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November 2012


Afternoon neck-wear enthusiasts. It’s that time of year again when one approaches black tie for various reasons. As you’re aware its simply all about a self tie bow, right men? In this instance it is not for personal consumption, but for ‘The TV projects’ that get involved in. Did something yesterday and managed the knot below in my personal Hermes tie. Took a while and did it on my leg first. A couple of the TV awards bods were hanging about as I did it. One posh, messy haired and quite elegant/elongated young boy looked like just the sort who could handle a bow as he peered over my shoulder. Thought this could be embarrassing if flop in full view, so asked him about his bow credentials.

Hermes black silk.

Sure enough it turns out he wore a bow-tie to school every day. Eton no less. Just what you need, The Tarquinator watching you work. Very interesting talking about school tie deployment rhetoric. They end up wearing white tie in the final year as prefects, and there’s something made of card known as an Eton tie. Might investigate what they look like. No wonder the fees are high- all that laundry every day. He did the Spencer Hart knot below actually on his neck and without a mirror. I pulled it tight mind-his was like one worn by Hawkwind initially. Regardless, bravo Robbie Black (as in tie), seems your education was not wasted, even if you have ended up working on blanket-culture-numbing TV award programs.

Spencer Hart black marcella.

Only kidding TV people- of course it’s a valid and worthy medium. Moving on, am going out sourcing new offerings along these lines. Shall report in with visuals and comment on what I do discover. Anyone got anything they’d like to get off their chest on a bow front? I know you lot favour a lively debate, even you dozy bastards that went to Comprehensive.

Stubbs out.

NB. Style Merchant S.B. take role as Style&Error Style Barrister. He will be patrolling the comments, identifying inconsistent points, and misuse of terms.


No time to banter, but this is what we were up to yesterday in Lower Clapton. Shooting Tinie Tempah for GQ best dressed list.  JW made the garage that the Mercedes SLS is emerging from what looked like an ‘Urban Bat-Cave’. Its double good. Not showing you the final shots just yet. That would be unfair on the GQ. This is just a couple of snaps from the making of as it were. We had ourselves a smoke machine and everything.

We shot out the garage door on the side of Mark II studios, not far from Lower Clapton Road. This is essentially our home ground. Despite that, the assembled crowd were tricky to please at first. They warmed up a bit, unlike the talent who remained cold. Having been to see Mr.Tempah and his people before, discussed the plan, made the alterations and all that, have to say things went extremely smoothly. It was freezing, Tinie never mentioned that once. He and his crew were a dream to work with. This is rare.

For this shot put Mr.Tempah in the heavily tortoise shell patterned Tom Ford bins, don’t have a version to show, but hopefully JW is gonna furnish me with a shot of that too.

Stubbs out.


Evening style fanatics. Been out and about gathering fine things for the shoot we’re doing tomorrow. Look at how beautiful this scarf is from Hermés. Its in the Pli de Base formation, ready for deployment in the playboy tailoring look am devising.

All four scarves I borrowed from there today are so lovely and fascinating am compelled to take pictures to try and capture them somehow. Have also been placing them in the base formation as per the tying cards supplied by the house. Double handy. This is not what am supposed to be doing however. Am hoping to use this fella in a look for tomorrows shoot. Teamed with the Gucci suits I now have, it looks pretty, pretty stylish. I’ve just been re-cutting/altering them.

Told you I can’t stop taking pictures of them. This shawl collar bronze/brown linen-silk mix jacket is by Rake and is also special. Note the mother of pearl button that go both ways and squared off  edge to the shawl. Creative Director Darby took that from the uniforms of the waiters in the original film, The Titanic: Nice-berg history inspired style. The Gucci numbers are my fav’s for this voyage however. The colours will work well, particularly as the musician in question has black skin.

I managed to alter sleeves and trousers of both versions of the suit in between bouts of scarf gazing however. Was pleased to find the working cuff buttons of the suits to be rather pleasantly finished for RTW. Bravi Frida and team all round. Jolly well done. Expect perhaps think no need to write Gucci on then wooden buttons? Maybe it actually is okay in a modern context. A little crest might have been more suitable.

What I did next to them was a little less refined. Am just kidding Gucci. Only took them up temporarily. Its all quite, quite reversible. Nice-job too. Considering.

Anyway, isn’t it good/rare when a plan/idea just rolls and functions how you’d hoped, no? Tried this idea out on the music fella today and he and his people were receptive. He looked brilliant in this get-up, although I say it myself. What can you do in these scenarios except enjoy it, and stay up all night taking pictures of scarves that are worth more than your car?

Stubbs out.


Word for the morning is hidebound. My mum just used it regarding certain coffee based habits in the morning. Can’t think what she’s talking about. Meanwhile prepping a couple of looks for this little job am doing with JW. Thinking about these ‘Wilde‘ guys in Toffee by Mr.Hare (click) to go with a little Gucci suit that showed ya earlier this week. The Wildes are from the AW12 collection (click). Not normally into a non-leather sole a smart shoe, but works in this instance. Hidebound? Pah! Might have another coffee.

Gonna shoot a little popular-music fella with a very flash sports car sticking out of a less-than-flash garage in the Lower Clapton manor. Classic flash/grime fusion. What could be more straight forward?

Gucci SS13

Liking very much idea of scarf tucked into suit with open neck shirt- playboy style you might call it. Would work for me if it concealed shirt. Could go for no shirt. Keen to harness this move. Nothing hidebound about that, no? Just mentioned it to Ma’, and she reckons I was going round doing it myself about a year ago. She added she’s not sure she even liked it. This is the sort of thing been up against all my life. Earlier in the week she was claiming she does frugal. Austerity maybe, but frugal? Christ.


Hidebound: Narrow and rigid in opinion. How dare she.


Mr.Bryan Ferragamo and I have come to an arrangement. The upshot is he’ll be commenting on mens runway shows for Style&Error. Don’t ask too much at the moment, but we’re currently working on names for his franchise. Not sure this scenario is what I signed up for, nor am I implying this is a black day, but am strangely drawn to this black double-breasted Hermes suit that was working with in early hours of this morning.

Hermes SS2013

I wear black on the outside etc.

Stubbs out.

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