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August 2012


Came upon the word bijouterie last night while rattling on about matters in the realm of cufflinks. Rather hoping it pertains to something small and delicately worked. Or things which are small but tasteful. If that’s the case, it’s the watch word cufflinks merchants are looking for. Mother seemed to like it at least. If not, I’ve naused it, and it actually means a collection of trinkets, which works in different and incorrect manner. Bijou cufflinks might be a safer way to put it. Regardless, look what linkage Asprey suggested to me (click). They’re charming little things, simply totes bijou, no?

Asprey Two layer stone cufflinks with smokey quartz (tot 0.88ct) and peridot (tot 12.8cts), set in 18ct white gold – £3,000

Two layers of stone, smokey quartz with peridot set inside. Special. Also rather taken with these space-age looking ’bouton’ guys made from what appears to be polished stone. Shall update with accurate substance account shortly when our probe feeds back data.

Asprey Oval stone bouton cufflinks in hematite (tot 72.75cts) with sapphire centre (tot 2.55cts), set in 18ct white gold. £5,250

This is obviously the ‘Haute Cufflinkery’ end am banging on about at the moment, but gotta a start somewhere. Am more an ebay kind of fella myself, which seems to deliver that found, individual quality so well, yet more affordably. If you’re prepared to look for long enough of course. The packaging that cufflinks turn up in off ebay is also always a surprise/treat. If you’re into more individual/one off fare, and have wedge, consider New York company Foundwell on Mr.Porter (click).

They source and restore watches and man stuff like this apparently, see below, but waiting to hear more, as ever, before can say with any authority and conviction. Nice pair of bits though, no?

Must also show yas Hermès link-work as not only are they double chic, but for once they’re representing at a more reasonable price point. This rather demonstrates how my research has gone a bit off the scale on this piece. Still, gotta know the full spectrum I suppose. Below and on the left, the bracelet buckle style from the iconic 1946 Boucle Sellier women’s jewellery pieces, frequently revisited.

Hermès also reference designs from recent ‘Meteors’ women’s collections with the Russian cut facets taken from rings and necklaces. Think are made from matt, brushed silver I think, but again, my people are checking this. The ones on the end are pretty boring though, no?

Really need to get on as currently losing my usual procrasty/word-count-overy battle with reality/work. What a loser/talker of luxury twaddle, eh? Properly bijouteried myself off the game again,  it would seem. More later? Who knows.

Stubbs out.

PS. Might be debuting a pair of imported links myself later, if only could find a reason to drag self down The Claridges…

PPS. Simply couldn’t resist yet one more showing of Fabergé’s fabulous links. Look at those little charmers. ‘Anatoly’ they’re called. You can even get miniature cigarettes to go with them. Imported mind: triple spenny.


Researching Art Deco for a style story all day yesterday, a term that doesn’t half get bandied about a lot, no? Want to go steady with it myself on that basis. It wasn’t even coined till the 1960’s, but now it apparently gets applied to pretty much any modern design/art between the main wars. Gonna come back to you on this with my ideas, no doubt unwieldy and unfounded, but thus far am interested in a couple of key parts only, and don’t care about the rest for now, okay. Do love a Lempicka too mind, just look at the cut of that jacket and that tie! Amazing unstructured rendering – no?

So briefly, characteristics of Art Deco that matter to me right now are, contradictory elements, conservatism meeting exotic references, classic and avant garde interacting and also a healthy dose of optimism tainted with angst about terrible things. How’m I doing?

Anyway, gotta dash and interview a Cartier archivist before I start getting too misguidedly opinionated about Must De Carts’ too.

Stubbs out.

PS. Nice ring/manicure matey.


I follow the Sartorialist on Twitter to irritate myself. It works very well indeed. Yesterday the little fella posted a link to his dinner in Florence where all the Sartorialist favourites sat around a white table cloth, ate together and got photographed: Luca Rubinacci, the Italian bloke with a leather face, the other Italian bloke with a leather face and grey hair, they were all there. Fair dos, it’s their scene, and they do look pretty good, mainly (click), have a shufty. However, they’re all doing that beady/stringy wrist thing as if their lives depended on it. Perhaps it’s a prerequisite for the meaningful, expressive hand gestures that are also a big part of this look.

I know we all have gang/team motifs and badges that appear to define our tribes, but this ‘wrist-cult’ has a built in carefree suggested nonchalance of the individual about it they all revel in, but it is in fact the complete bloody opposite. It’s a totally contrived, indentikit look, and they’re all compelled to work it. It almost says, don’t be fooled by the £8k kettle: I’ve chosen to wear significant friendship bracelets and spirit beads because I roll deep, yeah.. When are that lot gonna give it up? There has to come a point when one of the opinion forming ones goes, ‘Think am fed up with all this wrist tat. Damn it, am gonna take it off. Moncef, fetch the large shears’. I wonder what they look like naked with them still on. Teak/Cuprinoled refugees about to be hosed and relocated, or Dog-and-String people at a nudist colony? Look at Picasso by contrast. He’s all latin, lined and tanned, but was quite happy with a snout, a hat, a striped top, a watch and a revolver.

There’s one fella at the table not doing it. The black bloke in the skinny brim trilby is sat on his hands – That’s Sam Lambert – The Designer from Spencer Hart. Nice one for not doing the bead thing Sam – unless you actually are doing it under the table. Not got a complete beef with the beady look, just find this sort of individualist ubiquity a bit pony, right? Alternative wrist action to be considered.

Stubbs out


Some people might say my life is in a rut, but upon returning from my Lisbo-Italia trip I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. Namely a newly ‘tanked’, concreted and notably empty cellar. Love my new cellar. It’s desperately symbolic. New clean start, radical reorganisation, first room ever technically had built, et al. Granted it is underground- but this is a new beginning.

The contents were moved by trusty Tolkienian/Moldavian grafters into my shed and living room, both now fully full. They smell like a fusty old junk shop as a result of cellar-gear transplant (the rooms, not the Moldavians). Telling cellar fact- dampness makes things go a trifle vintage- not in good way, which is why had it tanked and concreted. Cellary would be one way to describe relics previously parked down there that now have to be dispatched/destroyed/restored, but love a process. My womenswear collection from 20 years ago, a decade of mags, another of weekend supplements, mainly pointless, some distinctly poignant however. Let it begin.

It’s all gotta be painted, some awfully de rigeuer shade of grey, but first to light the space. Back to the old house of Historic Lighting (click) for ceiling/wall fittings, one special one for the chest-of-drawers that shall be under the steps, maybe one for the underground bathroom cabinet.

Bakelite slanted guys I think best, so can put in ceiling neatly to the side. Plus one straight number for the cabinet, as everyone knows in this area, no one puts Bakelite in the corner. Then there’s the switch. Another massive arena for stylish procrastination as find plethora Bakelite Dolly switches available. Period House Shops (click) are rather good, but then there’s vintage vintage too (click).

Regardless, gonna get on with this whole caper now as many other issues become pressing. Nineties furniture to be placed on street, mags to be edited, records to be dragged out and played. Then there’s actual work too. Me, I’ve enough already on my plate, but do expect style on Style&Error tomorrow as normal service is resumed, except newly improved, naturally. Take it away Paul..

Stubbs is back in The Metropolis.


Mi scusi.


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