Linked Mr. Hart on Wednesday while he was ensconced in his own imagined-become-real ‘Cathedral of Cool’, The Spencer Hart flagship shop. It’s a place that all style merchants should visit. There will be something of interest for any man worthy of that title. I can’t think of another shop like it for men. Like Nick, I was wearing brown too, but entirely the wrong season. It was double hot, and Hart had it just right, damn him. Chic and light, chocolate brown and black, oh yes. I’ll let him talk you through the style stance/sermon. Amen Daddy-O.


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-Oliver Goldsmith ‘Glyn’ sunglasses– Which I don’t think are a collaboration, although though there is a collection of OG Spencer Hart in the vaunted vault downstairs. Which I must point out is pretty spectacular.

Patek Philipe Aquanaut. Forgot to ask about watch, didn’t I, despite that fact that it’s one of my favourite sporty modern watches going. See GQs October watch special if ya don’t believe I rate it. Dynamic shape, clever rounded octagonal design with polished and brushed steel finish to case, updated Seventies sports watch style, not too big. Oh, it’s simply smashing.

-Lord knows where to get an image of the shoes. Will ask in the morning.

The rest is pure undiluted Spencer Hart, but you spotted that.

Stubbs on the 55 back to change out of knitwear and a three piece…

12 Responses to “VIDEO STANCE NO.36”

  1. SB Says:

    Whittington-esque mission to the Kettle Bunker is becoming a necessity, might try and slip the staff crumpled fivers in a bid to solicit some arm time, don’t tell Mr Hart!

  2. Bryan Ferragamo Says:

    Stand up straight, man! Less of this slouching – be proud of what you’re wearing, however creased it is (next: trousers made from wrapping paper).

    And take off those sunglasses, it’s not June.

  3. Nick hart Says:

    Bryan is right I have terrible posture ! It’s not June much hotter in fact. You are clearly a traditionalist. No creases, shades for hot days , lots of rules. Good to know where you stand eh. I also love a bit of Python and Reginald Perrin.
    Bit of goose stepping sir, onward Christian soldiers. Love it sir. Without rules where would we all be and we got Bryan to remind us of them. Wrapping paper trousers sir what next . Great that we all get to be reminded what works and what does not by the experts. Goose stepping sir I think so. Creases I do not sir. Got a website sir, sneering sir, poke a bit of Fun sir, cock in hand sir, point out the ridiculous sir, take the higher ground sir, know what doesn’t work sir, been given superb taste from birth sir, know what’s pretentious sir. Don’t like it up em sir. Understand the rules sir, know which ones to break, ridicule and snipe sir , Chosen by god and flown in from up high to point out the absurdities of not clearly staying within the guide lines sir or just out of work with time on your hands sir. Been there sir , not easy sir to pass the time sir. In my case sir aged 22 sir smoked the weed and read Lord of the rings sir twenty five years ago sir, now 48 sir and clearly past it sir , jet lagged from Hong kong Tokyo trip and passing the time sir writing to you sir. This should now be followed by the singing and playing of Jerusalem, Brian Lewis on flute, Nina Simone on piano, Ray Charles , stevie wonder and the late Teddy Pendergrass on vocals remixed by dimitri , Ramsey Lewis on organ , Charlie Watts on percussion blah blah

  4. Ismail Kamel hair transplant Says:

    Can we have some more grooming posts please.

  5. DJ Derek Says:

    Ray Charles and Nina Simone are both deadified, not only Pendergrass. Bristol sounds like Smith & Mighty are the best.

  6. Stubbs Says:

    Derek, do you remember Same with Tammy Payne? Still play the battered old CD in the car. Like it alot.

  7. DJ Derek Says:

    I do remember. More Rockers and the best version of Walk on by- timeless quality

  8. Latvian lout Says:

    Question for Nick Hart

    I was recently given a Spencer Hart shirt- white, and the collar, cuffs and front panel are sort of honeycomb pattern, with the rest of the body/sleeves plain weave. On the care label it says Made in Europe. I had never seen this on a garment before, and wondered why it didn’t have a specific country? All my other clothes seem to have Made in Italy/ France/ UK etc. Where are your shirts made please, and why non specific in manufacturing origin?

    Thank you in advance for response

  9. Nick hart Says:

    Some are made in Ireland, some in Portugal, some in Italy and some in Slovakia
    The white honeycomb is called Marcella and is from Thomas Mason, the plain fabric probably a white twill from Albini

  10. Latvian lout Says:

    That’s great. Thanks for a rapid response also!

  11. Ryan Says:

    Other question for Nick Hart:

    the cotton suit looks great. I had an unlined jacket made for this summer in a very fine wool with a loose weave (the sort you can see through if you hold up to the light – cloth was from Lovat in Scotland). The reason I went for wool over cotton was, though not as cool (temperature-wise) i thought the cotton would just crease far too much. So my question to you is: how does the cotton shirting fabric suit wear? Is it comfortable? does it crease?

    Love your work by the way,


  12. Nick hart Says:

    Very comfortable , very light but creases a lot. Product is fully canvassed so helps keep it shape but unless one loves the disheveled look it’s probably hard work . Won’t last that long. Thanks for the compliment

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