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Monday, April 29th, 2013

Evening Diary-Polishers. Back from Basel and had to hit the ground styling. Here’s a brief report from the watch fest’ however, as feel mildly compelled to bang on about stylistic merits of square watches. Considerably more attracted to them and not certain why. Maybe cause they’re more like wrist mounted clocks and less like strap on instruments. Grander, more architectural, less tool-like perhaps. There are a number from the show to show. Double keen on the Big Date Uno by de Grisogono (click). Owner Fawaz Gruosi himself was manning his stand, blazing away, fag in hand. The man’s got a big date persona.

de Grisog’ – Big Ups.

Despite his permanently smouldering look, he still got a complaint while smoking in tandem with Earl Foulkes. I admire international rule flouting in the name of high jewellery, so I cant think what the problem was with the team at Harpers or whoever it was. Being a friend of the stars, as Fawaz clearly is, one occasionally needs to smoke indoors, I can concur. Anyway, this piece has the biggest date display of any watch. Maybe it should be call Biggest Date? Is a right old leary statement piece, obviously, but still a fan of it. Probably wouldnt get it robbed even round here in Clapton, as no-one would imagine it was a real lump of gold that shape/design.

If Fawaz a jeweller…

I’ve got a big date round here already. Am prepping my final fitting with my new film star fella this morning live from Lavinia Villa, so cant bang on at length. I expect you’re relieved. Putting on a little spread in case he gets peckish. Its hard to know what film stars are used to for brunch. Got some nice little olives and a big spicy Italian Salami. Let ya know, and what we end up wearing/eating. Tell ya what though, the de Grisog’ gift candle’s coming in well handy for efforts to make the place more presentable, even if they have got smaller since last year. Nice one Fawaz, thanks awfully. Smoking? I’m freebasing the stuff at my desk. ‘Till then, keep it square, keep it gold, keep it big and never give up.

Stubbs out.


Sunday, April 28th, 2013

..its open doors at Louis Vuitton’s Villa. Felt like fully blown summer out here for a moment. The Ruinart was flowing, for those that had the time, while early morning sunshine spiritual salvation was to be found on the banks of The Rhine.

Louis Fruitton Villa.

And with each new dawn, a crop of empty beer bottles would appear. I only managed to eat a dozen macaroons in my short visit, and ran them off with vigour the next day. Also managed to go quite orange myself between bouts of watch spotting. Travelling/working, thinking/winking…

Stubbs is between Metropoli.


Friday, April 26th, 2013

Morning Strap-Heads. Am in action on the ground in Basel at the mo’ so cant say too, too much. However things got a little bit more exciting in the watch arena yesterday. At last people are taking my suggestions seriously. New colour dials and straps for Day-Dates at Rolex were the days highlight for me. Really chic little colour/tone compositions contrived to make retro style statements. Just the job for forward-thinking, retro-looking style merchants, no?

Chocolate, Rose gold with Rodium face, perfect with an espresso.

The traditional 36mm size case for this watch far too small for some Alpha delusionalists, but I’m loving that proportion. Really appropriate and cool looking with a suit, as opposed to massive macho Naughties nonsense. Scrawled notes say they’re about £14.7k, but Ill check and come back, perhaps.

Cherry face, rose case and Bordeaux strap: dolce-kettle.

The little schemes Rolex are working are smashing. Peoples Roley select is so, so boring. A black Sub, a blue/red Pepsi GMT or a dull retro Date Just from your birth year: totes yawn-kettles. These fellas are the antidote, believe me. Green face and strap with 18ct yellow, or cognac strap with sunray finish. Lovely. Or, blue face and chocolate strap with blue croc strap and cherry with cherry face/bordeaux strap in white 18ct. Then there’s double Seventies looking affairs in rose 18ct gold chocolate strap and Rodium face. Actually this talk is making  one rather peckish. Fancy some Rodium spread on toast before I hit the fair. Or a nice cognac croissant. Am off to the press centre to get on it.

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Evening Horo-Scrutineers. Had to get the train, from Potzdamer Platz. You never knew that, that I could do that.” Well, I didn’t have to get the tram to Messeplatz, walked it in the sun, but thanks for the backdrop in the head music, David (click). Also, am in Basel, not Berlin, as zi Basel World 2013 festival nearly opens today, fittingly in Basel. It’s tomorrow officially, but you know watch fiends just can’t get enough of it. Talking of which, can’t get enough of my new Basel digs. Its a chic, pared down glamour/cosy bunker near the river. Loving the concrete walls. Materials might just be the thing this week.

I’d love to see some marble watches for men and some precious stone. Why arent Bulgari doing marble kettles? I demand to know. Saw some slate-face action at Harry Winston. Liked the slate. Its called the Monochrome Midnight. This is almost right on the money. Almost.

Slate of the art from Harry.

Not favourite watch of the day, but like the idea of concentrating on ornamentation, not complications for the sake of it. Tourbillon free. Although Bulgari did manage to set one suitably. More of that later perhaps. Till then, get in Dave’s melancholic ‘Where Are We Now?’, I just can’t stop.

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Morning Protocolics. Despite his habitual vitriol, that blessed Bryan Ferragamo raised an interesting issue yesterday during sartorial-question time, reminding me of a moment at the Grammys in 1975. Art Garfunkel turned up trompe-ing madly all over the dress code and making poor Dave feel awfully awkward about over doing it in the style department. Trick of the eye? Can’t you see they don’t even match, damn it. Dreadfully unfair. Thats the thing with these New Yorkers. Too busy modernising, they forget us Brits are married somewhat to tradition.

Garfunkel: Taking ‘penguin style’ to a new level

Or, in the case of dear Mr.Lennon, somewhat married to Yoko Ono. Regardless, Garf’s clever snub at the dress stipulations underlines neatly that style rules are there to be bent, ignored or adhered to, to the point of parody. Right? Look, he’s shocked Dave back into mime mode.

Hannah in Mosch’ in Kill Bill

I’m also reminded of a Moschino Mac I used to love and wear with Mickey Mouse’s gloved hands embroidered on the outside over the front outer pockets. Wore it everywhere and found it solicited the warmest, most human reactions from passing strangers. Interesting that. Had to give up that shift in the end, but still. Think it’s in the luxury cellar as it goes. Might wear it to Basel. Oh yes, the Basel watch ‘All-Dayer/All-weeker’ is on from tomorrow I can confidently inform you.

Genta persuasion.

Reminds me of that time I last went to Basel… and that time before. A tromp l’oeil watch face, now that would be funny/chic.

Stubbs out.

PS. Paul Simon’s my new collar muse.

PPS. Ferragamo and I are to meet soon. In public. At the Opera. White tie all round.

Grammy winners 1975. Garf’ smoulders- Bowie over compensating, again.