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Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Morning Style Merchants. Put on the opening titles to Do The Right Thing with P.E. in effect, see below, to witness some doppio serious moves. That girl’s Soul Train line dancer Rosie Perez, and she’s got a fierce rinse cycle in action, right there. I’d go full screen for a spell; she has. My pal who danced for 24 hours for charidy could have done a spell at Rosie’s level of commitment to dancing, maybe. But then this was 1989. The Summer. The sound of a funky drummer, etc. Yes please too all. Note, additional sax for film. Then if ya fancy, browse fragment’s of the style week in pictures. First, big black goods news. Nay Sayers, or Naysers, as I call them can keep on nay-sing:  I’ve ordered the black L.G.* (click) I wanted, so fuck you and John Wayne. In doing so am following the black square motif that defines the kitchen. It’s got a steam cycle. Handles 9kg at a time, yeah? And its black. 

LG True Steam in Black

LG TrueSteam™, in black.

Its the dawning of  a new laundry era. Meanwhile, I have to agree with Chuck, most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamp, either, though the current ‘Comedy Greats‘ serious from the Royal Mail does have a rather significant Pete&Dud 1st class version (click). 

* Life’s Good, but some PR watch woman gave me a fashion kiss of death-cold in Basel, so had a cold all week. Stone cold, gave me the cold: First the kiss hello, then the I’ve got a terrible cold lyric. Unbelievable. No conception. No real biggy either though, and did get rather obsessed with M&S white cotton hanks. Been flying through them. Despite work load/deline and pending doom, took time out yesterday to press the laundered batch into neat triangles. Am alarmed at how calm it made me. Looked so good, actually can’t wait for next cold. Bring the nause! Feed a cold, starve a fever? I dropped multiple grapefruits, applied vaseline, and took my cold running in the hail and swimming in the sunshine. Again, fuck you virus, and John Wayne.

Stone Island sport mac

Stone Island action Mac.

Saw a brilliant new piece of Stoney in a new multilayered performance fabric, including removable quilted fleece lining. Don’t look too much, but thats whats good about it, badge off, this would be an urban low key tool. Have more notes, but are in other room and am still in bed, right?

caruso braces deet II

Caruso styling. Loving Caruso’s work.

curso dress col

Caruso dress collar/tie detail.

<Some comment here, maybe when woken up properly>

Side note, there’s two or three new columns from last week on, including Carlo Brandelli on watch style, which is interesting (click). Also HTSI on texture being the new colour/pattern, but don’t think thats up yet.

John Lewis stappler 2

Tom Dixon stapler at MingCorp’s John Lewis prezza.

Seriously want this stapler so can stylishly staple in bed, as so nicely matches my Tom Dixon hanging lamp in same copper, putting a whole new spin on the term bed-bound.

Paul Smith o'coat

 Paul Smith mainline oversized O’coat, better in black.

holland new bags

Holland & Holland new style all canvas bags.

<Some other comment here. Cant be bothered at mo’. Just had to get this post up. its been like a list mill stone.>


Vogue Hommes Paris SS15

Best mens mag came out this week too, see above. Will review in next post. Maybe. Buy it anyway, its very good. Enjoy checking how many of my Out&Abouts tally with their news. See, its been a hell of a week.

Stubbs out. 

P.S. Wonder, as Newsnight are struggling badly for content and flavour, maybe there’s a solution right here. Flava Flav has a direct yet abstract approach to presenting, see Night Of The Living Baseheads below, with PETV. Massively underrated P.E. track. Could be my favour fav. Also wonder if Flav ever consider a square, black  Mondaine kitchen clock as a pendant. Could have been a thing, no? Put your square clocks forward kids, and forget about the round ones.

P.P.S. Meanwhile in singlet news, La Perla showed me this. Thanks Pearl. 

LaPerla vest

La Perla singlet, featuring string panels.

 Stubbs Orlebar Pucci do

Blow dry and singlet at Orlebar Brown Pucci do mid-week.

Introducing Pap Belm-Light; the new fashion party grimace. Met a smashing blow dry there. Will update next episode.


Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Just back from the Basel watch fest’, again, think for 11th time. Not sure what that tally is worth. Not sure if gonna keep it up. Watch world is at odds with reality rather frequently on many levels, and itself is strongly stylistically challenged: The spiritual home of the American Tan tight and the curling tan shoe/Windsor knot/polymix-sheen-suit combo. There were some positive moments though stylistically, but not many. Below is one such highpoint, an appeanance of the Doge Rosa, AKA Nick Foulkes. Ran into said Swellboy (click), on the Dior stand with Baroness Mingay, of the MingCorp® Organisation. Note the pink back light of phone completing the pink stance. 

Don Rosa

 Doge Rosa- bespoke hounds tooth jacket by tailor Terry Haste (click).

While I took in the look, complete with sharply creased, narrowed grey flannel pants, elegant suede loafers and pink sox, Swellboy was taking a picture of my new suede Epi Louis Keepall (click), similar to piece in link, but in the sensually chic new matt, suede Epi in blue grey. His next deft move earns him the new title Arch Luxury Ragga Muffin’ of Basel, and I salute him. Cant tell you lot, regretfully, as is an embargoed connoisseurs Modus Operandi, but take my word, it was deep. That little suede Epi fella does solicit fair bit of attention from certain types, I have to say. Deep is how Mr.Ferrier rolls too btw, this time, in deep chocolate.

Laurent Ferrier chocolate collection

Laurent Ferrier Chocolate collection, Galet and square Galet models.

I’ve snapped some of my favourites kettles from the show. Loved Laurent Ferrier (click) who showed their new chocolate collection, in both Galet and Galet Square models, and they’re doppio gorgeous things. Beautiful enamelled dials with such deft and discrete detailing, the nuanced shape and cream colour of the indices for example.

H.Moser Concept watch Endeavour.

Further extreme discretion ethos is fostered at H.Moser, who’s Endeavour concept watch is reducing to the minimum what motifs and details are required to still be Moser work and remain functioning visually. Special looking fume work throughout their collection. Wicked, stylishly savvy brand, loving their work. Will add to this bit when get a mo’. 

Patek Naughtylist

Patek Philippe Rose gold Nautilus with bronzey/brown dial.

Did Patek at apt No.1. They had me at rose gold Nautilus with brown/brown unadorned dial. Such a lovely piece of jewellery to wear too, hyper modern, the way if hugs your wrist. So flash, but still favourite kettle of shows. Simply can’t help self in the presence of this kettle.

This is my house mate, James Dowling, horologic soothsayer and historian, presiding over his special watch mic at Rolex press prezza. No one fucks with JD when he’s got his mic cosy on. No one. 

Hermes are launching their first new watch for ten years. Good job the Slimd’ Hermes is lovely, right? Very accomplished font from the graphic designer Philipp Apeloig. Massey Inc. can deal with my spellings when they read this, thanks Jim. They’ve achieved full vertical integration with this watch, including manufacturing their own ultra thin Vochet movement. Well done, eh. Whats rather stylish is the slight relief differences in the inner concentric circle and the small seconds. Subtle but lovely. Cracking new font too.

Hermès new Slimd’ Hermes. 

Rather liked this stop watch from TAG Heuer, the Calibre 18 ‘Glass Box’ with very domed/stand out glass. Got a lovely vintage feel, with champagne coloured dial.

TAH Heuer glass house

TAG Heuer Calibre 18 Glass Box

This is Heuers top boy across all sorts of territories, Rob Diver, showing me the edit he claims I made of his new collection. I think its pretty, pretty true to what went down. Note the black, stealth like version of Monaco Concept V4 watch. Quite a nuts piece frankly. 

Rob Diver CEO man dem

Meanwhile, also stealthy and dark, was Omega’s Dark Side of the Moon ‘Vader’ black/grey stealth kettle in ceramic and with black mesh strap. Was very good. Likey a lot. 

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Darth Vader kettle.

In house at Omega, they’re calling this the Vader watch. Perhaps there’s a Darth trend, as when I was forced to don head phones a Vuitton’s presentation, diminishing my blow-dry somewhat, it was interesting to discover their £250k minute repeater plays a chimed version of Vaders Theme (click) from Star Wars. There’s your £225k value right there, no? Will add some more style comment about Lords and Doge’s when got them worked out, Roger that? 

Stubbs out.


Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Morning Style Merchants. Please find below some mother based Mozza lyrics for Mothers. That should do as a gesture, no?  A suitable maternal music reference, almost. Maybe an alternative version could have been “some girls Mothers go on longer than other girls, Mothers”. Just a thought. Fancy some style? Portion of error too? 

Being on a parent level, and on a casual theme, this train has put me in mind that SportLuxe chic has its issues.  Currently wearing these cashmere marl blend track pants from Raey (click), which am double dead keen on. They’re tailored and sort of flat fronted, with a panel down the outer seam that makes em brilliant. Neat like marl trousers, with a slightly dropped crotch. Respect to Proudy, the designer. 


Raey Pants


Raey cashmere blend marl sweat pants.

Having put them with a blue goatskin Car Shoe tassel loafer (click), and a Breton Sunspel singlet (click), am now fully-happy. Singlets are omnipresent in my life these days. Its quite, quite telling. The colour scheme is all very pleasing together for March grey Sunday gloom: Rivera via The Flats.



Car Show goat skin loafers/old fella slippers.

sunspel vest

Sunspel singlet life.

So, now approaching actually leaving Lavinia Villa, serenely content,  just caught sight of look and became acutely aware it’s a thin line between Vintage-Urban-Sport-Luxe delivered with aplomb, and someone rather like my Old Man when he was shuffling about, dementia bound, in a home. Lets say, after 40, there’s more than a dash of care in the community in the mix.


Wedgwood ashtray that goes best with look.

The antiquated-issue was further accentuated when I became compelled to team the perfect accessories to this look: spectacles and this Wedgwood ashtray. Was brandishing it in the front garden for some time today till I fled the cold. So, in short, old age and SportsLuxe are at odds. Thats what I was trying to say. Things get worse. Ordered some Nike iDs Flyknit Lunar IIs  (click) the other day while procrastinating, badly. Just did it. Now I just regret it (£155)

Nike id

Nike iD FlyKnit II Golden Girls special editions.

Thought they looked pretty racy on line. They arrived, with more than a frisson of Golden Girls/Miami pension about them. Daggnabbit. 

Seemed to have drifted off theme. To get things back on course, here’s the next Mother motif song. This is not really style post.  A version of I Know Its Over sung by Dead Jeff Buckley. Sounds too sad on its own, and not funny enough. My mother doesn’t log on anymore, so it doesn’t need to resonate particularly. 

Proper smart, chic mens style next, as am Out&About the Das Metropolis today looking for it. 

Stubbs out. 


Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. “Am an alligator. I’m a Moomin Papa coming for you..”. Sort of. The ticket for the V&A Savage Beauty party tonight is slightly crocodile patterned, to offer more clarity. Its five years since McQueens death. R.I.P LeeMcQueen

Savage Beauty invite

McQueen Savage Beauty invite.

Am on the list for later. Actually, just got put on some list of worthy style blogs this week, I note. Hate it when that happens. Makes me well anxious. Prefer it when there’s just the five of you watching, know what I mean? So, regardless, here’s some stuff. Two things. Forget sometimes how exceptionally good Dave’s at The Beeb was. A Rock deity on his ascent via an institution that was pretty, damn straight to be playing Dave’s stuff. Even Peely sounds posh back then. So to remember, see below, and stick him on. Note. Love version of It Aint Easy where a pal is singing proper Bluesy backing vocals. Also,  I rather fancy one of these here Hermès ponchos. Surely they’re not pompoms, they’re tassels, non?

Hermes poncho


Hermès wool/cashmere poncho with calfskin “pompoms”, £850.

Been good with a nice pair of Jodhpur boots, right? Anyway, it’s Matey Off The Telly at the Beeb later today, dancing for 24 hours (click), inspired by Derek&Clives “John Stitch-Non-StopDancer”.  Good luck to him, the plucky host in shorts. Team O’Leary are all going down and have had special FoxCatcher style sweats saying Team O’Leary. As am going on somewhere later, think might just self style. Gonna go see hour one, go to McQueen at The V&A and come back and watch hours five & six. Five years ago Alexander McQueen killed himself. Five years. My brain hurts a lot. Rather frequently. 

Check Dave’s mime sway toward the end. Exemplary swaying.

Wish had the poncho to wear to McQueen bash. Oh well, wont start squawking, will have to make do and blend, singlets all round.

Stubbs out.

PS. Am currently a little obsessed by the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. Geezer that designed it died last week. Bless. Kenji Ekuan designed the bottle in 1961. He was 85, so he’d had a nice little run of it.



Kikkoman bottle.



Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Morning Style Mongers. Kindly do as has become customary and stick The Fall on below. Its just not the same, unless you obey. Guest Informant, is just one of a number of elements that have been of interest to me in the last three days. Another is my Globe-Trotter custom 3o” Cocoa case order arriving in Albermarle Street. A ‘Statement Case’, Walters will call it, and perhaps he’s right, if the statement is ‘my case is doppio-chic, step from me’. Men and women were banging their heads against walls and tossing themselves under cars in the wake of this case as I carried down Alb’ Street to the trunk of the Aero. Well, sort of. I could drink a case of it.

Globe-Trotter Cocoa TDS case

A case of me, (click).

In case you hadn’t heard, La Perla mens stuff is weirdly brilliant. If you want pure leisure clothes, (almost) from another dimension, La Perla might be the answer. LaP menswear didn’t exist one year ago. So, you’re unlikely to see another pair at the municipal baths, right? The fabric and printing is remarkable, so it aint cheap, either. I love this pair, £365, and am going to try them on when I’ve finished blathering to you types. Cue nay-sayers/yawn-merchants. 

La Perla shorts

La Perla silk print swim shorts.

Bazdad. State-Cog. A-ri-ston. Bazdad. State-Cog. Ariston. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit. My-new, cloth-for, a Swee-ney suit…yeah? Below is my new cloth select for my new Thom Sweeney (clicky) suit order. yeah?

Look, this bit/idea barely works anyway, so if you’ve not put the music on I fucking despair of thee. Go and read Permanent Style or something (click) (do click&check tailoring photo bomb moment, 3 shots down. Well funny). Regardless, love Ariston. Such a sophisticated mill. Doppio sophisticated. A slubby herringbone for an unstructured double breasted whi-sell with peggy, pleaty pants. Might be a bit thing, non? 

Ariston H'bone

H’bone by Ariston on h’bone floor of the Thom Sweeney shop on Bruton Place.

It was an oddly brilliant synchronised process with the boys Thom&Luke when we laid down the plan. Once I’d told them my vision. We were almost in agreement with all the defining factors, with them directing certain fundamentals, such as shallow wrap. Only thing we’re not certain on is to rope or not to rope the shoulder. Other than that, will be soft in the shoulder and chest- quite drapey, high-ish pants with pleats and wide turn-up. There was other stuff but I forgot. Not gonna go patch pock’ I dont think. Its gonna be a thing. Trust.

<Insert some other comment here><Its sunny, am running, am procrastinizing> <this is what I call deconstruction>

Socialising update: Assouline was as chic an escape as hoped/predicted. Comic Relief was a Hadean vortex of naffness. We gave it 256 seconds, then left.

Stubbs out & big up the blow-dry.

PS. If this post dont suit ya, the next episode is gonna be about how mens blow dries are the style antidote to tattoo and beard ubiquity. Saw mill operative/Faux-Hells-Angels beware. Also note, das Hipsters cannot change his tats, tho..ha! Snookered, you ink-pillocks.

Exley in Assouline

Exley in Assouline.