Fancied these Choos (click) from the side, as they’re shot in the look book (Jimmy that is, not Fo Man*). The name is Bedford. The colour, Cognac, is particularly fanciable. Am now a trifle cautious about them. Can do Chukka, but never got on with Chelsea types (boots that is, not Sloanes). These aren’t really Chelsea, but more a zip-Chelsea fusion thing. They’re beautifully made things, and the shapes is good, just get the odd glimpse of what looks like those tan pull on boots workmen wear.

They’re just a touch more rounded, wider and rocker-esque than what one is used to. That said they’re madly elegant, and will adjust. In light of being revved up by Trussardis AW12 show (click) gonna see how they drop with a suit. Whadda ya fink? Boots and suits or smart strides has got to be the way forward (no one say S&B’d for Christs sake- men’s dressing cliche lyric No.1)

Gonna give it a whirl, but just don’t think can handle with demin. Too, too rocker for me. Maybe there is a new direction ahead that not aware of, but doubt it. Talking of new direction, one notices the kids are wearing Dr.Martin’s again. Bless. Here they are (see video) second time around. What are we on now? Fifth I reckon. Mr.Hare says about once every five years using his special shoe equation. Any more offers?

Stubbs out.

Take it away Feargal…

* who wears a Mandarin collar FYI.


  1. Everyone’s allowed Maar’ns (or whatever it was you say over by the Severn Bridge) once in their lifetime. It’s like you’re born with an Airwear pass which gets shredded after use.

    Never go back (shudders). Never.

  2. By the way, in the first picture, it looks like a scene from Saw 9: The Cobbler, where they slice off a mannequin’s feet for kicks.

    Or not, as the case may be.

  3. Used to have to bury yer docs to try and get the new shine off em. Lasted for years as well, had my Mar`in double dip last year when got some desert boot versions lasted a week before the sole fell off.

  4. Worth reading- 10 signs you’re a corny menswear blogger- posted on howtospeaktogirlsatparties via complex. Home truths galore- You like EVERYTHING!/ Friends with publicists? Fuck yeah.

  5. Worth reading for sure George. Thank you.
    I like everything? Odd, I thought I criticised the shoes for being a bit like workmans boots. Some of my close friends are PRs, that I confess.

  6. Personally George, I thought it was wank.

    It sounded like the whining toy-chucking of some drop-crotch nonce who’s all upset that someone has copied his ‘super-real and totally unique’ blog.

    The difference is that Stubbs, for all his many, many faults, is not merely a blogger. He is a fashion industry professional. It’s a ridiculous, shallow and near-pointless ‘profession’, I’ll grant you, but in that world of fairy-dust and endless boy-love, Stubbs is as ‘real’ as it’s possible to get.

    Frankly, I think he deserves a groveling apology.

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