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September 2012


Considering dress watch options for a magazine thing. So far feeling squareness, not roundness. This could all change of course. The Tank Americaine is my favourite Cartier watch ever. Its long, elegant and slightly curved around the wrist.

Am also going to enquire about Piaget Altiplano square options too, see what they’ve got going on. This one appears to be $10k. Not exactly a stocking filler. Something very  architecturally refined and pure about this guy.

There’s a square Zenith Elite knocking about too I seem to remember. Might put that in runnings too. Then there’s Ralphy. Might start a square face campaign. Might just go running instead though.

Stubbs out.


A supposed to be reviewing LC:Mens for a magazine that I work for in position of Fashion Editor at Large. Have been largely doing everything else but this particular commission though unfortunately. Not been wasting time exactly, just tackling things in reverse order. The task of cleaning my C.P. Company cinched-waist down coat for example seemed really vitally important task on Wednesday night, before I settled in to actually write something.

Oliver Spencer SS 2013

Was loving the coat so much when wore it during day, thought would give it its Autumn freshen up before season kicked in. Decided to release the cinch so as to get right into the gathered area, a risk, as would be a disaster to lose one end of the cord inside the waist. Did this post wash and pre-dry. Was careful. Not enough. Lost cord. Spent hour and a quarter with watchmaker’s screwdriver, nail file and needle attempting to retrieve. Hash tag fail. In the end took a scalpel, opened up seam, opened up the cinch mechanism inside and found embedded cord. Cool. Down everywhere and a proper repair job required, and it’s only just gone Midnight. So happy with myself I was. Properly content. Cinch waste? Don’t get me started. Oh, by the way,  I liked Oliver Spencer’s show a lot. Great cinched-waist coat, yeah?

Stubbs out.


Bought this camel guy post adrenaline inducing incident on Tuesday from Sunspel (click), both on Redchurch Street. Riot? I’ll give you a riot you film jokers. Looking at you, diet might be a more appropriate word to be championing. Regardless, both purchase and incident panned out well, I think. Rate very highly Sunspel and their Merino wool round neck knits. They’re nicely fitted, which is critical I believe.

Now I gotta lose very slight ‘leisure Derby’ that have amassed since August, aprox the size/volume of a small Ginsters. Note. A Derby* is no good for the fitted knit look. The camel colour doesn’t really show up in shot, does it. It’s a rich, tangy camel. Almost Caramac/caramel. There’s loads of different hues and shades of camel, isn’t there, but we only ever say camel. This is also quite important. So, for Autumn, for casual, I am advocating fine knits, gold jewellery and leathers/sheerling/even sheepskin jackets, flash loafers and denim. One doesn’t want to be in in a roll-neck the whole time, does one, and V necks without a shirt are for blokes who copy lifestyle adverts they see in magazines. So that leaves round-necks. Am I right?

Going running round The Downs now for aforementioned reasons and others. Lets do a camel hue naming pole shall we fellas? Special prize for most creative and evocatively named versions of camel. Nifty Shades of Camel as it were. Meanwhile am visiting Sunspel in Soho to touch clothe/knit later if can manage it. Let you know if anything happens, I promise I will.

Stubbs out.

* As in Derby Kelly, belly.


Just begun writing up London Collections:Fellas* last night for a magazine (click). June feels like a while ago, no? Maybe its not, and my brain has been implanted with an Autumnal rain backdrop and its actually summer, and everyone’s on their way to the beach? From the volume of water that came out of the Saabs roof yesterday, this feels unlikely. Regardless have to cast mind back somehow to gain clarity and bite, while dredging through shows and presentations, I found some notes or Marwood. I do remember moderately clearly that liked Marwood ties and pocket squares (click). They had a small prezza (presentation) in LC:M HQ at The Hospital Club.

Met the founder/designer person Becky French at the stand and had banter with. Its all very new, 2010-ish, but she’s already selling to Fenwicks, Liberty and a couple of other key gaffs globally. There’s lace, hounds-tooths and other unusual vintage looking fabrics all sourced from UK. There’s some dead good patterns and colours going on, not all to taste, but if you like a non-mass-produced feel , or things that appear a trifle before, you’ll get sucked in to something . Visit the site,  (click) or download the look book (click), isn’t it.

If you’re a bow-tie head, this brand has got to be a bit of you surely?  Some of the tie/scarf combos might well drop in evening/cocktail scenario if thats your angle too. I’ll stop with the serving suggestions before you get the hump and log onto A Suitable Wardrobe (click, I dare ya). Talking of which, I appear to have nodded off from fashion fatigue in picture above.

Had a better title initially, but gonna save it as works for something else. Stayed tuned style maniacs.

Stubbs out.

* Okay is Men, not Fellas, but one gets so bored out here alone in the far recesses of Claptonia.


Taking my father’s, father’s pocket watch in to be weighed and flogged off by my e-bayer this week. Got my eye on a smart, black washing machine, Bosch don’t come cheap, so need to raise some additional wedge. Of course I’m pulling your double Albert. I wouldn’t dream of selling off the major historic and significant heirloom inherited from dear Donald Frederick. Hope to get it going, put it on a chain and start wearing it with pride. Possibly some too Berluti’s too.

Been recommended Russell Talerman (click) by my editor Mr.Gurney at QP magazine (click), so there I shall go. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to kick start the old piece. Will also be visiting Hatton Garden to search for a vintage double Albert watch chain or similar to dangle across the front of my various vests. That should raise one’s game a trifle at LC:M, no? Will be taking my jewellery advisor Stretch hopefully. Always best to take a locale guide for these occasions, don’t ya think? For now, simply must slip off. I’ve just got a lead on a De Dietrich DL 1400 (click) going for a song..

Stubbs out.

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