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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Morning King Casuals. Discovered the very best jersey tracksuit can remember yesterday. Maybe desk solutide is worth it for a day or so just for that? They’re by Lot 78 (click) and they really are spesh, their handle remarkable. Not available yet mind. Track suit/pant fans to note- these are off the hook brilliant pieces. They’re made from a midnight blue cashmere jersey modal blend. That’s a rare and spenny fabric made from cellouse wood chips and special rayon, woven specifically to achieve the extreme softestness. They drape remarkably well- almost rouching down the zip seam. Just a touch of clinging slink to it. For pants spend (£190) for top (£250) and for sweat (£160) without caution.

Lot 78 modal cashmere jersey track top.

Completely plain execution elesewhere in design bar a couple of nice metal tipped drawstrings, a delightul sewn edge to the pant pockets and of course those critical cuffed bottoms. Just tried it on again and confirm this is truth. Plan to get myself one of these suits, as am totes sucked in.

Lot 78 model cashmere jersey track pants.

Am under total presh copy wise now as went back out to see Clarky at Barbican last night (click). Think it got better that last week. Nearly didnt go as couldnt afford time. What a pillock even thinking that. Went. Got blown right off track. A good thing. In a way.

Clarks Company dances to Scritti Politti.

The page yawns and Wembley beckons. As Britney Spears once said: Yikes, I fucked it again, now back under zi cosh. I might wear the Lot 78 tracksuit to work and have done. Hmm. Maybe the Barbican got a vacancy for a back-jogger? If not, “I’m thinking about starting a  zoo.”

Stubbs out.

PS. After two weeks of Clarky’s Tripple Bill, Scritti Politti are now embedded in my heed. You deserve some too. This is Cooking and Clarkys crew interpret with it brilliantly.


Friday, November 29th, 2013

Morning Short Termists. Someone tall and posh, with a big nose who knows, asked me why all training shorts are black. Good question. So, lets look at these peculiarly but clever fellas. Need a reason to run fast and run true? These could be for the answer. You wouldnt wanna hang about in them, would you? From the Gyakuso running collection by textile designer/runner Jun Takahashi in collaboration Nike (click). Odd, yes. Very Japanese, like hi-tech French knickers. Ever so light and ever so different from black shorts.

Against everyones wishes, my Butler, my mother and Nike, am going running in them, with the top half too, naturally. Along the canal, past the Olympic thing, all the way to E13. See ya at the cemetery, one way or the other. The future’s short. You gonna run there or let it come to you, like flabby sloths? Give your tailor a fighting chance, get off your arse in something scary.

Stubbs out.


Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Morning Style Mongers. Neglect and disfunction, thats all you’re gonna get from me for just now am afraid. Its unavoidable. Am getting to where I need to be mill-wise however. The Italian mills function differently from the Brits on almost all levels. This fella is one of the Vitale Barberis Canonico family. Francesco. He’s a serious player in the mill pond, a style merchant par excellence and a bon viveur, some other French words and a bit of a hoot.


As is my latest line of exemption, got no time to tell ya what was gwaning at mo’. Sozmans. Saw a slew of exciting fabric both old and new mind, but just got back home early/late this morning. Should be up and about right now, ‘prepping’ a shoot, touching clothe straight after touching down.

Simply cant wait to ‘share’. If ya want more than this, better go visit matey on Permenant Smile, right? Am on my Swiss ball as it goes. Bespoke physique? Um, no.

Going to shoot that has the clowns from Heat magazine in the equation. How awful, no? Gonna treat it like an anthrapological experiment/zoo trip. I’ve been courteous.

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Morning Dye Hard Style Merchants. Off to Biella, Northern Italy, this morning to visit Vitale Barberis Canonico – A massive, relatively ancient and hugely significant fabric mill. Founded in 1663, ffs, am sure its lovely there, but its also early here so please excuse my lack of banter. Its not been a strong suit of resent. Am wearing a strong suit to counter that tendency.

Dye Hard prequel.

I’m fully intent on making a go of this mill thing. I’m starting to love the mill culture. Not talked about it yet, but I am. Can’t talk about those sorts of things right now. Too, too much in the way. Seems quite sad. Listen to this perhaps, was one of my songs from the Summer. It’s gone now.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.


Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Morning Weekend Wonderers. Please excuse lack of proper style coverage. Is unswervable. The TV thing is on (you know, the thing?) and gets in the way. Gets in the way of vital style research and comment. The tailor-cut and fur-clad propagandists dont help with their invites and their menus… I am weak. Went to Michael Clarks Triple Bill (click) at Barbican on Friday: The suitably brilliant antidote to XFactory. Not reviewing it today, but new work using Pils Albatros and The Pistols New York were worth going for alone, and they were yet a small portion of whole sense spanglising bill. Go. Remarkably there are still tickets for the run, even for tonight. Do yourself a favour while you’re still alive (click). Get dressed and run there.

Harry Alexander from Michael Clark Company shot by Jake Walters. Heard of him?

Right now I’m researching fitness style for my The Sharpener column in bed before work. Hence procrasto-writing here, see? Remarkably again, somehow running is so damn appealing am going out soon as have posted. The freedom is sort of sacred. Thank creation for running. And for music. Reckon I’m alive for running right now. So, I found this little film to get you lot going, ya cynics.

Meanwhile, from my research, rather like these off the hook Asics Piranhas (click). Love the look of race shoes for off-key style, not for running. I have small collection made through the years. Hope to add to them. (Mr Brown, this is in no way a hint- still love my other super light white gold suede fellas. Am going for a corporate style shake down, which I do for a living- so don’t think am on case, Roger?). Add a nice pair of Orlebars and the sun and I’d be set. The ones below are for women and are more interesting still, the Asics Gel Kinsei 5

Asics Piranhas.

Asics Gel Kinsei 5

The costumes at Clarky’s were stunning too, including graphic new zig zag black white chevron stuff with fringes down the sleeves, (for the girls). What Stevie Stewart does with dance gear for Michael’s Company is exhilarating when added in the direction. Wonder if could go runing in it? Would be a running-foward look for sure. Especially down Hackney Downs.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis in lycra.