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Friday, June 29th, 2012

…start is required. Will do Moschino show in a tic, but first, I did some thinking and some looking while as fashion week, one does. Outside the fashion shows has gone totally berserk. If you had a half a decent outfit on, which one did, about twenty or thirty photo-blogger people from all around the globe frantically start taking pictures. Quite embarrassing working out what to do after a while. Meanwhile, you could tangibly feel the stock of the street style photograph going down with every click. An odd, mindless ‘style-cultural’ epidemic. Its like they’re attempting to put literally everything thats on the outside of anything to do with fashion shows onto the internet. Its a street style supermarket, with no direction except to record. The special offer of the street style blog has been rather lost.

Fresh from the Mosch’ show.

I shan’t be bunging up much of that sort of thing, didn’t anyway, but this has focused me on what am doing on Style&Error. A couple of bits am gonna keep and hone. Style Stances for example. Couldn’t bring self to do them in Milan such was the force of the tide of blog-feeding cameras. Am gonna do targeted Style Stances. Yeah. Other things too, yeah? Mean meanwhile I really enjoyed Moschino, which was held in a supermarket, yeah?


Again colour from the Milanese (plenty of colour-based word eating from me this season) and executed so beautifully by the vibrant, witty house of Moschino (click) – styled by our man William Gilchrist. They played their classic repeated prints around a supermarket product theme and worked in bright, jaunty bits of resort, lively smart casual and classic italian sartoria.

The thing about Mosch’ is people think they know it, and its all a bit of a mess about, but its not as simple as that. To make their fun and games work, the clothes have to be really good versions of classics, often just produced straight, without a quirk. The are often great singular items of menswear.

Pieces have maybe a different colour or a trim re-think, an accent or a hyper-re-style, but essentially great mens bits. The thing wouldn’t work otherwise. They must have actual copy writers for some of the stuff they do each season. One big hairy bearded bloke from Moschinos Milan office had a marl tee shirt on with ‘Grin and Bear It’ emblazoned on front. Now that is funny.

Love Mosch’,

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Fashion design? Would we be much better off if we didn’t care about design, like the smelly squat punks and similar types? We do though, and it all appears too late to stop.

Talking of too late, am too late on a load of stuff so can’t do any style stuff on here for a mo’. Awfully regretful, but..

Stubbs out.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


Nabbed Curry just before RIchard James on the Sunday of London Collections Colon Men, and didn’t he do well for a sunday crisp double breasted stance, no? Helps to have that slim build with the DB thing, but A.Sauvage’s* dark green cashmere blazer is dropping nice and neat with narrow Nudies and black penny loafers. Curry keeps it black with knitted tie and and bins, but also add curies bracelet interest on wrist.


(Will bung more product up when get a chance)

-A.Sauvage double breasted cashmere blazer (click). This is not a blazer or a web site, right A?

-Long John Nudies. Yup.

-Mansai fish hook bracelet thing (click)

-Diesel bins- party detritus foraged from stylists own drum.

-Ralphy Black label black Peckham and white Dickie. Yup.

-Church’s penny loafers. Nice.

Stubbs out.

* First name Aristotle FYI.


Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Not got time to whip up a post at mo’ as it goes- I will when back in London fo’ sho’. Got some great column ideas since been out here.

Meanwhile gonna put up a Style Stance from LC:M to be going on with. Will that do ya?

Stubbs out.


Monday, June 25th, 2012

My Milan felt like a good place to be yesterday, all anticipation and runways/gravel paths. Great. Just when you’re banging on about how colour is silly for real men, first Ferragamo, later Trussardi, both great, used colour really well in tailoring. Pure essential, sartorial Italian verve, daggnabbit, as the double breasted scene gathers further credence. See end for weirdest football scene can remember.


Who’s not gonna love a greyhound in a garden, eh? Great suit action too, perfect accessories and sublime colour palette.


Pretty much hating a luxury designer trainer frankly, but they worked in this show. Not for all men, but who cares about fat, blotchy old ones? Love a Ferragamo slim DB. Bring it..

Then we went to the Dolce runway show room on Viale Piave for the football. Seemed like we were doing okay. They had trays of massive Italian style Findas pancakes as canapés. That must have been a culinary slur for starters. Then it became apparent during the penalties that we were twenty in amongst two thousand Italians. Granted, they were ‘fashion people’, but still, it was like a gay Rourkes Drift. I was more Michael Crawford than Caine unfortunately. Actually started thinking we might win, again. The rest as they say..

Stubbs/England out.