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Monday, June 30th, 2014

Afternoon Style Mongers. Seem to have got lost in style, fashion & luxury. Not in an ideal way, but could be worse. Would rather be lost in music. Or lost in Lido/Speedos.

Do feel relatively ‘so alive’, (click) for more.  I might quit, my ten to five. Style later maybe, but Mark has an announcement..

Stubbs out.


Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Afternoon Style Mongers. Get amongst it as best ya can style wise, while we’ve all got time to drop a look. Been chattin’ about jacket length to myself this last week. To be fair, gotta shout out to George McCrae who’s been bopping along me all the way so far this month. This afternoon, George and I go boot shopping. Meanwhile, there’s a change coming, not least length-wise. Despite this forecast, George is rockin’ on in the this cropped little number and coping just fine, not remotely dandy though.

Total agreement about the jacket with no top underneath too. Not sure what that fluffy think is though. A Disco-Gonk key fob perhaps? Who knows. Top hip movement regardless. Full marks. If ya ever stuck on the floor, these moves wont do you any harm. Keep chugging along to this for rest of June. Then change. If ya out there…

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. More style&fashion to come when we’ve got clearance.


Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Morning Style Merchants. Will resume normal, piss poor service when back in Londra. At shows at mo’ in Milano.

Till then, vidi DAF Nan Milano, proper vecchio mondo macchino moda.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.


Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Morning Style Merchants. London Collections:Men SS15 has finished. Was considering a new angle on men’s style coverage during early hours of this morning. Its subtle, but it has to do with honesty. Better tread carefully mind. Perhaps no one will notice regardless, so gonna give it whirl for peace of mind.

New angles at No.5.

Find ‘self grateful to have this quite outlet to gently vent.  Saw some good stuff alongside London fashion weak. Saw some quite bad stuff too. Plan to write about The Moschino travesty when get a moment to articulate. The GQ dinner was at the new Ham Yard Hotel. What was there before they built that massive place? Has its own shops internally housed. Not sure thats the way forward for Soho, no? I then went forward in Soho with the people I was with to the Groucho Club. Couldn’t quite get into it/fit into/cope with scene there. Returned to grateful bed with a head still functioning, even if questioning many angles of night. Need a new angle. This might be an epiphany. It could also be a mood swing. Stay quietly tuned.

Stubbs out.


Monday, June 16th, 2014

Morning Style Mongers. London Collections Colon Men is bang under way. Dont try and stop it; You’ll be crushed under the weight of style&fashion. I’m taking things doppio serious to make sure. So far so good, rolling with my gals team TS in my LC:M emblazoned Merc’. Thanks awfully to the pagan power fashion merchants for that facility and driver, the ever reliable Mr.Newton. Other high points thus far include Gieves&Hawkes at White Cube gallery being reassuringly stylish, fully blown consummate composition, right down to the non-white pleated dress shirts and eyewear, again. JB is definitely the boy. He defo is.

Gieves&Hawkes silk jacquard polka dot evening jacket.

Meanwhile, as Chucs Bar & Grill semi-launch had risotto and banter with Mr.Marc Hare of Mr.Hare. Gonna have to up the chain weight if gonna keep up with the real players. No amount of stern face pulling is gonna change that.

Chain Gang: Mr.Hare & self at Chucs bar & grill opening thing.

Far more convincing face action came from young ‘en Bobby Abley at MAN. Liked his faces on sweats alot. Reminds one of Iceberg History days of vechio, si?

Lovely Abley: Mauve over darlink.

Might add to this, I really might. Topman was double good for example and would fit right in here. Gotta do some other stuff, but thought would say hello. Its been a while and didnt want to look like had perished in some manner. Sicily took the hard edge off me maybe. Am getting soft sat here, while other journo’s idea of great R&R is cold Pret wrap and a little Haribo meat.

The Sharpener out.

Tech mesh toe cap action at Nicholas Kirkwood.