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Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Have had an idea for a new franchise on here:  ‘Stylish Procrastination of the Week’. SPW for short. (Not to be confused with The Socialist Workers Party. This is in fact more like The Socialist Shirkers Party, anyway, I digress). Today am working, obviously, on pressing deadline for Telegraph and that, but simply cannot help dealing with a couple of pressing matters of interior style that have been nagging on my mind. Know what I mean?

Todays SPW is hall lighting. Am planning to do that whole austerity-chic lighting thing all down my windey hall, yeah? All bare old-fashioned cable and brass fittings. A line of four, then a line of two is this idea. The gaff to go to for that gear is appropriately named Historic Lighting (click). Thing is, theres quite a few configurations that could work. Ordered one of everything, and gonna take it from there.

They’ve got a whole collective of what they’re calling Urban Cottage Industries going on up there in The North (click). The whole scheme sounds great, and am almost certain it has nothing whatsoever to do with cottaging, right fellas?

Pretty convinced by the burgundy woven cable, but not sure which ceiling rose to go for. Depends on a few other factors. Still, when batch of singles arrives will take it from there. There, that killed an hour and three quarters. Cool.

Gotta love a bayonet fitting, no? While we’re talking in terms of twisted cords…

“Hey bayo, bayo, bayo-nets..”

sing “Hey, bayo, bayo-bayonets…” take it away Malcolm..

Stubbs out.


Saturday, April 28th, 2012

I never wanted a desk job, but I’d like to give this one a go. It’s Danish. It’s by Oman Junn for Oman Junn Møbelfabrik and it’s from The Modern Warehouse (click). See how I feel after spending the whole weekend sat at my existing one, which am very attached to, particularly after a week of fannying about shooting, deadline-dodging and ‘networking’. Networking gets in the way of working. More like Net-not-working. Log on to Net-a-shirker..

Writing about watch style for The Telegraph so brace selves for watch based action. Got watch related quotes off both Amir Khan and Lewis Hamilton. Lewis explains how to use a Tachymeter while Amir tells me how he’s into watches for different occasions although all pretty flash. As he points out, you can’t walk round wearing your belts the whole time. Its pretty riveting stuff here at desk central. You might wanna go out and get some provisions in.

Stubbs out.


Friday, April 27th, 2012

A week today and one of the most sartorially charged marriages of the last decade is going to happen. Baroness Mingay is to wed the journalist formerly (and latterly) known as Prince*. With the number of tailors and menswear luminaries in attendance its gonna be more like The Magnificent Seven than Matrimonio all’italiana**, but this picture’s got a bit of a feel about it, no?

Planning to broadcast almost live from the event and bring you a septet of Style Stances. The sheer gravity of the situation is tangible on a number of levels, not least stylistically. Gotta leg it now, off to shoot with the TV fella then onward to something Rhianna’s doing with Henry Holland. Another marriage? Well, sort of, perhaps more of a mid-term critique of their show thus far, with some canapés, but I imagine its a lot like a marriage could be. Did I mention the show? No? Speak later…

Stubbs out.

* Now frequently referred to simply as Ampersand

**Marriage Italian Style (click)


Thursday, April 26th, 2012

This is a brief one (gonna try and get the hang of those). Went Louis Vuitton yesterday to look at Kim Jones’s first fully blown menswear collection (or is it his first Autumn Winter one?) . Regardless, have to say the boy’s having a nice time in Paris it would appear. Some really very good bits and pieces going on. Will report in, but for now the silk Kimono style suit they showed was amazing. Such a brilliant silk fabric shot with texture and that, made in the way that Kimono’s are, or something, all hand stitched and crispy. Cut and styling is also fantastic (for the mannequin).

Kimono finishing.

The fabric is like a very high end, Japanese version of the slubby stuff was talking about in the FT, right? Cut is quite Bowie on Soul Train in places, like the lapels, sort of. Maybe fantasising a trifle there…just looked at him doing Fame. Its not really the same, but Dave would have done it justice perhaps.

10 Silk Cut please.

Meanwhile, thinking of having hair done like this: Fibre-glassed over. Could be a look, no? Shooting with matey off the telly today and am gonna test the Chester Barrie out. A three piece has frisson of Bowie’s Soul period about it too. Maybe.

Stubbs out.


Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Taking care of business, minding my own business, minding other peoples style business, and I stumble, almost randomly (but not) upon this: Chester Barrie AW12. How devastatingly suave is that? You know who’s behind the new CB look of course? None other that tailoring legend (and close personal friend) Sir Edward Sexton. That mannequin even looks like Edward.

Look at it. That cut is brilliant. Slightly rope shoulders, delightfully rolled lapel, neat compression of waist. All for about £800 or so. Think on my style merchant, think on. Gonna go and try some on this week at Chester Barrie HQ (click). This is RTW with a simmering debonair attitude mixed with tailoring savvy. More than be said for so many Row stalwarts, no? G’wan man like Edward.. Going to visit him next week too, in time for The Baroness’s wedding. She’s marrying the journalist formally known as Prince. In inner circle now call him Ampersand.

The look above is SS12 FYI. Nice, isn’t it? Gonna proper champion the Chester Barrie if its anything like as good as it appears. Going for a test bash in Bazza’s place today, and then right back at ya with the results. The collar with pin is so, so Edward. Love that stuff. Commissioning a couple shirts more like that myself, also today from Nash Masood at Emmett on Jermyn. Also visiting the eminent Andre de Trichateau for a long overdue Style Stance. He’s running things at Thomas Pink on Jermyn currently

Stubbs out.

PS. You know what TCB refers to, right (click)?