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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Morning Style Merchants. So damn under the cosh (UTC) forgot to put €50 in the blog meter and the whole thing came down. Who’d have thought? Bleeding me dry this caper. Regardless, cosh remains poised above my Rich Tea shaped bald patch like the garlic hammer of Damocles. That said, most riveting style project of  week (and there’s a few) is what am doing with The Balearic Russian later. I’ve mentioned Mr.Chernin before. You’d like him. For his wedding look am thinking Serpico’s Civil Ceremony in Mauritius in The Seventies. Its a sitter, no?

Add a touch of Seventies Row action, with a Sexton flavour, a little like what he did on Mr.Starr, except with baskety/slubby Italian sofa fabric, not checks, jah? Anyway, The B.R. was original Beard Style Mongor No.1 back in the Nineties. Fact. Ask anyone down The Griffin. Fuck Shoreditch Twat (which he co-invented), he owns the beard. So, beard, plus hat, (trust me Rowan) am thinking hat, lovely rich tactile natural hued tailoring, three pieces, wider lap’s, beard, lovely bit of Willis raw silk slubby tie action, beads, natural tonal co-respondents, and that should be lovely.

Then we gotta do his matching seed, Jimmy, the same, maybe with just a ‘tache though. How hard can that be? Btw, quite like this fella too below. Imagine him with the beard and pith helmet. Who is that guy? Brain not in gear.

Going to visit tall man Charlie at Casely-Hayford at Hostem. Love their MTM offer, proper verve available via Joe’s heritage tempted with proper trend-setter Charlie. Father and son on fire I’m hoping. Then maybe Mr.Start to ‘compare’. It is all about the fabrics first. Realise you on freaking tenter hooks out there, but do your best to remain poised. What do you fink? Defo gonna do a titfa, no? Fellas? Anyone?

Fetch me the bolts men. I feel a three piece coming on. More, as, and quando.

Stubbs out.


Friday, July 26th, 2013

Morning Style Fundamentalists. I’m bleedin’ stuck. Spent whole day at keyboard yesterday and achieved nought. “Dear Editor- I’ve completely naused it. Again.  And I am so, so sorry. I’ve left my writing application unit floating off the coast of Stintino”. I really am naused. Calmly, honestly, naused. Regardless, it’s a new day and tried to get my remaining mechanisms going by reading Swellboy on HTSI (click). A dangerous tactic as Foulkes flows like no-one else, and his prose could solicit a totes-seizure. Could also go the other way. We’ll see. Regardless, its a jolly excellent little piece on accessory colour-tactics inspired by his fondness for the illustrator René Gruau and his lesser known men’s style illustrations (click). Indeed they are inspirationally chic.

This fella looks like A.A.Gill but slimmer. Brilliant. Now am mentally pincered between all star copy merchants Foulkes & Gill. Its all can do to stop self ordering prints to go in front room that is to be decorated in Farrow&Ball (click) Prussian Blue. That orange would look marvelous, no? And so the procrastination begins.. espressso anyone?

Stubbs out/under it badly.

PS. Thanks Nick. Outfit sounded like a chukka-stopper. Do you know the old expresssion ‘Camper than Dick’s Hatband’ by the way. Its used in Camp Polari on occasion, and it comes from a line John Wayne, of all people, once said.


Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Morning Off-The-Cuffers. One minute one’s sat on one’s Sardinian patio drinking Cala, eating clams, hailing out different shades of local-lizard with the Luxury Missus, egging the little fellas to change colour from grey, to griege, to terracotta, to lime, to sapphire as they ping about the garden like twitching addicts, then next one’s back in Hackney, looking at cufflinks in extreme detail. There are similarities, but never mind the crack-gheckos, how special are these guys?

They’re from antique dealer Sandra Cronan’s collection (click), and they’re cabochon sapphire and platinum with enamel detailing, British from 1925. Blue cabochon lizard eyes set on a deco platinum patio. How beguiling. Talking of which, the Cufflinks Through The Ages book has just arrived by courier. I’m going in deep. The lizards were less than compliant non-chameleons and gave us no colour show btw.  Amongst the clams however we found a rogue cockle. Gotta love a rogue cockle. Gives me an idea for a jewellery collection. More later.

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Afternoon Sun Swervers. Been researching a big cufflink opus magnum out here on the Island. Well, a brief banter on the subject at least. In battered hat, coated in Boots SoltanHighly Inflammatory Ginger’ Factor, and with a high level of freebase Peco’/Davidoff’s/Cala in the system, I appear to have drifted off, cufflinks unconquered, face melting.

Not so much Death in Venice, as a Kip in Sardinia. Hence the cufflink opus magnum is far from underway. I did however try the new Mirto flavoured Solero yesterday, a Sardinian special, most treacly. Currently soaking the chest rug in the sea to lift out the residue.

Saw a fully blown ginger on the sea front yesterday. It just wasn’t fair to anybody. Don’t want to sound like a traitor, but am not sure if gingers should really be out and about in Sardinia. Least of all uncovered. Too, too, incongruous on the colour scheme front. Covering up elegantly is the way forward for the pastey. Talking of which, am considering wearing a cream linen three-piece suit on the beach could be the way forward. Been doing one-piece, short version- with hat that procured on beach, 15€. Gonna build up to vest and coat for last day. Which is today! Shit the (sun) bed, that went quick.

Tomorrow, on way home,  let us consider jewellery and accessorisation on national flags. Here in Sardinia the lads are wearing earrings and slim bandanas. Nice idea. Whole flag design thing might need a styling re-think in light of this. Mixed testimony as to where it comes from locals. More as & quando.

Stubbs out.


Friday, July 19th, 2013

Afternoon Style Fiends. This is just one of the reasons have got a trifle behind on style research and all that, the Villa Mobile, that The L.M. and I have hired. A special aspect, hasn’t it?

Più, come e quando.

Stubbs out.