nay sayers included editors, fashion buyers and fat men*, but I’m sticking to my guns: Double Barrel stylee. Dave? Ansell? tek it..

Good god. Too much. I like it. Work it.


Peaked to early? No way, Sexto-L’apel: Tailoring stuff, as and when it happens, live on Style&Error..stay tuned style bredrins, there’s more.

I badly wanted a ‘long, low and leafy’ (in-house term) D.B. from Sexto’, proper shoulders the lot. Pants are gonna be pegs with pleats, high waist and massive turnips. Oh yeah…Feel like is gonna need a massive gold chain tethered from pocket to waistband, too, or something. Maybe an ingot. The coat hangs really doppio well, already, even with no buttons. Its a proper length too. None of this ‘X.Factor contestant’ short shite. Fancy wearer patterned silk shirt or a singlet with it. No tie need apply. Maybe a Fendi scarf, but no tie. The pinstripe fabric is banging Vitale Barberis Canonico, but hope is not too hot for Pitti in Florence, as plan to drop it one night there, when its a VBC x Sexton + thing with the Permanent Style bloke. Will dig out a linky.. <to be updated, Simon>. Step from me Pitti Peacocks btw, we’re gonna do a Style&Error Top 10 Peacock Pillock flick book as a gift at the end of the shows.

Stubbs in Sexton coat in progress

Love the coat-line, but can you fix the hair-line for Friday? Um..unlikey. Fit III

Hair wise, gonna go for Blol-ume to compensate. Bound to work, non? Regardless, though, aint gonna be dressing this creation up in the manner of the straight go-er. We see those chaps at the LC:M, don’t we my style Mongers: dress up in a jacket and at dress up in a tie! Tell them again, we’ve got to tell them again: Its moved on. Right on. You’re murdering those suits, boys. Off you go to the office for 9am sharp, right? Looks like it and all… Barrington will explain. Bazza..tell them again.

Whoops, seem to have gone off topic somewhat. To recap, LCM is near/fittings are now/Double-Breasted is the lick, Roger? See you Style Mongers at Kims Jones fashion chat at Louis Vuittons disco floor laters, if you’re invited, seen?

Stubbs out.

PS. Also have an amusing incident with some smart arse alteration tailor down The Row. Not sure got time for it now, but its a Brunello thing. Funny, but there will be blood letting… my pants need bloody letting down, too. BCs come like flood pants, and floods its gonna be! Am going Old Testament on those boys. Take it Prince…. Judge 100 Years.

*<something bout being cumbersome on the eye, not sure yet. Unlikely to be positive>