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Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Afternoon Style-Spatulas. Was at Anderson&Sheppard (click) yesterday for a fitting/consultation and a nice cup of tea. It doesn’t get better on a global sartorial level in my opinion, and the tea was pretty good too. Going for double breasted three piece with pleated pants- just like they do best. Cloth wise nearly got it down to one fabric, a wool, almost nail-head like, with a bit of blue slub in it- very unusual. Then on the 38 bus with The Luxury Missus started to fancy the H’bone, both from Porter&Harding. Both nice no?

Also did a stint in the A&S baldness assessment room, with mirrors to show every possible angle of your shame/denial. I like to go every two years for a spot of angst. Thinking of having my ‘thinning patch’ covered in weed. What do you reckon? Either that or converting to Judaism. The Kippah would just cover it. Could have one made to go with each suit. Cool?

A&S syrup fitting room: digestive biscuit covered in tweed.

Suit might be great in the H’bone, but at the time it felt just a nuance ‘straighter’ than the slubby-guy. Going back in to touch cloth again later on way to judge, yes judge, Brioni’s Lounge Suit Project at the Royal College of Art. Its a black tie do at the RCA later on. Little do they know have my own toile-based axe to grind after enduring a BA Hons in fashion design. The smell/sight of calico makes me quite, quite poorly to this day.

Slight herringboner.

Might ask the kids what they think about H’bone vs The Slubber. Might not. Anyway, back at The A&S and Mr.H was on blinding form. He’s just back from The US where they’re going mental for A&S gear. Cannot make enough of it. Anyway, when he was in conference with the linings guy (they have a linings guy. Also a trouser fly guy, a button guy, a tea guy- the lot) I looked inside a large smart cardboard box marked ‘H.R.H P.O.W off cuts’. Possibly the most significant box of off cuts in the sartorial universe at this time. I’d share with you, but I’d be taken off to the tower and force fed calico wads till I was completely desiccated. Terrible, itchy way to go. Will ask at R.C.A if am allowed to leak a little.

Lining and sleeve lining against the cloth.

The sleeve lining is an house fabric specially commissioned, one of two, also with blue stripe that is used for the inside of the vest too. Thinking of having the outside of the vest done in it too, but now erring back on caution.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.


Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Evening Tactile-Tacticians. Luxury desktop spivving of a Tuesday night is what I’m all about, believe it. What do you want, ties? Ties. Ties, yeah? How about Drake’s (click) bold check numbers in lovely cashmere blend and crafty colour schemes, at £95 a knot?

Drakes City Rollers.

Those aren’t even on the site yet. The Luxury Missus cast aspersions on these fellas, calling them Bay City Rollers ties. She’s wrong, but it’s still rocked my plans of debuting it tonight along with some vivid golden/green chinos and a my new Pal Zileri Viaggiatore DB blazer. Regardless, can I interest you in something rustic to go with the tie sir? Cashmere blend sports jacket from Holland&Holland perhaps? I can let you in on this one for £1, 500. Never mind the throat fastening, feel the compression on that.

Holland&Holland sportswear. Nike, they’re coming for you.

Kettle wise am in a process of discovery with this Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT guy. Really like the look of Jaquets (click) work for 2013, and this fella is challenging all sorts of convention, but quietly. More from that when my watch agent Andre de Trichateau brings me right up to speed on the matter. Missed that appointment at The Basel, now have deep, deep regrets. Can’t get Jaquet out of my head…

Jaquet Droz GMT.

Matey off The Telly’s 40th bash tonight- outfit updates to follow, but first must visit Anderson&Sheppard and The Connaught Hotel for utterly pressing sartorial/luxury issues. Will have some to share, am sure. So, did you wanna buy the tie then? £85 for cash, or any three for £235. Keep shifting, shifting, shifting, keep shifting, shifting…

Stubbs out.

Jackie, would you be so kind darlink…


Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Afternoon, Bank Hollas. Been investigating sports jackets. Found Woody Allen likes a bit of Vuitton and a  Mr.Hare Jerry Lee shoe (click).

Now things are starting to make sense.

Mr.Hare- Jerry Lee -Saddle shoe

We  used to publish a thing called Flex The Stance. God those were the days. Now I don’t even know if I can bring myself to go there with the gusto involved every time. ‘Lovelorne Wood-Work Teacher’, ‘Cavorting Aristo’ were two of my favourites. I’m still wearing the latter. As I type. Well half at least. Anyway, there were others.

Louis Vuitton AW13 merino wool sport jacket.

There was a set of ten Flex The Stances. I dug them out, had them mounted, bound them together. They were lost, to live on only in the hearts and minds of The Flexers. I remember each and everyone of you, even if not by name.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Afternoon Skip-Fanciers. Done a whole batch of research and I tell you what, checks and tweeds are gonna blow your beards clean off for AW13. They’re everywhere and in some impeccably good styles too. Dont know if got time to go on, shall elaborate later perhaps, but for now, look what that Tom Ford fellow is up to. Just when you think you know where he is, he takes it back a bit further (click). Lovely, isn’t it?

Tom Ford AW13

Sports jackets, tweed, checks, its all about to happen for AW13. Makes you never wanna wear flat, pedestrian, straight stuff again. Give me the heft, the texture and the pattern from now on, man. These fabrics were last big in The Seventies, but Ford’s almost pushed this back to The Sixties. Doing a little analysis right now. Forget the now, and listen to this instead. Was on Radio 3’s Late Junction from 16th, Nick Luscombe was DJing. I’ve been killing the show over and over on iPlayer last night while I was fabric researching. You’ve got nine hours from now to go there. Go there, I implore you (click). This is Tim Buckley- Sweet Surrender.

Its from the 1972 album Greetings from LA. Wear Tom Fords checks and tweeds, listen in and pour yourself a nice Gavi de Gavi, maybe burn a Splendido for me.

Stubbs out.

PS. I’m not kidding about that Late Junction. Its brilliant


Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Afternoon Skip-Hire Connoisseurs. Just a thought, hands up who likes Slowear (click)? Have a shufty perhaps. Not so much of  brand than a movement. Slowear is an amalgamated force of four companies operating in unison to produce one collection, Incotex, Zanone, Glanshirt and Montedoro. Nice looks smart casual pieces as the result of fhe next level of diversity within a group. Is this division of labour by trousers?

The tunes on their site almost get you rushing if you stay hang about too long. Smashing looking clothes on there mind . I’m going in. Expect more. Much more on Slowear.

Stubbs out.