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Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Morning Style Merchants.  There’s a premium slew of tee-shirts in my living room right now, arranged in a non-premium manner. Of the elevated glamour versions, these two are the best, pretty much. Loving the ivory silk Saint Laurent one, feels smashing and drapes just lovely. Turns out they’re/he’s dead good at glamour tees (click).

Saint Laurent ivory tee

Saint Laurent Ivory 100% washed silk  T-shirt £280.

Look, even the hanger hook is a cheeky little snakey chain. Also note shaping darts to stop thing gapping unpleasantly, heaven forbid.


Saint Laurent lapel details, bout £170.

This guy below is Richard James, and is less ‘of the night’. Damn gorgeous ivory linen/cotton slubby affair. Its becoming a more slubby scene, you know? Interesting,  since I had the word vindicated at The HTSI some years  ago. Anyway, I’m semi-flopping here of multiple failures. Multiple. Shan’t mention Rentokill, or anything, as don’t wish to alarm..

Richard James Ivory TeeRichard James Ivory linen/cotton tee shirt.

Compelled to bang this out to prove not retired/died etc, though. Its been emotional and busy, but getting through. The ivory/cream motif is present here, as when I do deliver a post post, its gonna be cream, sorry, ivory. Or did I mention that? Ivory’s the new cream, right? The puns that am swerving abound.. Cream Tees for example. Ivory’s A Big ‘en, which doesnt work at all, thank fully. Rentokill & Ivory also doesnt work, but my peruse it regardless.

Stubbs out.

PS. Went Battersea Antiques Fair with Walters family at weekend. Bought antique and mid-cent stuff for yard. Will update. Had to get massive mirrors in the little Bubble Ka. Was well embarrassing. Bring back The Aero, please


Venetian mirror with luxe-tee-detritus in background plus Bird Of Paradise Flower detail


Friday, April 17th, 2015

Evening Style Mongers. Managed anything this week? Me neither, barely. Might just be about what’s achieved tonight at Lyalls Call In Sick Friday (click) which I don’t quite understand, as its in the evening. Call in sick on Saturday, surely? Regardless, going there. Might play this, by the Junkyard Band. Might not.

Possible stylistic highlight of week was buying So Far So Goude (click) from total favourite gaff in The Metropolis, Assouline, for frient* Luke Evans for his birthday, which he celebrated down the Bulgari Hotel. The 19 bus from outside Assou’ to the Bulg’ was super chic. Nothing topped that moment yet, listening to Stevie. More of that later, but gonna buy book for self too, as its double, double good. Thanks for that shout Emilia. Not even sure if this image is in the book, but gonna base my stance tonight on this one below. The fellas that is. Nice looking rad, bredrin, btw.


Jean Paul Goude, from some point. Not got the book yet, have I?

Whatever gets played, gonna channel some middle-age versions of Miss Perez’s moves, below. Listen out for Stevie’s Skeletons (click) mid-way through this, ahem, mash-up. Seen? A big GTA track, right?

Actually managed to write this instead filing ideas for the HTSI and getting ready. Sorry Beatrice. Am late Lyall, sorry also

Stubbs is not yet out in The Metropolis.

* Friend&Client, obvi’. Silly!

NB. Dragged this out the Juergen today, it’s from my collection, Shazza Chic, circa 1992

Stubbs SS'92 XR3i leather

Tom Stubbs XR3i leather jacket.

P.S Couldnt resist this… Nice one Steven.


Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Massive shame bout massive delay in updates, but totally unavoidable ‘fraid. Been thwarted by life, but then who isn’t? When I do offer something up, its gonna be in keeping with this cream sartorial stance. Relaxed and cream. This is from Umit Benan SS15; Thats now, that is. Feeling Spring yet? Digging Steely Dan yet? Stick ’em on if not, see below, for heaven sake.

Umit Benen

 Umit Benan cream wool/cotton (doubt it is) drill blazer, with white track pants and pique shirt.

Really liked the Benan show for this season, entitled “Tennis Club de Cartegena, Colombia”. The man moved to Paris from Milan for this season, and said he was much happier. Forget why. He showed his collection on big, street cast Parisian men, and some more brutish looking models. Was supposed to be about Columbian crime cartel bosses enjoying leisure time at posh tennis clubs, I gather. 


More Umit Benan SS15

In other style news, am currently driving a Ford Ka, short for Caca, emblazoned with Denver Body Repair Courtesy Car, Leyton. Far from ideal, but thank god is labeled, less people think thats my ride. Can you imagine? The Aero got pranged minding its own business plotted on road outside my drum. Woman jack-knifed her Cleo into a Mini Clubman, which shunted the Aero, ffs. You can just see the little fella nestling in the prevailing mayhem that kicked off. Note Mohammed, my concierge neighbour, levitating just above it. Number 56 Buses were passing half on pavement, one got latched onto the Cleo, blocking entire road. Was ridiculous melt down. Cleo woman’s husband arrived and tried to claim smashed back of Aero had nothing to do with crash. What a joker. Literally laughed in mans face. Double glad the Police were there otherwise would have to get all tennis club on his arse: Rozzas don’t lose that number plate. 

 Up-Clapton stop-ranking.

Thankfully, the Aero will be restored, a matter of great personal relief to me. For now, I persevere with ‘the little black bubble Ka’. Its far from L’ing the D*, but gives one pony perspective. Meanwhile, also struggling with a really potent play list for April, thus far. Maybe just not free enough/looking in right places. Holden was round last night, rubbishing the depth of signal that Spotify offers up. Sort of spoilt it for me, for now. For now, keep it Sports Luxe & louche, till next time.

Stubbs out.

* Living the dream.


 Cinch you’ve been gone.