Mr.Bobby’s GQ lunch with Shanghai Tang at the Corinthia Hotel was very good fun indeed. It was bound to be with a host like Bob in a pincer movement with the journalist known as Prince, also from GQ. Assembled was Mr.Hare, Mr.Hudson, Mr.Grant, Miss Lou Dalton, Mr.Walker-Smith, young Charlie Casely-Hayford and a couple of other style bods. We were gathered to celebrate the Mandarin Collar Society with Shanghai Tang (click), Bobby even wearing one to great effect. Not sure if the rest of us will be able to pull it off with such aplomb.

Security was more ‘pragmatic’ than tight outside the Corinthia Hotel yesterday.

-Regatta blazer by Gieves FYI. Think shirt works very well like that, but it’s difficult to see how might in other scenarios. Like, other than hosting a lunch to celebrate the Mandarin collar, know what I mean? Certain fellas can do it, but needs to be functioning on a different, international level. John Barnes, MOTD circa ’92 for example. Still, nice to ‘raise awareness’ I suppose. Nice to have a bit of a giggle at lunchtime too.

It was moments like these that Gregory so wished he had real hands.

Met this bloke  (with Bobby above)  who had a mysteriously long coat on, almost in the manner of Lord Valdermatey out of the Danny Potter films. Know what I mean? It was a look with impact. Elegant. Unusual. Did a Style Stance with him later on the Embankment. Would put it up, but some of you lot just do straight abuse and it puts people off ever doing Stances. That’s buggered it right up to be honest, so might not even post. Meanwhile, Charlie Casely-Hayford, a young person, looked good in father’s Casely-Hayford line outerwear.

Best smart deployment of a Doctor Martin-esque boot seen in this particular ‘coming’, (must be the fifth ‘coming’ by now). Used to call ours Martin’s BTW. Mar’ins, if pronounced right, not proudly D.M.s, as people imagine.

I wore me new Rake dark airforce blue double-breasted light flannel suit, pink shirt, vintage Hermes tie and co-respondent Ferragamos. Got a picture, but is a trifle too DIY. Getting on with ‘work’ now and shall consider releasing the Style Stance good behaviour pending. Seriously though, I plan to do more of those on here and direct abuse from bods is just gonna get spammed. Right spam heads? Below is Mr.Hudson, in Hardy Amies.

Stubbs out.

PS. This is a shoe cluster, l-r, David Walker Smith in Prada, I think, Stubbs in Ferragamo, I know, Dr.Hare in Mr.Hare, natch.

10 Responses to “NO COLLAR AND CUFFS”

  1. Snufkin B Says:

    Funnily enough I just tried to squeeze into Ferragamo on lunch was going cheap, I left empty handed. Please post stance.

  2. Bryan Ferragamo Says:

    Perhaps you could change the name of the blog to ‘Styleandnoerrors,nohonestly,youlookmarvellousdarling,especiallythebuckles.’

  3. JC Says:

    Do these people who wear ridiculously short trousers actually think they look good?

  4. Bryan Ferragamo Says:

    Shush J, you might make him cry.

  5. Stubbs Says:

    Charlie looks pretty good I’d say. Its his look. His label too.
    He’s young, and the short pant thing is a massive part of the new silhouette.
    As for abusing people, they’re sort of doing me a favour allowing shots.
    They didn’t write in and ask to be featured. Is supposed to be colourful and varied stuff to look-out.
    Maybe these reactions make for quite depressing outlook. Might have to sack that aspect off as its holding what I won’t to do back.
    Internets an odd place, am certainly not trying to clean it up, but maybe its too much to allow people to be on the site and get sniped out.
    Might have to hold back on this sort of coverage. I must have got it a trifle wrong.
    As for Style&Error, might go back to basics on that.
    People won’t do Style Stances cos of the comments.
    Might have to remove the lot so can do what I think might be interesting.
    I really tried men, but its a tad draining. Entertaining banter is defo good.
    need to work out a different MO though.
    TS out.

  6. JC Says:

    Tom, I don’t see who has been abused here with the above comments. If you’re going to post photos of people and give your opinion on how you perceive they look – then you cannot expect others not to give their opinions also.

    I made a comment on the short trousers which is my opinion, I did not abuse the guy wearing them. I asked if people who wear them actually think they look good because in my opinion, they do not.

    Are these people that bothered about whether comments made by people such as myself & Bryan are positive or negative?

    I haven’t seen anything other than a bit of banter, whereas on some websites there can be blatant abuse and rude comments about people which is not right.

    If comments aren’t allowed then surely it’s taking away what this blog is all about, I admit that I do find some of the clothing in the photos to be of an odd choice – but that is my opinion and I’m sure some people would question the clothes that I choose to wear. I don’t see any of it as personal abuse, merely people questioning sartorial decisions and how fashion sometimes goes against style.

    JC out.

  7. Stubbs Says:

    maybe I’ve got wrong end of stick then
    got a couple more hrs to do yet tonight, but,
    didnt someone call them rancid?
    cant remember who.
    itd be better if there was some positives on here too,but theres not
    if I was Charlie, I wouldnt think- nice one! someones slated my look. really glad allowed that to happen.
    bit tired to reason right now, maybe getting your clothes slated by strangers is a good thing and I cant see it.
    I slate public figures and bad clobber, and maybe bad styling.
    can see how putting any more of this stuff up is gonna work though OR need to bar comments and just post the stuff.
    something has to to give.
    casting Spencer Hart show at mo so cant really give it much more thought.
    really appreciate people getting involved, but I just dont want my blog to seem like a load of blokes slating people that I put up.
    its not ‘dynamic’ or much use for the cause I don’t think.
    politicians, footballers, actors,et at are fair game. maybe even designers.
    hope not put anyone off, but am re-thinking it.
    Style Stances were new and unique. they’re also not happening any more for reasons mentioned.
    gotta re-think the plan
    please do carrying on tuning in.

  8. JC Says:

    Yes Tom I said ‘these rancid kind of trousers’. I apologise if offence was caused and I’m sure Charlie is a decent chap and best wishes to him with his clothing range.

    It was my opinion on the trousers and not my intention to abuse the person who was wearing them.

    Does the Style Referee not critique outfits as well as giving praise? Yet again, all opinions which we are entitled to. Internet comments can be taken in many ways – jokes can be misunderstood and egos dented etc.

    Probably best if I cease to post comments from now on if anything other than praise comes to mind then, I do enjoy reading your blog and get a laugh from the banter on here but if you prefer people not to contribute with such thoughts then I understand.

  9. Snufkin B Says:

    Well this aint good news is it, I love(ed) the stances & have never posted any negatives `bout any of the souls featured takes a fair bit of sack to present in front of the flip, This man Charlie looks ace..Fact.

    Ps Tom have the stances as password only posts?

  10. Stubbs Says:

    really pleased people get involved, nice one.
    er, I critique public figures, not civilians.
    someone must see what am chatting about? as is mainly vitriolic comment gets put up=bad environment to be in for possible people, no?
    lets leave it for now.
    I am trying to put some mens style stuff up, maybe in a different way thats all. certain factors stopping this the way I’d like. See? Its not clause 28 or anything.
    thanks all
    Burberry shoot, Spencer Hart show? Vuitton house anyone?

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