..keeps any sort of compunction to post anything coherent while the weekend tears on- away. So more from the Mingay-Prince alliance bash, you got the starter for ten double easy, so for a further five points, names this beard-fella. NB. He’s a designer not a tailor, despite have demonstrated being rather good at making suits. Anyone?

Stubbs is back out cavorting in The Metropolis.

PS. The Flip didn’t work. No stances.

4 Responses to “A TAILOR A DAY…”

  1. snufkin b Says:

    you know you have left the label on Carlo.

  2. Beau Diddley Says:

    Carlo B. …. (growing chorus of ‘easy, easy, easy…’)

  3. Bryan Ferragamo Says:

    No stances? NO STANCES? You can’t promise us seven of the choicest and most influential dressers in the capital, they casually say ‘duh, wunt werkin’. This is a disgrace Stubbs.
    Clearly you had a camera, I hope you’re going to at least give us a run-down of the outfits from the day – it’s the least you can do.

  4. JC Says:

    Brandelli was wearing Kilgour I should imagine, not much need for a stance there really….

    Sexton probably knocked up his own outfit, and Stubbs wore a ‘total marl’ lounge suit with a Hermes pocket square and a watch the size of Big Ben.

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