Couple of things. Got some pretty serious shelf units to put up at the weekend. Oh yes. Will go into the spec’ later. Recently have taken slightly over the normal a mount of flack about ‘doing fashion’, commenting on women’s style on occasion, generally styling things and it not being overtly mannish. In the comments section that is, not the street, for the record. Well although couldn’t give a monkeys, thought would draw their attention to this. A Stabila level (click), builder’s spec’ (there’s that word again). Gonna buy one tomorrow and brandish about like a proper loony all weekend. Tool belt, the lot. Sorry to burst your bubble*, haters.

Now the question is, does one go for one with the digital facility? I mean look at this guy (click). Also, wonder if can get it ‘stealthed’? Decisions, decisions.

This is the Kai Kristiansen shelving system I plan to erect. Note. This is not my place, its the Modern Warehouse (click) where I got them from, before they arrived at the Villa.

Can configure the components how you want and stuff. The bigger unit on right is a drinks cabinet that lights up. Cool. The erection (that word’s cropped up twice now and taken the edge off spec’ a bit) is a precision job, but I can handle it. Am sure I can. How different can it be from hemming a skirt anyway?

More tool style later this week.

Stubbs out.

*level based gag. Man enough to spot it?


  1. Very nice, Thomas. The woody patina is very warm and oh so ‘skand-vintage’. One disadvantage is that the bits which attach the shelf to the rail are part of the shelf itself and at exactly the end of the shelf length. In the bottom photo, for example, it would have been useful to have the shelves on the extreme left and right of the unit run full out to meet the wall, giving a more integrated look, but this type of overhang is obviously not countenanced in the sparse aesthetic.
    Apart from being a little wasteful of space (and to my eye a bit untidy), pleae not that this set-up is also UTTERLY unforgiving of the poor git fitting the thing.
    Having said all that … mmm, that burnised wood …. very, very nice.
    ‘Well wear’ as we say in the land of Donegal Tweed.

  2. Really nice, indeed. Love the integrated drinks cabinet. I’m a fan of naked walls, though. (Or better, no walls. Farnsworth and so on.) Share the result with us.

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