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Monday, March 31st, 2014

Morning Freedom Flighters. Springs developing Thesbian Spiv look largely uses unstructured jackets as its basis. Thinking about it, the unstructured tailored jacket is the most significant development in mens smart casual for years, non? They’ve changed the way one can drop tailoring, travel about, and style smart cazj’, right? I’ve been pushing a cashmere Giorgio Armani navy cashmere number all over the shop with a remarkable Rubinacci scarf, naturally con snaffles, turning the look into Thesbian Tout.

Giorgio Armani cashmere jacket with Rubinacci cashmere scarf.

Its like a cashmere sweat cut into a jacket, affording rather morish wearing, even if does get rather fluffy. The posh-cash fluff’s been appearing stuck in my stubble too, but what can you do? Posh-cash stubble fluff is antidote to East London beard overdose. Please excuse slightly make shift picture but the Armani runway ones are more like this, and might mislead you a trifle. Looks pretty similar though. Giorgio deserves credit for pioneering the almost knit version of the jacket. Its pretty much his.

Giorgio Armani SS14

Anyway, anyone worth their smart cazj’ salt has done versions. Boglioli are good, my new favourite label of banter. Brioni look good, not tested yet though.



Slowear – Montedoro.

MrPorters got a blindlingly thorough selection on the go, so excuse the piracy. Ones I’ve mentioned are all Italian, not surprisingly. Rubinacci does unstruc’ so brilliantly as does Brunello Cucinelli, so will see if can get some images in the interest of fairness.

Stubbs out.

PS. Got invited to the Tweed Run ffs. Brookes organise it. Love Brookes, cant bear the Tweedlers. Who’s up for all donning nice, stush unstructured jackets, going down to intercept the fucking Tweed Runners with their taches and stupid twee tweed period garb and egg the quaint fuckers out of soft top European cars? Just a thought. But if there’s enough takers I could look into sponsorship perhaps.


Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Morning Fashion Metronomes. Fancy some madness with your espresso? Have a go on this bit of Michael Nyman. Put it on first. My horologic-house mate Mr.Dowling and I did before donning double grey twinning on Basel crew yesterday. We’re the horologic Gilbert&George. Sort of. Anyway, told you grey was gonna be a thing. And bird song.

Dowling & Stubbs paint Basel grey.

There was doppio Sprezz’ too, on Mansel, but more of that later.

Quite nuts, non?

Stubbs out.


Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Morning Style Mongers. No time for feckless banter, but only share a view from The Basel. Below is Mr.Nicholas Foulkes, stylistic Basel Watch Don, wearing three piece Rubinacci suit plus extras. Ran into him on the Patek stand. Serious stance, no?

Then later I was shown this smashing little Bulgari Roma, limited edition 130th anniversary piece. Terrible shot, but channeling total American Hustle panache, non?

Shockingly bad picture, so bad in fact am going to go and try and get the actual watch on my wrist to make amends. Perhaps the H.Moser Endeavour goes someway to redeeming my production?

Moser was American at one point. I think. Um..

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Morning Style Merchants. Cafe Blue that is. Running round town Tuesday in sockless-snaffles, The Aero and the sun. This was the soundtrack.  It’s gone tres Cafe Bleu in Clapton/West End for a moment. Feel the energy, no? No time to banter, but put together this gusty, sophisticated Donegal three piece by Thom Sweeney. Shirt is by the boys too, the houndstooth tie is E.Tautz, and pocket splat by Anderson&Sheppard. Tell me why I wouldn’t finish this with a pair of JMWestons. Tell me?

This is for a strapping pal of mine who might well be wearing it Sunday night. Fingers crossed. Anyway, T.S.C. are gonna start the morning off nicely for us. Fellas, D.C., off ya go..

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis at zi Basel Watch Fest’- more as unt Ven.

PS. More Mick Talbot’s hair never really worked. Really help him back in the group. Should have worn a beret, more.

PPS. They’re all so young. It is 1983 ffs.

NB. Pauls pocket ‘square’. Woah, woah, woah!


Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Morning Casual Fundamentalists. Saw this little C.P.Company (click) bomber in Present. Tried on. It’s a serious action piece. Crisp nylon shell. It has the goggle lens over the sleeve pocket, a detail that works out okay. The shape, material and finish is bang-on however. Bang. on. Bomber. Do you know Bomba by Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart?

C.P.Company bomber

If you don’t, give it a whirl, its something else. If you do, hello there, what a g’wan, Hippy-shuffler? Its a Boys Own record (click). Please don’t get confused and think anything naff at this point. Thank you.

Didn’t realise for years the brass fanfare at the beginning of Miles Away Mix was Miles Davis. What a melt? Then got deep in to Davis and found it on Sketches of  Spain. Who knew? Anyway, might give you both main mixes, Miles is heavier, Nonsonicus is more trippy. There’s all sorts kicking off in this music. Have a listen, which one are you?

Many of my pals and I are still frequently in CP and Stoney. Call us old fashioned. Talking of fashioned, watched Dianne Vreeland docco last night. ‘The Eye Has To Travel’.  Very good. She was a proper style great. She said something thats got me thinking though. Might dwell on this. “There’s only one really good life. Its the one you know you want and you make it yourself”.  Thats got me thinking about what I want. Gulps. Oh, meant to mention, there’s a bomber trend on the go, yeah?

Stubbs out in Nonsonicus.