Morning style merchants. Winding down about now, right? Nope. Not me, am winding right up. Particularly wound up about trudging about in quite nice shoes yesterday while getting properly dumped on by the clouds. Shouldn’t matter, but this sort of thing does bugger the shoe-forecast up somewhat. Are we barking up wrong tree even contemplating fine footwear for normal life? Think on shoe fans. Said Pradas are now in stuffed newspaper re-habilitation. Early signs are good, but still it’s not what ya need. Meanwhile, am researching something of a sub-trend for SS13. Correspondent, or two-two Oxford shoe styles. The fella below is the Canterbury from Edward Green in ‘Cloud’ two tone format (click). Now that’s a lovely outlook.

I’ve always loved a correspondent, but they’re not for everyone. Maybe for the thing I’m doing I should play all low key takes of the genre, like the delightful ‘Cloud’ guy above? Got leery ones from Ralph, modern ones from Mr.Hare, but maybe this story is about under the radar corres’ for real men? Maybe.

Meanwhile, down on the other bit of Jermyn Street, went in to firm up my long pending made-to-order shoe creation at JM Weston. Still can’t quite decide on colour way. Am defo going correspondage, but which arrangement? My ordinal plan was Burgundy/grey, but the reality of putting the fabrics together changes things. Now twitching slightly about maybe grey and grey being  more sophisticated.  But then, this is a one-off shoe indulgence, maybe I should push the canal  barge out a bit?

Boot version is a brilliant, elegant thing, don’t you reckon? Am genuinely interested in what you lot think colour wise. Except for the views of a couple of the more spiteful so-and-sos. Just been told grey/grey might be more chic and less try-hard, by a double serious Mugler-wearing, lady style-connoisseur.

Talking of shoe ladies, have a semi-similar pair of Berlutis to be re-coloured, and this might have a bearing on that, as it were. Olga’s always going on about being able to change the colour of her customers’ shoes. Well lets see eh? Told you things were winding up. Am actually doing a piece on made to order shoes too, so its not just fannying about for the sake of it. Heavens no. Heavens opened again today, so the shoe parade stays on show indoors.

Some people call this style of shoe a Spectator. Talking of which, at the Louis Vuitton Christmas drinks last night in their penthouse rinse-pad above the shop on Bond and Clifford, Andrew Neil, of The Spectator, did appear with a small, attractive entourage. What can this mean? It means something significant, but can’t say too, too much just now. I rather liked his use of evening scarf and stripe tie combo- didn’t get near enough for a banter. This is the sort of thing we need to get involved with here on S&E, no? More on this Spectator based matters and others coming soon. Until then, let it rain.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.


  1. 1) why on earth are you wearing prada shoes? utter rubbish for the unwashed & unenlightened trying to show their fellow contempories how ‘successful’ they are .. hopefully the downpour completely destroyed your italian glued pleather fashion shoes and you will be forced to donate them to a xmas homeless charity (my sympathies do of course go out to the poor soul who ends up wearing these, times are certainly tough and these would only serve to further lower the self esteem of the dispossessed).

    2) girls in weston are v lovely ..i can see how you are able to bond so well with said fashionable french women now you seem to be swanning around parading your hermes scarf channelling an elegant parisian lady who lunches at the ritz.

    3) please refer to my previous commentary stubbs on choices of spectator colour made under your previous post on the topic .. why do you want to go for outlandish colour schemes? do you want small children to point and laugh at you as their mothers lead them quickly away as they quietly mutter ‘come on little timmy, get away from that strange looking man’ .. no you dont! Go with the brown leather and a whitish cream piece on the vamp. easy as that.


  2. Dear Tom

    Whilst I like the boot colour combo the burgundy and grey idea should definitely be pursued. I consider this type of shoe needs to be seen so toning down the colours too much defeats the object to my mind. I will stand corrected but on the – very – odd occasion I wear my brown/tan ones I wish I had been a bit more adventurous.In for a penny and all that!

    Kind regards

  3. not sure if they would still be considered spectators as such but I recall a pair that were patent burgundy on the toe/heel and matte finish burgundy elsewhere. They were the bees knees.

  4. des thats imposible mon vieux, parce fruité prada ne sont capables de faire de la merde absolue .. vous avez besoin d’investir dans des bonnes chaussures bien faites plutôt que de parader dans des écharpes dames hermes et de porter des chaussures hors de prix .. gauches poser les jolies filles dans jm weston pour leurs conseils et nous espérons que vous émerger un homme chic et jeune.


  5. Someone ranting in fully blown French about stuff on blog.
    Tick that off the to do list.

  6. The Cloud. Oof. Now THAT is beautiful. And not fashion beautiful, either. Actually beautiful.

    P.s. I think I have a manly crush on Rups.

  7. Don’t go too crazy; the beauty of the correspondent is that it is inherently quite outré.

    Grey/grey is very, very cool. Will be elegant but timeless, and will look especially brilliant with a navy/grey suit, especially in a tweed.

    Either that or the following, which I would prefer:
    BROWN/TAN (common, but it works; pick the right shades, (not too dark and quite close to each other) and it will look v. elegant.

    BLUE [NAVY)/BLUE. Maybe a nice couple of blues. Dark navy with a lighter blue inside. I think this would look sensational with brown and blue suits; especially your Sweeney 3piece brown.

    I’d go Blue/blue myself, but I think the self colour is the best way. They’ll be timeless, but still unique. Very cool and – most importantly – very wearable.

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