In case you were feeling had all gone greyhounds and geezers this week, here’s a couple of bits I got from the E.Tautz sample sale. Their logo is a fox by contrast (clock). Went in for pocket squares for matey off the telly, came out with these for self. This is a herringbone cashmere scarf. Roll on winter.

This is a knitted hat. I believe its almost an ‘Hoxton Bonnet’. Almost a raspberry beret.┬áNot sure what to do with it, but shot one a year ago and know how nice it is to have, not so sure about wearing it. All Tautz stuff feels very Brit-lux and calm. Its their fabrication dont you know.

And then there’s this guy. Not easiest to deploy, but too nice to leave behind. Too too bright for the goggle-box though am guessing. Shame.

Stubbs out, doing stuff.

11 Responses to “SELF TAUGHT”

  1. Snufkin b Says:

    Really dig the bonnet Tom.

  2. Beau Diddley Says:

    Really classic stuff, Tom – what a tasty silk square! In the MrPorter sale I invested in the red tie with the Tautz fox motif and the foxy thing has jumped right up to the top of my tie pop parade.

  3. Stubbs Says:

    Nice one lads.
    Maybe I should post a lot more product, right?
    Better than me rattling on about nothing.
    From now on, more product.
    Its decided.

  4. Snufkin b Says:

    Always like a bit of your rattle (Bryan, leave it). But next time you go the sample sale I will send you my pocket money!

  5. Stubbs Says:

    I dont think they do baby rompers at E.Tautz Snuffers.
    Do please try and concentrate on the matter in hand.
    If you’re good will get a Tautz square and do it as a competition give away.
    Get Paddy Grant to set the question.
    Oh, the fun we’ll have.

  6. Snufkin b Says:

    Pre-empting the question, my answer is, Beard

  7. Stubbs Says:

    How did you know that?
    Insider information surely.
    Will change the question from:
    “What was the toughest element to get right after your sex change?”

  8. Aree Says:

    Can we get a pic of you wearing said raspberry beret?

  9. Stubbs Says:

    You promise not to take the piss?

  10. SB Says:

    orig gnome boy II

  11. JC Says:

    Ten posts on this subject and still nothing from Bryan…..

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