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May 2012


“..and not a myth left for the ghetto”. Thanks Dave, too true. Shopping in Manchester for leather and after some research decided to sod the cathedrals of spend for designer belts. Those rinse-while-you-wait gaffs say nothing to me about my wish list. Everywhere you look, when it comes to belts, it’s as if all mens designers bottle it and go “If we’re charging a oner, we better make it really polite, yeah? Brown or black with standard buckle okay for you?”. Er, no. All of them look like some sales rep’s Christmas present from his thickset wifey. Boss, Armani, all of them. Except the ones from Burberry. They’re Chav/Cowboy fusion with massive check motif buckles. Utter pony-train. Don’t know if this was a department store regional buy for the check shirt masses of the North West (only kidding, I know you’re all in Vivienne and Dior these days) but it’sno good. Meanwhile, American Apparel is good wherever you are, even up North. If you buy the right bits I think it’s mustard. Their belts are the thing, am telling you. All the girls look good in there too.

The narrow coloured guys are really good, I firmly endorse them. The burgundy suede guy is brilliant. Reverseable with blue leather on the other side and a clever device/buckle that rotates. Rotate on that Harvey Nicholas. Forget how much they all are, but about an opener* for the leather ones, and £40 ish for Paolo Reversi.

The retro Y fronts are well documented as dead good. I swear by them. “Where are my flipping pants you bastards?”** for example. Having mis-packed for the trip, buying pants off the young girls and then asking if you can put them on isn’t remotely awkward either. I mean, it’s not like it looks as though you’ve shat yourself or been out bumming all night, does it?

So using reverse psychology thought also buying a coral suede bow and coconut lip-balm*** should hetero the whole purchase up a bit, right? Anyway, to recap, even the miniature holdall bag that I got to package this whole thing up in is cool, see previous post. Didn’t have time to try their cotton drill narrow coloured chino-fellas, but will and report back. Gotta love a bit of American Apparel, especially their sexualised deconstructed fashion imagery and young American staff dressing accordingly. Go there soon and buy something fun/practical and something mildly inappropriate. Meanwhile this performance does more than give me goose bumps. It’s completely transfixing. The Dick Cavett show, The soul voice, the look, the everything. Mr.David, take it away…

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.

* Open door, score.

**When at the launderette, not during another humiliating debagging experience on the Downs, perish the thought.

***The lip balm is simply divine BTW


.. the ironing boards been here for years” my mother just told me about the spare room. At my Mama’s and I need to press a shirt. Mama said leave it out, ..”but not plugged in for heaven sake, we don’t want a fire “. Quite.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.

PS. Tomorrow we go to A.A. for a show and tell from the swag bag, right.


My long time photographic collaborator (and friend, if you will) Jake Walters has recently made a short film. ‘Girl’ is not exactly a menswear project, but thought could still allow it on Style&Error regardless, especially as I did the styling.

The shoes and handbag are by Jimmy Choo, the dresses are stylist own* and the Mercedes belongs to Christos Tolera (both from the Eighties). For more from Walters (click)

Stubbs out.

*The dresses weren’t really my own. Far too racy for me.


Style&Error loves an out of date photo-report yeah, so here we go again with Soccer Aid. Did you see Sergio Pizzorno’s deft chip of Seaman? Was very good indeed (click). He was so pleased with it, the thrill caused him to start rushing. Serge looked pretty cool in Adidas head band with Seventies hair style, drop shoulder running stance and rolled shirt sleeves.

‘Axe-Man’* Serge presented with options on a new Sky Sports TV package and a bottle of Waitrose Cava by Kirsty Gallacher who was in no way affiliated with ‘The Rest of The World Squad’ despite apparent styling similarities.

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it- O’gue

Dressing wise presenter Dermot O’Leary looked Alpha-brilliant, I thought, in Thom Sweeney, Emmett, JM Weston and Drakes. Funny that. Above he’s preparing to start a brief Voguing routine executed with fellow presenter Dave Berry.

In comparison the two men took difference suit stances for the occasion, both looking good, but with different time-based interpretations of the brief. Personally think the black mohair-looking evening finish on suit is wrong for day-time sports event, and the the ultra narrow tie thing accentuates evening accent. Rounded penny collar an interesting touch which am allowing. That said, Berry look good in October House, a tailoring brand he co-owns. Think for gravitas and anchoring the show like O’Leary did though the three piece Brit/Italian cut of Thom Sweeney won the day.  Did you see the ROTW suits and pink tie combination? Christ I know it’s a charity event but the poor sods looked like ushers at a civil ceremony in Cornwall circa 1984 (if indeed there was such a thing then). I could mention Robbie Savage’s look, but it’s not so interesting without a picture. Actually I can’t help it. He was doing all sorts within the parameters of black suit/white shirt. You’ve heard of Sprezzatura (sartorial nonchalance) well this was more like Sprazza-tourretts, with tie practically on wrong way round and with thin blade dangling over his crotch. Quite a lot of metal hardwear/jewellery kicking off in small area too. Maybe it’s a ballroom thing.

Meanwhile gonna go  and see October House (click) soon and plan to report in. Then again, end up saying that all the time and flopping. I went shopping in Manchester for some accessories the following day. Bothered?

Stubbs out.

*Cliver Tyldesley’s words, not mine.


..so much to answer for. Particularly on a sartorial level it would appear from a cursory run through the centre this morning on way to the canal and the outside. Didn’t find as many mills as would have liked, but still, its early days. Did find burly red men in short-sleeved check shirts slashed to the breast with choker style necklaces you have to buy at the seaside. It’s like Madchester never happened. Regardless, it’s Soccer Aids at Old Trafford today, so not gonna do the post I said. There I go again, reneging like a Libyan town-planner.

Smoking on buses with Johnny and Mozza. Pretty cool. Mind you, at Soccer Aid, we’ve got Will Ferrell… What more can I say?

Stubbs owt.

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