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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Afternoon Style Fiends. Hope all is well. One minute I’m fancying the new Gresca belt by The Tod’s, the next realise WGSM scrawled into the diary isn’t a mystic rune about genetically modified waistcoats I was tossing about, but was in fact their awards do tonight. A big old do at the Victoria&Albert and one’s on the panel, having voted for people at some point, be nice to be reminded who. And why maybe? Mr.Luke Day is going, so shall make a proper effort. The he tells me its black tie though for pity’s sake. I mean black. When is black Melange gonna happen properly, eh?

That was gonna be black Melange Sunspel sweats for the rest of the day for me. Now its not. Better bike in some pearls. The belt’s dead nice though, no? Seen some great sports jackets too. No time to tell sadly.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.


Monday, October 28th, 2013

Morning Attitude Enthusiasts. Loved Lou. Maybe it’s stylistic fatigue, but can’t seem to get through Coney Island Baby this morning without ‘feeling double upset’. Perhaps it’s just a very sad song, but am really emotional about Lou dying. Loads is being said about him today, so best to not add to the noise perhaps. I listened to Lou a lot from when I was quite young, maybe didnt quite clock how long we’ve been rolling together. It’s caught me off guard. His delivery and stance was properly cool, totally engaging and all his own- few can say that- although very many are still busy replicating it as best they can. He could whip up a scene without saying almost anything. Lou encapsulated New York double cool, and that should be recognised. Lets be straight, Lou taught Dave to speak hip. In fact who doesn’t recognise it, hm?* Cheerio Lou. Remembered for services to music, leather jackets and aviator bins. R.I.P.

Laid back.

Lou’s street-hustling, off-hand, abrasive, gentle and sometime skimpy lyrics performed his way are what take us somewhere. That’s one thing Lou could really do: Take us somewhere. Purists might prefer something with The Velvets, or from Transformer or Berlin. That’s fine, but this one always got me. Try it this morning, I dare ya. Think they’re gonna play something desperately obvious on Radio 3 at any moment as a tribute. I’m playing this. Oh. Oh, they’re playing Walk On The Wild Side. Bless.

If you’re lucky I’ll put Wild Child on here later. Sorry if this is clumsy, but cant leave this alone this morning. You know ‘Street Hassle’? Well part III is a little too easy to not quote.

“Y’know tramps like us, we were born to pay.
Love has gone away
And there’s no one here now
And there’s nothing left to say
But, oh, how I miss him, baby
Oh, baby, come on and slip away
Come on, baby, why don’t you slip away”

Stubbs out.

* No Lou in your life? No comment.


Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Afternoon Whistle Watchers. Three future Kings, two suits, a long lemon flumping dress, and an alert Queen on a chair. Its an historic moment, so stick The Ants on from below- and add to the palpable drama. The Queen is wrapped up warm in azure outer-wear indoors in solidarity with other UK pensioners -perhaps the sitting room is open to the elements down the other end. The men look ever so relaxed, no? Two of my tailors are involved in the Christening garb. Charles’ reverse-lip-tighten face and William with his first born in a flowing opera dress made for a 9 year old. Wild? Expect G was livid.  It’s still a non-tense scene in the waiting room to the throne, right? I wonder if one collects a numbered ticket on arrival like one does down Homerton Accident&Emergency.

I’m waiting for my Nan.

William is in Spencer Hart, a positive update for young royalty, but he’s flopped with wedding toned/fabricated tie, and white wedding napkin croissant deployed as a pocket square. Totes flopped. Who’s to blame? Must be a mexican stand off betwix W, His Batman, and his Wifey. Just goes to show everything matters. Default on anything serious and flop. Been thinking, its only a small band of ties (in the world) that function as acceptable- about 6 or 7% are all that one could consider stylish- a narrow frame of stylistic activity- while the rest are quite, quite pony- and form the pool where all politicans/business men/men seem to fish. Also some royals. Back with W’s whistle, the narrow lapels were said to be close to a ‘dealbreaker’. Wonder who would be calling the shots from the Mexican three?

Meanwhile,  consummate Style Monger Charles is looking good. Off-white shirt, cant get in close enough, but tie and Royal Croissant all simmering away harmoniously with smashing mid blue Anderson&Sheppard DB. Matey Harry looks like a bit of a plant, no? No pocket. Mind you James Middleton deployed no pocket hanky and looks far more dashing with beard and substantial tie. Do you reckon the Middletons get a clothes budget for this sort of thing? Hard to tell. Mike could do with a new suit really. Surely there’s a budget. Philip’s thinking something should/could be done, while William’s shoes and sox make me double tense. Not gonna talk about the women. That would be ungentlemanly.

A new royal family, a wild nobility- We are a family!

Nice that there was some three piece action in the end- not suiting, but suiteing. I’d have gone three piece for this one. Sitting down, coat off in shirt sleeves with the spawn on one’s lap-that would have been properly sartorially memorable stuff. Will update before am deported to Wembley for community service on the telly.

Stubbs out.


Friday, October 25th, 2013

Morning Style Mentalists. Been looking for a SS14 (not actually 41SS- dyslexic gag) look book to arrive so can do next post. It hasnt so I cant. For now you better have this instead. Saw them the other day in the Car Shoe shop. Gonna get involved. Sick of fannying about in loafers in the wet, Gucci this, Louis that, its a drain. Have that rain, am going rugged.

Take a hike in a Car boot.

Talking of rugged. Cant get enough Dolls this last few weeks. Dont know what that might be about, but it is linked to the look book am looking for. Still looking…

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Morning Style Fundamentalists. Sorry seemed to have lost the broadcast thread over last couple of days. Heart simply not in it, and hideously distracted doing stuff for a living. One such bit of stuff was reporting on the relaunch of Cerruti 1881 Paris for this season. This is a misleading shot of Nino Cerruti. Misleading is the new black.

Comfortable desk job.

Nino launched Cerruti 1881 Paris with a collection named Hitman. Giorgio Armani worked for him back then, who went on to make a few bits and pieces under his own name. The AW13 collection is globally exclusive to Matches (click) outside of Cerruti’s Paris and China shops. Its double  good in my himble uponion*. Soft, sublte tailoring, with slightly longer jackets (actually a relief). They showed no suits, just very slightly mismatched separates. Suits do exist I’ve been informed.

The new Artistic Director (what ever happend to being called designer?) is Aldo Maria Camillo, previously of Valentino and Zegna. Exemplary fabric compositions come from the the Lanificio F.lli Cerruti mill where the family business began.

He did enough sinister long coats, trenches, Macs and sport-Greatcoats, for a Parisian remake of The Third Man. Will bung some more images up, but right now gotta put my face on-going into town.

Dont want to mind. Wanna stay here and fanny about. Might don a trench out of manners.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis. Midnight Runners, take it away- couldnt help this pony little link.

PS. E5 fact:Kev’s moving to LC (Lower Clapton). Have that Maida Hill.

* editor to leave. Had enough of conventions.