If you are reading this message it’s a sign: I never returned from the wedding. Send people to Chelsea forthwith. Meanwhile, buy yourself a copy of The Financial Times this weekend. The cover story of The How To Spunk It magazine is mine. It’s all about Spencer Hart’s luxury vault. Buy it, read it but first dispatch a rescue party to the Physic garden. Many thanks for your haste in advance.

Stubbs out somewhere in the Metropolis.

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  1. Jean-Louis Says:

    Hell yeah, I’ll pick it up on my way to the gym.

  2. Beau Diddley Says:

    Just read it – super – and tips fedora to the photographer too. Really makes me want to visit the place.

  3. Jean-Louis Says:

    Great article, Stubbs! The Spencer vault must be truly fascinating. Still, I’m a tad bit sceptical… Despite being a unique, sophisticated style universe with lots of attitude, why wouldn’t I buy a bespoke suit, shirt or shoes at another Savile Row, Brioni, Zegna or Kiton boutique instead? The brand’s appeal seems to be largely enhanced by the symbolic value of surrounding elements, like music, exclusive accessories, deco, Palm Springs lifestyle and so on. But, is the final product cooler and edgier than what you can get from an “established” tailor? Without making any comparisons, I have to think of Duncan Quinn. I like the concept, but what is the added value compared to others?

  4. Fred Exley Says:

    In complete agreement Beau. When Brook St Hart opened, my wife said that without the palm spring wall, and the book selection, you would have no idea of what the label actually stood for as the product was weak. Yes its well made, but without these contextual elements it is invisible.

  5. Stubbs Says:

    Thats a shame Beau, thought I’d try to underline that the suits and coats are great. You can get RTW and MTM from Hart that’s amazing, dont have to go bespoke.
    I sort of hoped managed to express that is got Savile Row credentials, but a different attitude.
    I dont know Duncan Quinn, but am gonna find out.

  6. Jean-Louis Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. Great article and from what I’ve read and seen on pictures, the vault is fascinating! Just wondering what would distinguish the product. But I guess in this niche it’s not about quality anymore (as Merc vs Bentley), rather about symbolic value. About feeling engaged with the brand, the message it communicates, the customer service, and so on. Yes, I guess one just has to what you did: Go there and get acquainted with the quality, style, atmosphere.

    Regarding DQ, the style is completely different. I prefer the British understated elegance at Spencer Hart. Yet, there’s also a strong, contemporary concept intertwined with lifestyle.

  7. Snufkin B Says:

    Depends on how well healed you are, I think it’s a brilliant concept, unparalleled. I suppose if you are already well acquainted with buying bespoke you already have “go to” guys. To have a modern unique environment where the man in charge is clearly passionate about offering iconic products alongside his own vision isn’t so much a manifesto of what Nick deems cool but someone doing a lot of hard work on your behalf.

    Viva la Heart.

  8. Nick hart Says:

    Dear Mr Exley

    I enjoyed your last book. Presumably you are having a long rest after that. I know your life is stressful and you still smoke and don’t sleep well. In fact I thought you had passed away till I read this. I thought you were more of a groupies type so surprised to hear about your wife. Which one?
    Funny my wife often says to me Mr Hart you couldn’t design your way out of a paper bag but if you were to ask that nice Mr Exley’s wife she could give you a design point of view like no other and a real hand writing. So imagine my surprise when I read your mr Stubbs blog. She even said that I should give up the designing and concentrate on walls.
    That Mrs Hart she is non compromising in what she says and not always well meaning in terms of my self esteem but I just pick myself up by my shoe straps , dust myself down and think of Sammy . The ladies can be direct but God bless them. If you ever need a new wall, decorative please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  9. Fred Exley Says:

    Mr Hart, thank you for your humourous response. My wife does pr for several Madison Avenue storesand a couple on Greene St, so is well versed in retail presentation. Your offer re walls is well taken sir!

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