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February 2012


Was plotted next to British Olympic and previously World Light Welterweight Champion boxer Amir Khan at Topmans LFW show. Eyes went straight to Khans wrist. Here’s a juxtaposition you don’t see every day. E.Tautz herringbone vs. an Audermars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (click) fully loaded with diamonds teamed with a fist that partly won an Olympic medal, (the other fist was in comparatively subdued mood). The 25 year old from Bolton has been dubbed King Khan, but during a watch banter with him on the FROW, Amir expressed such avid enthusiasm for various pieces he already owns and for ones he fancies wearing, perhaps King Kettle might also function as a suitable moniker.

He’d just bought a Rolex Daytona, rose gold with black face. He also told me about his other ‘sports’ watch, his Hublot, and described his taste for Frank Muller as ‘an old School’ indulgence. Bless the young people. Someone said something disparaging on S&E about Khan’s watch here on a taste level, but I really like the sheer up front flash-power watch-ness of it frankly. The Offshore is the more muscled younger brother of the original Royal Oak, the first non-precious metal sports watch. Ironic then that this formidable piece is actually completely covered in diamonds, yet still with handy chrono-function and so neatly teamed with diamond ring.

Front to back: Khan, Gandy, Morecombe.

Am gonna do something on King Khan’s Kettles on our style page in The Telegraph Time supplement that comes out in May.

Stubbs out.



Working with current prevailing spirit of juxtaposition, from yesterdays virtuosic performance by Nikolai Lugansky of Liszt, a Liszt remix of Wagner and some Rachiminov at Wigmore Hall, tonight Style&Error goes to the dogs.

Was happy with Leisure Toff/Jazz Agro fusion stance from yesterday. However by far best look spied at Wig’ Hall was however an old Asian bloke with matching Aquascutum house check fishing hat and windcheater, large aviator opticals, a mauve cricket sweater and amber silk scarf tied like an massive cravat. A-mazing. Couldn’t bring self to shoot as too undignified in those surrounds, so ya gonna have to trust me.

Am doing an article for a proper style mag, shant name yet, but not worked for them before. Gotta make it count. Some right biggies work for then. But first, what to drop to the dog track? Charles Bukowski would know.

TS out.



These days Big Dave G is more of a men’s fashion presence at the shows that just a plain old super-model. Rather liked what he was wearing. Herringbone was the thing on LFW Men’s day if you ask me. Wider pants jolly good to see in action, way forward for sure, but do note need a decent frame to carry them off. Talking of frames, DG stays on brand with DG bins, good fella, (see bus/bill board campaign for further reference). Gandy was mixing it up a trifle however with designer, vintage and high street, which one simply has to admire. Liked Dave’s ensemble, but think on a lesser presence a thicker tie would have been perhaps in order. He’s such a charmer though, eh. No one is to mention Count Von Count’s appearance in remake of The Great Gatsby, okay?


-Vintage English herringbone jacket and vest

-Ralph Lauren herringbone wide pants

-Marks&Spencer camel overcoat (click) Think DGs is DB, but could only find SB. (one-breasted coat, ah ah ah..)

-Paul Smith toe cap can shoes

Thomas Pink white shirt

-Peckham Rye, tie, obviously (click)

-Reiss pocket square

-Dolce&Gabbana bins, again, obvi’.

Stubbs out

From the FROW  “one underage skinny model, ah, ah, two underage skinny model..”


Quick one. Just going Wigmore Hall for lunchtime concert, some Liszt and a touch of Rachmaninov, (yes that’s how am rolling lunchtimes now). Which look to drop? Thinking of channelling Leisure-Toff with a Jazz-Agro twist. Which one best? Doing this is actually making me late. Thats another one of the addictions I mentioned. Do try and understand my situation.

Below is Paul Smith mainline green/fawn Glenn check, Prada shoe, choc’ Smeadley.

Next is Kilgour No.5 (the Mighty K as it was under Carlo Brandelli) grey flannel with navy piping, with Emmett and Ferragamo blue lace up. Would throw in navy/blue tie FYI.

Or more from the Kilgour archive, No.8 line, the donegal mottled tweed (bang on the money right now) with Emmett and Mr.Hare.

Actually, am late now, so cant press a shirt. That might have a bearing.

Stubbs out on a 56…


Morning style mentalists. Better post some stuff from Wednesday’s shows before they’re a distant memory. Should any of you be remotely bothered if I opted to wear a toggle spectacular (see Tuesdays post, click) or not, visit GQs review of show looks (click). Admit am glad to be not looking like a pillock on there. Shouldn’t matter. Does though.  Meanwhile, back in the realm of the young, MAN was the first show I saw that wanna tell you about.


MAN (click) is the program run by Fashion East and Topman that supports young talent and endeavours to get it up and running. From this I liked Agi&Sam (click) a great deal. No doubt some of you will say ‘this is too silly, look at the mad clothes’, but this how it works. Yes they’re quite mental, but they’re good too. We need mental or what would ‘not mental’ have to kick against. These young lot start of ‘directional’ (mental) and showing at MAN, then a couple of seasons later they’re functioning with own shows and are selling to actual shops. Do try and bare that in mind (particularly you Messrs Ferragamo & Talent).

Oversized tartan and check tailoring and outer-wear in bold colour with narrow pants. Pretty straight forward, no? My favourite bit is orange tartan parka. Next. This is an edit naturally as dont want to bang on about all the shows. Christopher Shannon (click), whom I like, didn’t get out of the starting blocks this time. Did plenty of stuff emblazoned with his name, plus some ‘house check’, but I failed to spot anything overtly street-fancy-able. Carded.


Topman Design is always pretty much on the money (unlike my image). It was all about the black or grey overcoat that you will be needing next Winter. They did faux-astrakan or fur versions for more flamboyant types and they did stark grey and black ones too. Really good. The suiting followed suit, black and grey. Really well executed. Note. All black accessories looking really strong: “Black is back, all in, we’re gonna win”, as Chuck D once kindly pointed out (click). Next.


Gieves & Hawkes did a static show in the Navy Board Rooms and it was very good indeed. Particularly striking were the shirts and ties. New designer Barry Tulip took inspiration from when Savile Row went a bit Groovy in The Sixties: The Beatles playing on the Roof of number 3, and Tommy Nutters sartorial style kicking off madly, the odd cutter smoking a dooby. You know the scene. His colour and graphics also referenced David Hicks and his ‘Hull Trader’* artistic group.

This translated into vivid graphic ties and pocket squares suits with generous lapels, low notches and a high waist/fastening. Liked also the closed, pointed collars with tab fastenings not in white. Nice work Bazza. More of this Gieves collection at a later date.

Stubbs out.

PS. Next up is the Gandy Video Stance

*sounds like a Northern themed gay pub.

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