So was out in town, Style-Merchanting up and down Bond Street, yeah, when I found this fella by Car Shoe. Part of a set of two, he’s made of faux-peccary: Stamped/embossed calf skin, or Feccary as its know. Am finding self more and more into Car Shoes’ work (click). The colours, the finishes and the styles seem a little more upbeat than our pal Della Valle’s offerings at mo’. The shop is very good too. Love a natural hessian gauze floor.

Am really feeling these Feccary/Peccary guys. Feeling decidedly peckish, particularly as loving this taupey/fawn colour*, oh yes. Car Shoe driving shoes are a trifle more structured than most Tod’s too. Not sure am in dire need of another natural coloured loafers in my life, but then again- would drop so very nicely in Tuscany, or maybe Rome. Did I mention was going to Rome? Not bought them yet mind. Anyway, other good retail went off yesterday, and Matey-off-the-telly was in such good form, didn’t even care when got an OBPCN – Olympic Based Parking Charge Nonce, stuck on my windscreen just up from Rolex, dagnabbit. Gonna appeal. I’ve got a good case. Its by Mulberry. But think gonna need another one for hols mind. Did I mention….

Stubbs out.

* Got something else that colour too yesterday, but might be too Autumnal to show yas.

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