Watched The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981 version last night. Love a happy ending. Just goes to show, clunk, click, every …oh I shan’t spoil it for you, especially if you’re expecting kids. Had a look this morning at images from the 1946 original which never seen, and it looks amazing. Lana Turner and John Garfield. Gonna get hold of it. She looks madly stylish throughout in white. Jessica Lange accounted for herself nicely I would add though. Really stunning looking. Best bit though? Aside from the lawyer Katz springing them out, Jack’s hairline. Further back than mine and he still looks good. Mind you, he is Jack Nicholson.

So anyway, just got weighed-on by my eBayer this morning. Pay her top dollar and in return is top diligent, militant hustler on The Bay. She turns all the press freebie detritus into PayPal wedge and we split it. I also bleed off stuff not wearing anymore. It fetches less than the tat. Odd. It’s a small racket but useful. The stuff people will pay for beggars belief. Proper made-up tat. Anyway turning tat into a Calabrese laptop case is my mission for the first bit of the morning.

Calabrese lappers case in burnished caramel leather from Togs&Clogs £105 (click)

Calabrese lappers case in butterscotch leather from Psyche £100 (click)

Like both finishes, but think prefer one with the slight burnish on it. However while browsing the ‘Brese found this brilliant little holdall on another site. Not sure I need, but defo fancy. Double Paypal jeopardy. Will end up adding to the eWedge if buy both. What do you think? Go with the one with the David Furnish, or matchy-matchy, calibrate my Calabrese? NB. Both options match certain teeth, so win-win sitch.

Calabrese Lipari caramel leather holdall from Kakfa £320 (click)

Anyway, this isn’t work, and am supposed to be ‘working’. Thoughts on these accessories? Am pretty, pretty sucked-in. Going in for the double I reckon. Talking of doubles, gotta watch both these films…

…who says girls don’t like a forceful lunge. Spoke to three, in a group, who all said they like a good, positive, physical lunge every now and then. This film had loads of lunging in it. It’s one of its massive positives. Jack’s lunging is particularly vigorous at moments. Think on. Meanwhile back to work, e-commerse and pressing accessory decisions of the morning.

Stubbs out.


  1. To a Sunday morning lunge. I think you’re right. Going out on the Downs now..

  2. The lappets cases are massive though! One is 17″, and I use a 13″ Mac. Not heard back about others.
    Its that standard to have a case with a laptop rattling around inside?
    Me no like that.

  3. Presumably having it rattling about inside is a common problem for you, Stubbs.

  4. Just out of curiosity Tom, what’s your eBayers nom de plume, also back to flash pockets (after much messin about finally got Rubinacci site to let me register, do love a bit of Italian quirky e-commerce) anyway have you seen the “Fortunello”

  5. Cant reveal emailer id Snufman. Her cover is too too deep.
    what is the Fortunello you speak of?
    Rattling is only a problem for me when fitting into my sports kit.

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