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July 2011



One half of the duo the tailoring world are calling Butch and Sundance, Sweeney is a dapper fellow. I stanced him outside his bespoke tailors on Weighhouse Street, Mayfair, while his ‘other half’ is loafing in Saint Tropez. This is how to work updated double breasted. He’s taken the jacket quite short and the whole thing very slim, which is why it appears modern and dynamic: Dead simple, not remotely showy yet double high impact. The lads at Thom Sweeney (click) always look impeccable, and are in fact their own best advert.


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-Thom Sweeney double breasted open weave super 150’s suit and gingham button down.

-Rubinacci knitted tie

-Crocket & Jones Oxford shoe with toe cap.

-Rolex Submariner.

T.S. out.

N.B. The real T.S.


Went Mr. Hare (click) sample sale today, in search of fantastic footwear. Regrettably, I found it. Two-fold.

Onyx loafer in black leather. End of line at end of season. A must have loafer?

Brilliant looking loafer that wrote about in FT HTSI (click) . It’s inspired by the White Cube gallery in St. James (see Mr. Hare quote in piece). I bigged it up big time. Even quoted Gandhi in that article. Seemed very relevant. Doesn’t seem that Mahatma on a frugality level. They’re £150 from an original P of £440.

Onyx loafer in blue, yes blue, eel skin. Soon to be rare groove. Another must have?

Thing is, my policy on acquiring shoes when they are ‘right’ is go in hard. Should I put my money where my mouth is and get both, or is that a foot in mouth move?

Gonna sleep on it. In the morning it will be clear if is an hare and the eel scenario. Maybe.  Any suggestions welcome. And donations in fact.

TS in/out/not sure.


Swiftly did Jesse Birdsall for my pal’s film in Sexton yesterday. Edward just goes from strength to strength. Aside from sorting Jesse out with suitable attire for his gangster/villain part in film with minimum fuss, this same week he’s done Mark Ronson for his wedding, and some of the super models, Naomi and Yasmin, off the back of an Harpers shoot I steered towards Sexton’s salon of suave.

Julian or Sean  (he couldn’t remember which) Lennon was in later that day. As you can see from the picture however, Edward is a right serious customer to work with. He actually is painstakingly brilliant and precise about how his stuff works, no matter what or who the brief is. What an artist. The real deal.

More pictures and banter from Sexton’s world later.

TS out.


Just looked at this site again, Street Etiquette (click). Its dead good, and I do visit it occasionally. The lads have got strong style going on. However, it just occurred to me, they do spend quite a lot of time ‘Twinning’ (click) . Have a shufty.

Well styled looks, and original too, but almost mirrored, no?

Maybe its because the looks they’re working on the site are technically fashion shoots, i.e. they’re a story, rather than just two bods hanging out. Right?

Regardless, their looks function well.  Unlike some twinning I saw in town the last couple of days.  Might re-open the case and start a new category, Twinning.

TS solo.


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