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July 2012


Obsessed by these shorts that I found. I mentioned already, they’re by William Fox & Son and they’re at Present in Shoreditch (clicky). There’s loads on the Present site, but can’t help but put a couple of shots of my ones up. Love the fabrics, sourced I am told by founder/designer Eddie Prendergast from Japan. All small repeated vintagesque patterns- a bit Marni, a bit old Miu Miu- but not. Really smashing colours, well away from standard blocky-bold, bloke on holiday fair. This is particularly good aspect. They also have an excellent pert cut. So pleased with the guys at just £115 a short.

With the peccary Car Shoes (clicko) and a Sunpel tee will be just the ticket for Tuscany I think. Eddie’s gonna be doing tailoring and shirts and that for AW12. Its going onMr.Porter, and some other gaffs. Yes Eddie, back in the menswear stakes in a big-style way. Count on my full support.

I didn’t actually buy the blue ones for me. Got them for Matey off the box. Good though, no?

That antiquey pink background is lovely to the stars and stripes. Anyway, am on bleedin’ deadline as per, hence my proctrasti-posting. Best slip off eh.

Stubbs out.


Was out scouting for style stuff again Friday afternoon: Shoreditch. Judges Houses for matey off telly, Roman/Tuscan casual garb for ‘self in unequal measure. More of this perhaps later, as particularly excited by newly found label William Fox & Sons from Present (click). Crossing Curtain Road to visit Mr.Start (click) for some dark fitted shirts fit for Dubai/Vegas, I spotted a style luminary of note. Michael Roberts is the British born Fashion Director of Vanity Fair in the US, a formidable, serious customer. Normally see him FROW across a runway or with the host of a vaunted fashion do looking either lofty/focused, or on intimate terms.

Director Roberts FROW right.

Friday on Curtain Michael was out of his armour, in parka, matching pants and work boots. I was doing super-casual having decanted from L.F. Lido an hour before: Moncler Gamme Bleu marl jogger bottoms, Nike Air Zoom Marathon runners-double battered- and fitted navy Intimissimi tee shirt. We clapped eyes on each other and exchanged a look- we were both out of the surroundings we recognise each other from, and we were both out of normal combat gear as it were. I stared at the tall, teak, elegant, stoic fellow in khaki for a bit as I walked, and he stared at me with my shopping bags and dirty trainers. Then we both started smiling. Michael’s face broke into the broadest, warmest beam of a smile. I did what I could back with my dubious  coffee/cigar tint railings- but the moment was a light, amusing, human one. We both got it. In a different environment, a sighting was somehow remarkable to us. Funny that- not hysterical granted, but odd. Context is everything- and for Michael and I this was a new vista. Wouldn’t dream of acting like that at the shows, oh know. Think I might welll go up to him next time though, shout “Watcha Michael?” when we’re next at Prada and see what happens next. And do try to remember kids, in style- context can be everything.

Stubbs out in The (usual) Metropolis.


Last night’s Olympic opening ceremony was well documented elsewhere, so shan’t bang on. Will say a portrayal of quintessential Britain without any Morrissey, seems quite a glaring omission. Then again in a bill hosted by TV’s Trevor Nelson, The black Alan Partridge*, it was perhaps for the best. Speedboat based torch deliveryman Beckham however did his country proud. Wearing a two-piece, two button, navy wool Thom Sweeney (click) suit he looked by far the most elegant thing of the night. Well done Dave. Well done Thom and Luke.

Didn’t see it all, and am still curious how they got Dave up the canal, as seems to be all manner of lock based obstacles on route while was out running there not an hour ago, but that’s merely a logistical detail. Navy suit and tie with white shirt always gonna look correct, as did the wider width tie (breathes massive sigh of relief/joy). Pocket square a trifle stingy in comparison to other elements, but am turning a willing blind eye. Not so with Nelson’s inadequacies.

Stubbs out.

PS. Twitter melted down so badly with Anti-Trevor based abuse the BBC had to take him off:  not so Clever-Trevor. My favourite quip was “credit to those actual employees of the NHS dancing there, well done, some of who probably don’t have a natural sense of rhythm”. Expect the diary looking pretty full for Trev regardless, but doubt he’ll be getting his own talk show now. Not at least until Nelson gets his eye back.

* Credited to JWalters, Lower Clapton.


So was out in town, Style-Merchanting up and down Bond Street, yeah, when I found this fella by Car Shoe. Part of a set of two, he’s made of faux-peccary: Stamped/embossed calf skin, or Feccary as its know. Am finding self more and more into Car Shoes’ work (click). The colours, the finishes and the styles seem a little more upbeat than our pal Della Valle’s offerings at mo’. The shop is very good too. Love a natural hessian gauze floor.

Am really feeling these Feccary/Peccary guys. Feeling decidedly peckish, particularly as loving this taupey/fawn colour*, oh yes. Car Shoe driving shoes are a trifle more structured than most Tod’s too. Not sure am in dire need of another natural coloured loafers in my life, but then again- would drop so very nicely in Tuscany, or maybe Rome. Did I mention was going to Rome? Not bought them yet mind. Anyway, other good retail went off yesterday, and Matey-off-the-telly was in such good form, didn’t even care when got an OBPCN – Olympic Based Parking Charge Nonce, stuck on my windscreen just up from Rolex, dagnabbit. Gonna appeal. I’ve got a good case. Its by Mulberry. But think gonna need another one for hols mind. Did I mention….

Stubbs out.

* Got something else that colour too yesterday, but might be too Autumnal to show yas.


Looks like D-B 1.5 really is a thing, as predicted. Or is it 1.5BSD? Am rather hoping Vuittons silk, super-shallow double-breasted qualifies it as D-B 1.5 as am intending on including it. It’s been on here before, with kimono like shirt structure underneath, remember? Very elegant cut indeed, Louis should do more. Should be a commercial collection that echoes it, right? Meanwhile the model looks a little like a good looking Pike from Dad’s Army. It’s the hair, am sure. And the length.

Louis Vuitton AW12

That’s all am saying today, I think. Late, late expenses haul into early hours has left me a trifle jaded. A Clockwork Orange was good to see again though, if not feeling hammier than ever. Yesterday was interesting too, but double busy. The Telegraph, twice, The Gandy, the bus, The Oyster, The Jimmy Choo and the bus. All of which one has to do slightly tarted up. Well, a summer take of tarted up. Wheat/sand mohair suit, Gatsby/Twenties shirt and tricolour croc/canvas shoes. Gandy loved the shoes, but then he’s a charmer in wide trousers.

Vintage Etro crocodile and canvas toe cap Oxfords

Walking about in the heat, doing meetings all dressed up is tantamount to being a Flaneur with a pen. Seeing people and being seen in your gear. It’s the same. Have a look at this if ya fancy (click).

Yesterday I was a Flaneur with an Oyster card. Is that at a thing? Expect more if it. Today will be different. It’s more about speedboats today, and client styling. Focus off the Flaneur onto the flannáge, right?

Stubbs out.

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