Morning liquid enthusiasts. Quite like this little guy. A leather travel version of Acqua di Parma Colonia (click). Appears to be £70 for 30mls and has appeared in Lavinia Villa. One dosen’t want to go mad with the stuff, so small seems reasonable, no?

There’s some other bits and pieces floating about the luxury loading bay today also, some of them leather. Might be embargoed though, so simply daren’t mention quite yet. Can say what you like about the AdeP though. Literally, can splash it all over.

Look, can I get back to you when things have got a bit more tangible as it were? We’re all about tangible here.

Stubbs out.


  1. Try the Mandorlo di Sicilia also by ADP – part of their Blu Mediterraneo line- Bellisimo!

  2. *VIP, it looks like you got some explaining to do
    VIP, it looks like you got some explaining to do

    Like where you’ve been
    And what you’ve done
    And who you saw and was it fun
    Where they places that you never thought you’d go…………..

    * To the tune of

  3. Hi Mr B, trust you and yours are fine and dandy. As to where I’ve been and

  4. what I’ve done? I feel that society has been paid, and I’d prefer to draw a line. Was it fun….? Oh yeeeeah!

  5. Very well Sir, very well. Sartorially speaking my kit has taken a clobbering from my 13 month old son, there have been many casualties. Bleu de Chanel is my current armour.

  6. You’re a man after my heart, Veep. In a civilised society, the right to just up and disappear for a year – no questions asked – should be cherished dearly.

    Mind you, I said that about slavery, and no one seemed to agree with me.

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