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Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Morning Fabric Fiends. Got called ‘Period Tom‘ yesterday. Pah! Am going proper period. Deep South three piece seersucker period. Like the grey version, its the kiddy.

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Morning Loafer Maniacs. Did I mention I love a Gucci ‘horsebit’ loafer? I do hope so. You see I really do. Was rather proud last night to have the FT HTSI tweeting that Gucci loafers by The Shapener (click) were on their site as part of the Italian issue that comes out at weekend, which incidentally is set to be una splendida cosa, no messing. Here, as they say on Grande Fratello, is some of this summer’s best bits.

Suede blush snaffle.

Living in the epicentre of Hipster-cool that is Lower Clapton, Hackney E5, one thing I find endlessly positive about the Gucci snaffle bit, is they’re Hipster proof. Too spenny for their budgets, and they dont really ‘get it’ either- Snaffles are simply not on brand for them, thank Christ. Probably doesnt come up on google when you type in “edgy hipster-matic-style”. Hence am wearing my modest bit-roster more and more again. There’s no Sloanes about either, so it means they’ve gone back to feeling rare again. ‘Yay!’, as I believe the young people exclaim at such moments.

A Gucci cluster, suede.

Can’t do much more now although would like to have done. Will dig out some more to gawp at maybe. Gotta dash now though. Really have.

Sage suede snaffle.

Naughty little Gucci crocos, pale blue.

Being shot in A&S with that Luke Day cherub/chap, Editor of GQ Stlye et al, for How To Spend It thing. Can’t say more. Gieves fitting for avant garde new whistle plan also. Serious Massey Inc sit-down tonight too at ’34’, the meat answer to Scotts. Now that is a bit of what I fancy.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

Gucci ‘black don’t cracks’.


Friday, February 21st, 2014

Evening Moda Hustlers. Been scrivere about patterned shirts all week. Love this image of Prada SS14 styled by Edward Enninful shot by Emma Summerton for the next in the series of Pradas ‘Iconoclasts’ editor shop take overs. Edwards was inspired by The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s.

Blue faces: Whos got the chalk?

This is release as too knackered to write it up at mo’.

An electric time of artistic explosion and cultural exchange for the African American community in the United States in the 1920s, the ‘Harlem Renaissance’ represented a new creative spirit. Stars such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker and Ella Fitzgerald were born, and the air buzzed and fizzed with jazz and ideas.

Taking this spirit of creativity as his cue, Enninful’s Prada women’s store will be filled with a cast of black and white mannequins dressed in Prada SS14 and archive looks – guests at an imagined 1920s club – complete with glittering art- deco bar, evoking the atmosphere of Harlem. The men’s store will host a cast of black and white mannequins dressed in Prada SS14 and archive pieces, set amongst game tables, 1920s food and cocktails, and the strains of a jazz blues trio. New fashion images shot by Emma Summerton and Enninful will be presented in both stores.

Stubbs out.


Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Morning Denizens of Dapper. Just who doesnt like a nice holdall first thing to put all your bits in as you dash out? Am double keen on this APC one, and thats my only excuse for presenting it. Might pack you a little action bag of gear that have been operating with this week. Might.

APC Holdall

Here’s a kettle I was pleased to be reacquainted with in Geneva last month. The IWC Aquatimer is back with its internal rotating bezel. I told zem in zi Schaffhausen it was folly to stick  zi bezel outside like every other diving watch, thats vhat was good about zi Aqua’. A couple of years of bezel flailing and now they’re back where they should be. A very internal affair.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000

Boys own favourite ranking Italian casual brand, Stone Island, are doing bins this summer. Love the look of their press shots. Very pure Stoney ethic at work there. Forgot who’re making them. Its in my note book, but note book is not in bed. There’s a clue.

Stoney bings- Its a new thing.

Fancy some footwear before I loggy off? Will see what can rustle up. Oh look, its these guys again..

Nike Flyknit Loonies +2

Good for short, fast runs, running fans. How do they know that? I think they’ll be good with my Lot 78 cashmere modal trackie when I get it. Action gear? Cant get enough of it, as Spencer Davis claimed. Deadlines-shmedlines, this has got me at it, am off running. Now this lot couldnt get enough fitness, right gang? Take it away..

Stubbs out in the park.

PS. Take a drag or two.


Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Morning Style Merchants. Have to very briefly mention The Bafta red carpet from Sunday, might come back to it, but it’ll be older news than it even is now. Some men that looked okay are on GQ.Com (click) but they had to resort to putting some blokes that didnt even dress that well in too. More ‘Reasonably/Acceptably Dressed’ than ‘Best Dressed’. I was shocked by the whole red carpet spectacle, not just the men. Hamish Bowles stood out by the way, not only for his lively, artfully executed take on evening wear, slipper print vs tartan pushing the envelope he was opening, but because he simply walked straight up the carpet and into the Opera House. That act alone marked him out as a dignfied chap. Bravo Bowlesy.

Hamish Bowles nicely up the red carpet.

Not gonna get sidetracked too badly, as believe it or not am on doppio deadline again, but something needs to be done about the wrong carpet scene. Here’s the rough set up. Excuse my lingua on this, but is only way to get the truth across. Outside the barriers are hordes of baying (and they were baying and banging the barriers like savages at times) proles, who’d been there for however long to catch sight of people from films and aimlessly scream their names. Totes horrid scene. Then inside the barriers a steady lapping tide of appallingly dressed Bafta industry guests/corporate people drifted in, stopping continuously to take selfies or group shots of each other to the point of causing idiot bottle-necks of tawdry self-congratulatory photo-documentary. They were all at it. It was hideous to behold. Ghastly peope buoyed by their position on the nasty red nylon into blithely ignoring any protocol or elegance, taking pony snaps of each other to brandish and distribute later. God help us. Layers of wrongness the Baying Proles also filming the Red Carpet Plebs filming each other, with the alarmed/anxious actors (some style savvy/some not so) picking their way through this awful post-modern conceit nightmare scenario, trying to find the correct TV crew to talk to. Bafta seriously need to ban red carpet selfies. Am not messing. It reached naff epidemic and it was properly awful scene that ensued. Shame on you, you completely naff pillocks. To make matters far, far worse, the red carpet plebs were dressed so, so badly you wouldn’t believe me. Makes me wonder if setting bar far too high in editorial, and perhaps should be saying, “do please try and wear actual black shoes with a dinner suit, fun waistcoats/matching pattern ties are awful and also its best to get a dry cleaner to actually turn your trousers up to the length that approximately sits on/near your nasty footwear”. Heinous crimes against evening wear. It’s the middle Middle Class that get it really wrong I reckon. Surely they should know better, maybe not? People below/foreigners seek help, the above middle-do in fact know better (in many cases), but the middle just glibly think they know and wing it. They don’t. Some actors dressed well. Some did not. That is my review thus far.

Stubbs out.

PS. I really like this shot of Coogan and O’Leary just before they did interview. Tense but cool, no? O’Leary is in Gieves&Hawkes, innit?