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May 2011 - page 2


Mother, I’m Smegged up at last! It might be a rather obvious style appliance for ones kitchen but I do not give a monkeys. I’ve really fancied one for years, and now I’ve just taken delivery of my black Smeg, it’s like coming of (middle) age. It’s so shiny you can see your face in it, should you want to.

Got a black shiny Nespresso coffee maker, didn’t I, so when it came to choosing my Mondaine Kitchen clock, controversially one went for square, black shiny one. Since then a black shiny theme has emerged.

All I need now are those black patent Westwood loafers and I’ll be laughing all the way to the ice maker. Starting how I mean to continue, the first item placed in La Smeg was a bottle or Ruinart Blancs de Blancs.

Stubbs out.



Nabbed Mr. Gray when we were visiting my tailors Thom Sweeney. He’s become a right old styler in the last half decade and drops Anglo/Italian flash smart-casual all over the place. A disciple of flash loafers and sharp tailoring like myself, he has his sartorial origins in Eighties Rude-Boy style and Ska chic. Sometimes Mr. Gray does a look I call the Three Grand Skinhead. It’s very strong. This one is more Beatnik on Bond Street however. Take it away David.


(click on names for links)

-Gucci cotton drill hacking jacket.

Salvatore Ferragamo suede loafer with Gancino and plait detail. Nicely does it.

-Nudie jeans in black. Do have a look at Nudie fit guide as is quite ‘fun’.

-Persol tortoiseshell sunglasses

Spencer Hart shirt. Dave has made the black shirt under light blazer ‘his own’, which is nice.

-Dunhill belt and ting.

-New & Lingwood umbrella.

-IWC Pilots watch. Nothing to do with me at all, although is well good kettle.

TS out.



Went to ‘Rebel on the Row’ opening the other night at the Fashion&Textiles Museum (click). It was hot and it was a hoot. I went to pay homage not only to Tommy Nutter, R.I.P., but to show my respects to my pal Edward Sexton (click). He was Tommy Nutter’s cutter and devised the iconic silhouette. He’s still making brilliant suits today, (see Tony King’s ensemble from Saturday’s VIDEO STANCE). Cilla Black, wearer and investor was there, and she gave a speech. She made a cannabis joke that I shan’t repeat. Ringo Starr, from The Beatles, was there too for about ten whole minutes. A young person later asked if Ringo was a Scouser.

Mick & Bianca. Mick in Nutter.

Nutters opened on Valentine’s Day 1969. They brought fashion to the Row. They were the first to dress their windows and put suits on display. They took the make back in time, constructing higher quality stuff, while simultaneously working with new, bold, swooping lines and silhouettes for men and women. Fabric choices were avant garde and trousers were very wide. They changed things for good.

There were some truly monumental suits there. Mick’s famous wedding suit. Five others worn by The Stones, a couple of Neil Sedaka’s. John Lennon wore Nutter on the Abbey Road cover. The cheeky fellas at Nutters would call John ‘Susan’. Mainly Elton apparently, who used to have tons made up, some of which were there. He used to call everyone doll, obviously… It’s all there, although they all weren’t.

Tommy was clearly well loved. Tim Everest talked fondly of his internship at Nutter’s after answering an ad that said ‘Boy wanted, Savile Row’. Those that knew him sniggered when Tim mentioned this during his speech. Other testimonies suggest Tommy was a right giggle and super charismatic.

There is a mocked up interior faithful to the layout of Nutter’s, even the actual carved wooden front door. Edward still had the key on his bunch.  A ghost door without a shop or a frame.

Edward is a living legend. He’s doing a pattern cutting master class down the museum. Make the most of it kids, they don’t make ’em quite like that anymore.


PS. Ringo Starr is indeed a Scouser.



Mr.King is an eminent music maneuverer and shaker, (with his Beatles and his Stones), but more of that when I review the Nutter do from Thursday night. He was also the first ever customer of tailoring legend Tommy Nutter, and it was at Nutters’ exhibition opening that I found him. He’s proudly busting a new Edward Sexton (Nutters cutter and business partner) and looks double elegant. Talk about working a look right through… I’ll let Mr.K explain.


(click on names for links)

-Prism ‘Rome’ navy opticals. Can’t find Tony’s blue ones, but Rome is the shape.

Edward Sexton nouveau three piece suit. There’s some spectacular detailing kicking off on the vest, but cant see on the film. The cut and elegant silhoutte are pretty special too.

Hush Puppies navy suede lace ups. Cant find Tonys blue ones.

-Hermes bow tie. Can’t find Tony’s Hermes bow tie, or any Hermes bow ties as it goes. Just seems to underline what an outre style merchant TK is.

-Etro shirt.

So, have managed to get water in my Mac. Its quite bad for them it appears. Its was pronounced dead by lunchtime Saturday. Been surviving on charity and make do am mend since then. Dagnabbit is tough when your gear goes down.

New hardware required.

STUBBS out on off to Apple..



For deliberate double breasted on a Berlusconi Bike.

Gazing wistfully into the distance while posing Satorialist (click) veteran Luca Rubinacci looks like a bit of a pillock, no? Name taken. Luca, we’ll be watching you for more mad-cap scenarios. Talking of caps, maybe a helmet might have been a positive. Or something. Had a shufty on the Sartorialist yesterday, for kicks, and there was Luca, ‘On The Street’ in Milan. Good to see Scott ringing the changes by including municipal transport while he shoots Luca in Italy. I’m all for bicycling while dressed up, but perhaps not stationary posturing on the Sart’. Could he not at least attempted a ‘wheelie’, an ‘endo’ or a couple of  ‘bunny-hops’ perhaps? If we need a technicality, Luca’s cuffs are too long and his shoes are too dark, so he deserved to go into the book regardless. That said 131 people have posted positive comment about Luca’s look. I don’t have that many followers, let alone commentators!

Meanwhile is seems the Shortarialist (click) has been pedalling round Holland and Denmark pursuing ‘young ladies’ also on bikes. I wonder if that looks a bit noncey? One also wonders does Scott ride a tricycle to achieve this, or has he had special Sartorialist stabilisers  fitted? Either way, I’d dearly love to follow on a third bike and film the whole thing.

Stubbs – On The Street In Clapton, London.

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