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March 2012


Famous saddle-merchants (not euphemism) Brooks (click) did some bags that I mentioned. Said would find more images. Tried. They do clothes as well. Not mad keen on clobber that has overwhelming cycling utilities, like an arse flap that hangs about even when you not on your bike, or special reflective trims under collar. If it’s pure cycling gear then fine, cycle in it. Mind you nearly all cyclists look bad/the same, it’s one of the flouro-negatives about being a serious London cyclist. Cross over caper is over-rated too. I mean, you don’t live on the bike, do you? So what happens when not on it? Meanwhile, while poking about on said Brooks disc, found the Criterion MK1 jacket. Actually dead nice, as well as being cycle-friendly and in Ventile water proof cotton.

Back to the bags, reader JC (claims not Clarkson) said thought bag looks like parachute harness. It does in that configuration, but that’s just one of about 10. There’s a handful of good bags, particularly for the cyclists among you, sort of battered and not pony, but still good quality and not faux-vintage as far as I could see. Blokes are always asking about this, and I usually suggest Barbour. Try these. They’re also doing smart satchel type bags, The Eton, that has a removable harness. The ivory coloured one is quite spesh I thought, not for me, but good though. Wouldnt wanna fall off with that on though. Woeful scuffing would occur.

Eton mess

Am looking for a new style bike. Riding a ‘sit up and begging for it’ massive Pashley Sovereign through Clapton is tantamount to peddling a penny-farthing through Compton shouting “who’s coming down the Farmer’s Market for some Chorizo, home-boys?”. I want a simple multi-gear racer, not flash, not too too plain either. Let ya know if one appears.

More satchel and holdall action has gone down over last few days. Might regale. Might not. Depends how satchel-mouthed am feeling.

Stubbs out.


Pure product frenzy this week, professional shopping and press days all round, innit. How do you feel about just looking at product? Did I ever mention I love C.P.Company? Don’t know if I did. I do. Look at this fella. Sheepskin, suede and padded sleeves. Who’d have thought it.

Good colour, no? Then there was Mr.Hare (click-mans). He’s embracing colour. Could have put a dozen Dr.Hare shots up, am right into his new collection/last, all named after Soho reprobates/creatives. These two are Hare classics, Miller and Genet however in new colours. Digging the new colours big time, covet the Genets particularly, but the new ‘Rico’ style is of note.


Mr. Genet



Sorry got stuck in a shoe posting vortex then. The new collection shoes are called Wilde (Oscar), Cooke (Peter), Freud (Clement), Bernard (Cribins), and Deakin (Joey). The buckle shoe about is named after Francis the painter, but the last is called Rico, after (queue Mr Hare quote) ..”After the legendary RICO Rodriguez. Trombonist for Prince Buster and The Specials. The true sound of Soho.” Thanks Marc. Take it away fellas..

Thank you The Specials AKA. That’s a shoe entrenched with some attitude. Simmering back down. Saw some really good bags from Brookes, the bicycle saddle makers. The PR, Joseph, very enthusiastically demonstrated the many ways they worked. For a moment it was like The KVC road show had visited Soho.

Will put a link up to Brooks or look at the disc or something, but dead, dead good am telling you, the bags are good. Lastly, from the Hardy Amies AW12 collection fav bit was mad shawn sheerling coat. Its so, so Bryan McMahon, the stylist who does the shows. He’s clearly having a big influence. Interesting that though, no? He wears a hat, a trifle Allen out of Flannagan & Allen too, never a bad thing.

Statement constructed outer wear is a thing for the winter. Trust. Ask these two stylish dossers, see below. Intro a bit long but worth it, more nice brass too. Its too, too hot for coats right now. Its too hot to be in. Am out. There’s loads more prodage from the week. If you want more product, let me know. I’m all over it.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.



It’s been fully blown retail frenzy out in The Metropolis this week thus far. Found self in Topman’s lofted personal schlepping salon while sourcing a catering sized batch of skinny chinos. The lads up there are sharp, lively-so-&-so’s, they’re looks often notable. Mr.Green (not Jnr. nor Prof) always runs a clipped ensemble about town, flaunting rules of the establishment and juxtaposing stories like it ain’t no thing. That’s the young for you, fearless not clueless. This upright number is almost Mick Talbot/Young David Coulthard  staring in Sleuth remake set on a Whitstable long weekend. Gotta dig be digging that scene, no?


-Topman Design or Ltd. double breasted jacket, seen before on here, is obviously a big piece this Spring (click)

-Riess le-espadrilles (leather espadrilles)- cant find similar on site, still worth visit though (click)

-Topman Skinny-Clarkson wash. Retro Nineties worn skinny jeans. Ones found on site are almsot Wham! skinnys, not JC’s (click). Defo for the young.

-Charvet polka dot pocket square . Charvet’s site is utterly brilliant (click), dont think they’re too, too bothered about e-commerce. Can buy it off Mr.Portly though (click)

-Paul Smith striped almonds. Yup, stripes.

-Margiela button-down shirt in micro-oxford sort of fabric. Cant find on site (click) for their shirts though.

They mix it up nice those kids, don’t they?

Big Sir Philip was on his way up, so I got out of there. He’s good mates with Business Mouse. Know who I mean? (click)

Stubbs out.


Both sites went down for some reason this morning, leaving zero time to post a great deal. Visited A. Sauvage Homme yesterday and bought this bomber. His new shop opened last week on Maddox. Its very stylish in there. Proclamations from the designer on the wall… hang on, is he not a designer? So hard to tell, best watch film (click). Also very convincing tailoring with specific verve, chic chinos, the lot.

Am a fan of Sauvage tailoring and have written as much in the FT and that. The casual outter-wear is a new thing do me. Simply had to get involved. Sauvage was in shop the himself. Am a fan. Love a performance stylist. He was busting the moss green version of the suede bomber. This jacket reminds me so, so much of one I used to wear in 1987, except more chocolatey, not fawn. The seaming is vastly better though and the shape is ‘racy’ if I dare say that. Was wearing greasy ghille Doctor Martin’s shoes and vintage Levi’s 501 at this point in Eighties, with a Mozza/Dean quiff. Very ‘art student in waiting’. Bomber was £80 and marked beginning of new era, best wedge ever spent, almost. Sauvage was wearing black 10 hole Martins when I saw him, and ripped 501s. Goes around comes.. aw… so much to bang on about, so little time.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.


Team Great Britain’s kit was unveiled last week, designed by Stella McCartney. Why have we got Adidas kit? Not nice gear particularly to be frank and thoroughly German. I love a German, as my friends will testify, but this is technically (sports) war, in which case.. Regardless, everyone’s had a go about the kit not having enough red going on. Thought about it, and have to agree am afraid.

That said, looking back at videos of our old kits (click), there wasn’t much red in those, so lets not savage the frowning, earnest Macca-girl. However, sports psychologists do strongly assert that wearing red makes sports people perform better, and simultaneously unnerves opponents. Did no-one mention that to her? Shame, she could have done something really mental, really ‘in your face’ red. Might have been brilliant. What she’s done is a ‘fashion’ version of sports design. Almost a feminised, tonal look.  This is a battle, needs solidity. Ask the Romans about red. Most of the athletes are from England, Northern Ireland is red too, and Wales do red, so whats wrong with an agro-angry block red-fest. The colour of battle. The colour of blood. The shade of red she chose was good, just not enough. Is it too, too late for a redesign?

Dont mind the Union Flag getting used as motif, but best for the trackies. Love a belted item of outwear, but on a girl though. Christ, they look like helpers at the W.I. on a wet day bring-and-buy sale in that look. Love a red sock, well done. Other than that, its just not imposing enough. Hash tag polite.

Right into what Jessica Ennis wears though. Those pants are brilliant. Imagine them in red, with white and blue trim. Its also good to see that dwarf-throwing* is finally getting recognised as an olympic sport.

East London yesterday was a good for running in one layer again. Banged out a moderately quick 15k for a fix for the day. I favour all navy and all black looks, but occasionally turquoise with blue and red trim drops. Fair people have to watch the red quotient, especially when flat out. Philips Idowu looks pretty capable here in action, but an all red top would have upped the ante no end. Ran into my pal Charlie Darke in the park. He was running in all black with flouro green trim. Worked nicely, but it was just Sunday morning though. He runs a culturally motivated running club, the Run Dem Crew (click).

Gonna write and ask Olympic board if its too late for a re-jig of the kit. More red, more solids, more Jimmy Savile. Cant hurt, can it? Might also ask if they might do Ennis-style red-briefs for male runners. Could be just the thing for London Fields come high some. Less is after-all more in some instances.

Stubbs out.

* Checked with dwarf friend, and is okay to say this.

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