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February 2013


Evening style merchants. Awfully sorry, but been neglecting ones post again. Unavoidable sadly. If you could just sit tight and admire Salvador’s pocket square for a spell that’d be really handy.

Think Dali’s using the Calamar deployment there. Special stuff, even back then. Note. It is early days for the facial hair.

Stubbs out.

PS. Portrait by Man Ray. Knew his brother back in the day. Voodoo.


Hello Dave-Disciples. Big day, no? This video of Dave’s new single is out. No time to dwell, but its good. Dave wears a smashing coat at one point too. Tilda is a worthy Bowie foil, who himself seems to have got better/or be acting in a new manner.

That alley way round the back of Venice is familiar, no? This is not a review. It is just a post script. No time for a review, gotta leave the manor to link Matey off The Telly. Think Dave’s wearing Louis Vuitton when sat at the table. Going there tonight for a Juergen Teller based cocktail . Then a TAG Heuer dinner at Tate Modern. Wonder who’ll be out tonight? It’s all, as they say, go.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.


Morning the sartorial massive. Awfully sorry about the lack of fresh postage. The whole postal service has gone to the dogs, particularly in Hackney. Meanwhile, while out for my morning constitutional this morning, noticed that The Three Sisters pub on Hackney Downs at the end of my road has been bought and sold and shall re-open with the name The Star by Hackney Downs. The large capital H in the middle of the logo worried me. It’s funny how something wrong like that rings alarm bells. My instincts were correct about the new arrangement. The Hackney Star is a pub geared for ‘grown up ravers’.

McQueen SS13 available in MTM

By that they mean stocky old bald ones in Ralph wind-cheaters, at best (click), full of gak, at worse. Yuk. How awful. Its not like there’s even a rave scene any more. Such a shame as that pub could be lovely. They’ve named their pizzas after previously eminent DJs such as Pete Tong and Derek DeLarge. Regardless, am on deadline for something quite big so can not wallow in further anguish. The three piece suit above is by Alexander McQueen and is available Made-To-Measure from April. Liking what am finding out about MTM,  just gotta write it all down now. That’s the tricky bit it seems.

Stubbs out.

PS. Look at the old Three Sisters sign. I’ve seen other work by this artist. They have no concept of light and dark when viewing someone, spend too long on the hair in detail and can’t draw fingers. They also think a dash of perspective is gonna help somehow. I’m fascinated by the works. Give me this lot above the massive ‘H’ in a star emblem, I beg of you.


Morning Shoe Fanciers. Maybe its that £15 Romeo J that I toked on while running about town, but am feeling little horse today. Can’t let that get in the way of shoe journalism. The 60th anniversary of the Gucci horse bit loafer was celebrated in Florence this week. The shoe made its debut on Aldo Gucci, Guccio Gucci’s son in 1953. Imagine being the first bod ever to bust a horse bit on a shoe. One wonders if he doubted the wisdom of the design at any point. ‘Dad, do I have to wear these? They’re slightly, well, odd frankly..’ Little did he know his part in a legacy was kicking off. My editors gonna kick off if I don’t pull my finger out a bit.

Watch film this and be inspired by it, yeah? Gucci’s were alway nice to dance in. And quite good for a sprint too, as I’ve mentioned before. Gonna get my new pair out for a debut shortly. Please try and remain calm until then, I beg of you.

Stubbs out.


Morning sartorial observers. Two of my fellas out last night at the Brits, both in vests.

Was pleased with both. The most coherent and professional presenters on the show I would have to say too.

Stay tuned as planned to wheel the Style Ref out and consider JLS, Robbie, Mark Wright and a couple of other ‘looks’. The JLS image beggars belief.

Stubbs out.

PS. Did anyone see ‘Rizzle Kicks’? They did not fail to mention themselves in every single ‘interview’ they did. Other than that, they said less than nothing. Remarkable, and startling stuff.

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