Just watched The Devil’s Double, the film (click). I knew from the first ‘Cling’ of an S.T.Dupont lighter (cling) that the picture was gonna go heavy on its styling and lavish accessorisation. It was gripping. Dominic Cooper brilliantly played two different characters. Dont know how he did it, as thought it was two blokes for much of film. Its all in the eyes. And the false teeth. Must be odd holding the whole film together, despite nice, flash lighters, watches and cigars playing supporting roles, and knowing it. Nice hardware. Better performance/s. Chilling portrayal of a regime.

Gold pinky, Rolex ‘President’ Day Date, Cohiba Lanceros: ‘Cling, cling’

There’s nothing like a Merc flying about in barren desert scenes to evoke a distant, fractured glamour/horror world at the moment. Seen the new M.I.A video? Plenty of Mercs/BMWs, plenty of dust, not brilliant song/lyrics frankly, but quite mental spectacle (click). Not the same thing, but the Mercs are in it. Might have to borrow another one for St.Ives next time in March. Maybe something smaller this time Baroness?

Rolex, Cartier, Breitling all mentioned. Armani, Versace. Will do something about style of this film, finish Baftas review and some other style capers, tomorrow.

Stubbs out.

PS. You do know about ‘The Cling’ right? Its enough to make one start smoking. Again.

PPS. Two films, two nights: an addict in two moves. Beats Newsnight hands down.

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  1. Bryan Ferragamo Says:

    After the heartbreaking loss of two gold Rollagas (one to ‘Homeland Security’ at Chicago, one to a thieving chef at Golden Eye) and one S.T. Dupont (the rose gold Ligne D, the one that looks like the inside of the Tardis and which went the same way as the lucky watch in Vegas), I decided that those see-thru disposables were more stylish.

    Although I’m currently running one with a picture of a kitten on it. Came in a pack of three.

  2. Jean-Louis Says:

    Will definitely watch this film. Even the colour palette of the pictures looks promising. Mercedes/Rolex always works, although I liked the JLC’s as well in Eastern Promises (great acting by Viggo Mortensen, no surprise). Can’t ignore the nouveau-riche impression of shiny Rolex. Yet, it probably fits film characters, right. Some Richard Mille tourbillon would do the job, don’t you think, but then small independent watchmakers may not have means for competing on product placement. Thanks.

  3. sb Says:

    Merc 190e Cosworth, been looking for a good one for years.

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