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December 2012


Been hearing so much talk about the new fangled activity, thought would combine my Boxing Day run with a spot of drag hunt following today, if could find one. Found nothing. Expect the flooding put a dampener on it for many drag-curious participants.

Keynsham’s famous Fry’s/Cadbury’s chocolate factory and surrounding fields.

Whole idea sounds far crueler than fox hunting, surely? What chance have they got against horse&hound running cross country in high heels? Wigs and hosiery also totes at odds with scrambling through hedges etc. Whole thing sounds like it needs a re-think.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.


Good morning and Happy Christmas fellow style disciples. You can almost see the sky in Keynsham this morning. Thank Christ for that. Something a trifle festive would not go a miss as a post on S&E after sporadic complaints about the weather, so I offer you Bing & Dave singing. Hope you find suitable. ‘Suit or a nice bit of knitwear for Christmas day?’, is one question this video begs.

Knit seems more suitable, but overdressing is nice gesture while at my Mums. Gonna run then call it. Mum does like a suit turn-out, although she thinks it might be ‘a bit close today for that’. Her gaff looks properly festive, regaled appropriately. Sir Percival’s yard is done out nicely too, no? Other style points from D&Bs duet include the contemporary button styling of Bings Slazenger cardie and Dave’s rich blue suit and open neck jewellery revealing shirt arrangement. That gold cross on shortish chain appeared in other videos that year. Note also that as punk raged, this was made in 1977, Dave was pushing a quasi mullet. Heroes was this year too. Same cross. Almost the same Mullet. Take your pick which one gets you going this morning.

Am of looking for truth running alongside the banks of a flooded river. As ever, take it away Dave.

Happy Christmas.

Stubbs out.

PS. Reading material/inspiration for the day will largely be from ‘BOWIE’ , Album by Album, a new book by Paolo Hewitt I was sensitively gifted by someone brilliant&special.


The thing is, the Prada shoes were dead nice, despite detractors, before the rain incident last week. Things aren’t looking good on rehab front for those guys. They’re now rain damaged two-tone Oxfords. The rain kept up its misera-vigil. It shouldn’t able to spoil things quite like it does, but it does. Was forced into my only elegant waterproof footwear on Thursday as a result. My Sergio Rossi riding boots. I started this blog years ago with a question about these. The answer has remained pretty much the same. They didn’t go down well, but then again in seven hours of Christmas retail I wasn’t looking to garner admiration. A wide berth would suffice, and that’s what I got, particularly in the doll department of Hamleys.

Interesting that despite biker, hiking and combat boots being fine in certain scenarios, on certain men, it appears riding boots almost never are. Shame, cos I love ’em. The Eubank/Llewelyn Bowen factor is too, too strong it seems. Dragged an old riding-looking Bally coat out of the cellar. Also some biscuit coloured Acne pants that dont like on normal circumstances, but as Jodhpurs they’re ideal.

As we know, context is vital in mens style. Striding through the rain, on the Downs, in the dark in this Flashman-esque get up is somehow fine, in my head at least. Standing in the bright retail glare of Uniqlo looking at Orla Kiely heat-tech underwear, less so. After the Prada damage last week, am remaining stoic footwear-wise, and not wearing anything not suitable in the rain, even if that mean riding boots remain in the mix. There is another way of course. The John Lobb ‘Swims’ (click) rubber over-shoes that function like shoe galoshes/rain condoms.

Not got any, but am considering an investment. Its that or risk a Eubank back-lash in Clapton, and that I do not fancy handling, frankly. So ends the sermon. Have a stylish, silly and elegant Yule.

Stubbs out of The Metropolis.


Morning style merchants. Winding down about now, right? Nope. Not me, am winding right up. Particularly wound up about trudging about in quite nice shoes yesterday while getting properly dumped on by the clouds. Shouldn’t matter, but this sort of thing does bugger the shoe-forecast up somewhat. Are we barking up wrong tree even contemplating fine footwear for normal life? Think on shoe fans. Said Pradas are now in stuffed newspaper re-habilitation. Early signs are good, but still it’s not what ya need. Meanwhile, am researching something of a sub-trend for SS13. Correspondent, or two-two Oxford shoe styles. The fella below is the Canterbury from Edward Green in ‘Cloud’ two tone format (click). Now that’s a lovely outlook.

I’ve always loved a correspondent, but they’re not for everyone. Maybe for the thing I’m doing I should play all low key takes of the genre, like the delightful ‘Cloud’ guy above? Got leery ones from Ralph, modern ones from Mr.Hare, but maybe this story is about under the radar corres’ for real men? Maybe.

Meanwhile, down on the other bit of Jermyn Street, went in to firm up my long pending made-to-order shoe creation at JM Weston. Still can’t quite decide on colour way. Am defo going correspondage, but which arrangement? My ordinal plan was Burgundy/grey, but the reality of putting the fabrics together changes things. Now twitching slightly about maybe grey and grey being  more sophisticated.  But then, this is a one-off shoe indulgence, maybe I should push the canal  barge out a bit?

Boot version is a brilliant, elegant thing, don’t you reckon? Am genuinely interested in what you lot think colour wise. Except for the views of a couple of the more spiteful so-and-sos. Just been told grey/grey might be more chic and less try-hard, by a double serious Mugler-wearing, lady style-connoisseur.

Talking of shoe ladies, have a semi-similar pair of Berlutis to be re-coloured, and this might have a bearing on that, as it were. Olga’s always going on about being able to change the colour of her customers’ shoes. Well lets see eh? Told you things were winding up. Am actually doing a piece on made to order shoes too, so its not just fannying about for the sake of it. Heavens no. Heavens opened again today, so the shoe parade stays on show indoors.

Some people call this style of shoe a Spectator. Talking of which, at the Louis Vuitton Christmas drinks last night in their penthouse rinse-pad above the shop on Bond and Clifford, Andrew Neil, of The Spectator, did appear with a small, attractive entourage. What can this mean? It means something significant, but can’t say too, too much just now. I rather liked his use of evening scarf and stripe tie combo- didn’t get near enough for a banter. This is the sort of thing we need to get involved with here on S&E, no? More on this Spectator based matters and others coming soon. Until then, let it rain.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.


A pack of Hermes knotting cards sits in a state of readiness in my Aksel Kjersgaard desk drawer (click) like a half bottle of Scotch or a Smith&Wesson snub nose revolver does in a private investigators office: The Two Jakes style (clicky). Actually, its not madly like that at all is it? Having a tool in your desk drawer is what I mean. Things you can devise with them are quite a tool-like. The Pli de Base sword scarf for example.

Bought an Hermes scarf off the ebay the other day, and put it straight on for the GQ lunch. Rather pleased with it inside a double breasted herringbone suit- a la Tinie Tempah. This is it in pli de base arrangement. Can do what you like with it after you got that down.

Been wielding it quite frequently ever since. Also ordered a shoehorn from Abbeyhorn (clickage) made out of horn for a present for someone. Another potentially dangerous faux weapon. When out on manoeuvres up North in Manchester recently, spent some time locked in a room with an ex-special forces body guard fella. I’m very fond of Dave. He reviewed the Falklands War, on the way to which he had his 18th birthday, as a ‘reet laugh’. Dave is a Geordie you see. Anyway, to while away some time thought would get some knife attack based training from Dave in return for some styling tips.

Dave pasted me numerous different ways as I lunged at him awkwardly in a three-piece suit. I removed the jacket and got serious. Dave pasted me some more. Use of the outside of forearms seems prudent and practical, also some vicious elbow blocks/blows. Dave demonstrated this strange crossed wrist movement too that pincers the attacking weapon hand. I mostly ended up laughing/wimpering as he twisted my wrist hideously above my head somewhere. However, Dave’s sage-like advice suggested that if I attacked him with a magic marker, he would get inked at least a couple of times, and this is not good on an ink/cut level. His advice is to run away if you can. This is very helpful. Helpful because it means instead of thinking to myself when in a knife-based scenario “um..what did Dave do next with his crossed forearms?”, I’ll be thinking/running “Dave said run. Its okay to run. Run!” etc. Wise words Captain B, thank you.

In return I did him a ninja based pocket square arrangement, so stealthy can’t be detected at night without night vision googles. Have that potential attackers. Am going Christmas shopping now with my Pli de Base on full show. Concealed weapon? Step aside part-time shoppers, I do this for living.

Stubbs out.

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