Afternoon Style Mongers. Just in case you’re wondering whats happening, its all gone Haboglabortribin’..

Stubbs is out in the Metrobortribilin’.


Afternoon Style Mongers. The Sunday Time Style recently ran a piece on ‘Death of The Three Piece’, and blamed Matey-off-the-Telly-O’Leary and exposed Boy Band Tax Swindler Gary Barlow for it. Said too tight and too shiny and wrong for summer. O’Leary was in dapper puppy tooth wool in November in the shot they printed. Death of the three piece, pah! Cha, Sunday Times man. Step from me. What do you actually know? I ushered in the super-stylish use of the three piece. I’ll usher the bloody thing out when I’m ready. Is that clearer?

Max Romeo- One Step Forward, two steps backwards.

Three piece stands. Despite what style commentators of the ‘Beard-Gnome on a mackerel-line dinghy trip’ school of thought say, the three piece is still looking good when styled well. Best without a Derby* though, right style chubsters? Chub-step! Just came back from a fitting with my boy Luke Evans. Oh my word he looks good in Sexton and Sweeney, three piece included, yes. Looked like Richard Burton in Donegal three piece. Double distinguished. Hitting the NYC & LDN Premiers of Dracula Untold (click) with these looks, a striking contrast to the after office drinks stances so many/all actors get inserted into by big designer blands. Cant believe what utter pony they’re given. Pony shirt collars ties/tie knots, shoes and everything. Look like they’re off to manage a mobile phone shop. These actors cant actually care, all credit to them. We care. For Evans we devised looks also for Bulgari do and Graham Norton in those two tailors. Have a look at Evans then and see. Oh yes, we care. He looks strong in both DB and three piece. Worked with Drakes camel cashmorello shirt and new tie, A&S hound-tooth hanky, J.M.Weston shoes, as per. See O’Leary weekend nights soon for more exemplary three piece tailoring style and fashion, as per.

Thom Sweeney Donegal unstructured three piece. Well comfy.

Friday night went to the fashionable Hunger magazine launch with The Wrong Writer (click) . We had to make-shift queue jump. We felt well dislocated. Queues for everything insight with no sight of an actual party, just idiot young people milling with no intent, no idea what they’re there for. Perhaps a glimpse or echo of some ‘Tribute Hedonism’, as The Wrong Writer puts it. Lost in queuezik. Holden wouldnt even allow me a Dirty Burger. I’ll give you dirty. We fled shortly to acquire Stripes in bags. Fled to get Street Feast stamps to purge our Hunger printed hands. Now Street Feast is good, young and modern (peck). Loved. No queuing. I can’t queue at my age. Simply cannot. I jumped the queue at Vogue Fabrics the other night, only to be pulled on the matter later by a young female reveller. Yes I did just walk to the front, kiss the door-tranny and breeze in Miss, but as you can see, I’ve not got long left.

Stubbs out.

PS. This isnt the real post. Thats yet to come. Last Flight of The Griffin.

*Derby Kelly, belly.

Two Stripes in the night.


Evening Style Fiends. Not sure I give a monkeys if this is a bit twee, I love Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. Its a harvest moon tonight and tomorrow (maybe today still?). The video is twee, but hell that steelie is too good, so just allow it. On a style level is Edward Sexton’s Ready To Wear press day today held at Ming Corp. Am gonna wear my bad boy wheat/gold three piece with flared pants to meet the man. They’re not loon pants, but loon does rhyme with moon. Yes, I’m that simple.

Play that bluezy harp Neil.

Shall report on Sexton new MTM and RTW when I get a mo’ spare darlinks.

Stubbs out.

Vintage shot of said Sexton suit less flares.


Afternoon Style Merchants.  The How To Spend It is out today. The Sharpener, me that is, is chatting all about the track pants scene thats ‘pon man. But let us forget that sort of luxury style thing right now. Luxury to me right now is having The Chatsworth Festival on ones doorstep (click), well, very near. Clapton. Hackney. Shout out! Big hopes for the boxing demonstrations from The Pedro Boxing school, amateur dog show, and professional free bike repairs. Then there’s reggae system. Big hopes yes. Why wouldn’t ya?  For those who cannot see and hear Lee Scratch Perry below (click). Yes Lee. Get us in the mood. There’s a man who knew how to drop a singlet vest & ting.

Lee Scratch Perry The Dub Organiser

All the big names in the manor have been invited. Stretch & The family Blonde, Lyall of Vogue Fabrics, Walters & Co.,  Seymour da Mechanic, Christos Tolero- Eighties Style Icon, HOLDEN UK, Tendai ‘Ten-Mans’ Davies, everyone. Bet no-one comes. Am going down regardless. Its drizzlin’. What to wear? Maybe only suitable to put money where my mouth is and drop a track pant/loafer/singlet flex, right? Are you ready Chatsworth? Am a comin’..

Sharpenizer out.


Morning Style Merchants. Was GQ Men Of The Year bash again last night at The Royal Opera House. I wore deep blue cashmere modal cuffed-tracksuit bottom by Lot 78, white Sunspel wife-beater vest, 31″ gold link-chain and Asics Gel DS Sky speed 2s, ultimate ultra-lite runners. I fancied a break from convention, as normally I watch Newsnight avidly in pyjamas/wifebeater combo. Was N.F.I. (Newsnight for infidels), but did dress my client Luke Evans in Gieves&Hawkes jacquard evening rig though (click). The boy looked wicked, proper yet non-convench’. The chrysanthemum jacquard jacket (spesh) with pale blue pleated dress shirt (doppio-spesh) and blue wool bow tie. He wore relatively low key black patent Jamesy Choos. GQ on line comment amusingly mentions Evans keeping simple: He’s in a blue shirt dress shirt and thick, cashmere/wool bow tie, ffs. Since when is that simple, Mr.Carvell, hmm? Still, in menswear, since when has it been about the details?

Gieves&Hawkes AW14

Forever. Standardly, non? Anyway, with my perfectly sharp, unbefuddled morning head, am reminded of Dave’s stance for The Grammys from 1975, in a take on white tie. Just look at those perfectly cut flared pants; so, so gorgeous, no? Reminds me of the Sexton been working with this week* (damn, that man can cut a flare F.Y. to the I). Anyway, Bowie’s Black Power Salute was a nice, flirty, touch. And Dave’s additional flourish of putting on bins to read the result is hilarious, and is proper cool-styling. He must has laughed his teeth out later, no? He seemed a bit absent/distracted at times, but cant think why. Perhaps he’s a ‘Newsnight-in’ kinda-guy too.

Note also the massive cut-outs of the Female Soul Artist nominees heads that slide on and off. Insane, no? Maybe they should bring that style of presentation back? How the fuck do they make 15 metre high cut-outs for all nominees and get ‘em all to slide in and out, all night? Must have been something in the air back then, no? So, so, so much more to say bout awards garb. Off the record, I think most of last night’s best dressed lot look like muppets. Something could be done to improve the black tie genre, dont ya think? Suggestions to follow. Not enough singlets for starters..

The Sharpener out**.

* more Sexton verve and ting later this week on Style&Error. Stay tuned, Style Mentalists.

** In actually. Still in, as it goes.

Luke Evans in Gieves&Hawkes at GQ.