I never wanted a desk job, but I’d like to give this one a go. It’s Danish. It’s by Oman Junn for Oman Junn Møbelfabrik and it’s from The Modern Warehouse (click). See how I feel after spending the whole weekend sat at my existing one, which am very attached to, particularly after a week of fannying about shooting, deadline-dodging and ‘networking’. Networking gets in the way of working. More like Net-not-working. Log on to Net-a-shirker..

Writing about watch style for The Telegraph so brace selves for watch based action. Got watch related quotes off both Amir Khan and Lewis Hamilton. Lewis explains how to use a Tachymeter while Amir tells me how he’s into watches for different occasions although all pretty flash. As he points out, you can’t walk round wearing your belts the whole time. Its pretty riveting stuff here at desk central. You might wanna go out and get some provisions in.

Stubbs out.


  1. With each piece (shelves, desk, coathooks), you’re getting further and further away from domestic bliss, Stubbs.

    Imagine the lonely hearts ad now: open-minded ginger-friendly bird wanted, must understand lapel-width, enjoy black appliances, Scandi design and give a shit about bezels. Oh, and no room for anything in my wardrobe or on the bathroom shelves. No squirrel-lovers. GSOH essential – I’m not kidding.

  2. Excellent – that’s ready to cut-and-paste! But seriously, there’s someone out there for everyone; it’s just that Tom has most fortuitously managed to avoid meeting her thus far. The Stubbs motto is perhaps that of St Augustine of Hippo –
    ‘Grant me chastity and continence – but not yet.’ You want the sartorial, you want the interior design, you (don’t) want the squirrels, you want the theology? It’s all here.

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