Evening Style Mongers. Good Bank Squalid-days had I trust? I simply don’t believe the whole things over. I’ve still got too, too many singlet-based-looks to wear. And some to repeat. It can’t be over? But the biblical rain says it is…

Grave Dr.Maurice.

Talking of over, never seen Carnival weekend so wet. Heard about Norman Jay et al getting tricked by the planning stage into not getting a plot for their systems? My time has long past for going down there, but it’s still a shame they’re trying to kill it off. Was all the talk over rice n’ peas at Buddhist HQ at weekend. That said, Norman has got this going on (click). We did make it out onto the patio before the rain began. Pah!

Took this shot early August in Dublin, while I was out looking for kicks. Not giving up yet. Looking for an Indian Summer, perhaps down in St.Ives.

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Mongers. Smashing big Monday night at Albert Hall for Prom 43 (click), serious Russian roster. Stravinsky’s little Scherzo Fantastique was a nibble, artful and very lovely. Over before could say cheese knife. (There were three cheese boards in our box. Three! What could one do? Shame not on the red, but still a coup) Next, Rachmaninov’s The Bells utilised the massive choir and some bells. Pleasant/quaint. Strav’s Violin Concerto was up next and featured virtuosic twitching from solo violist and big string scene. Have to say, all preceding works could simply not compare to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture . Utterly enthralling,  started off unusually with only choir,  a relative new thing. I know its a big, obvious one, but who cares, it was nuts. So dramatic, visceral and big. There’s a little bit that sounds almost Yiddish in middle to represent the spirit of the Russian common people (am guessing, in a way) and that was double beautiful (go to 8 mins into the video below to hear). Then all hell kicks off. Bells, frantic possessed string frenzy, serious wind/horn charges, cannons the lot. Have that Napoleon. Made one so proud to be Russian.

BBC Radio 3’s box.

Elected to wear new Edward Sexton Burgundy shirt with contrast off white tab collar. Thought the bloody hue might resonate with Russian theme, even referencing Bulgakov’s M&M. In fact it matched the inside of the box I was sat in, and by the walls and curtains and carpet of whole gaff, appears to be the house colours of The Albert Hall. Without my jacket on, looked like was the cheese waiter most of time. Didn’t mind a hoot. Wonder if choice was subliminal? Anyway, no one really dresses up much for this sort of thing- an endless disappointment.

Sexton burgundy Albert Hall tribute shirt.

Shant bang on further ’bout this too much. Had to be there etc., and failing on the d-line as ever. To be brief, dropped the Thom Sweeney old faithful tobacco brown silk/linen mix suit, but in deference to new Anti-Dandy stance also wore brown plain pocket square. Started with cocoa polka dot cotton (pictured), but in end went as ’self-tobacco’ as could. Did throw in off-the-hook vintage Hermes tie, but low key pocket garnish- almost stealth. Never felt like a Dandy anyway as it goes. Dandy is incorrect for me. I prefer good old new-fashioned flash and dressing right up.  But not Dandy. Lets leave that to Guy Hill/The Sartorial Seven etc. Anyway, more Anti-Dandy props shortly, perhaps. Off to Old Vic tonight. Anyone remember what colour the decor is?

Stubbs out.

Stbbss, Sweeney, Sexton & Hermes.


Afternoon Style Mongers. What do you reckon, am calling this colour mink. It is mink, isn’t it? It’s an Edward Sexton tab collar shirt. Love the long collar, high collar stand, love the mink. Edwards stuff I had in was superb. More on that later, but this is my personal order from a few months ago.

Keeping tabs on suave.

Long mink collar demands a long, minky little riff from Television. Marquee Moon. Moons could be come a theme. I have others in mind. What would you try and buy with £1000 in retail Death-Star, Westfield is one. Anti-Dandy Stances is another. How to keep it dressy, with being  a Dandy, yeah?

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Mongers. Been right at it, hence the memo-pause. Quick one: Looking for a Gatsby-esque look for a film actor client of mine. He’s gotta go Cannes for a glamour-bash Saturday first thing. I’ve got given a slim window with him on Friday afternoon. Reckon this Sexton number might have Gat’-appeal, non?

Sexton three piece for Cannes.

It’s Gatsby themed, but reckon should do Jay Gatsby in South of France, not slavishly aping the film, so got one other idea, doppio-below. I would share Holden’s suggestion, but its too funny for mass consumption. Any trip to Sexton suave HQ is a worthwhile trip, regardless.

Meanwhile, been spending time working on the Anti-Dandy thesis. Yes,  The ADT. Includes what to wear to show-out under the radar while at the walk in Clinic at Hommerton Hospital , (double-marl including track-bottoms, LV suede driving shoes for dash of flash and CP Bomber for urban status flex. Easy: Air of the Street with a flavour of fash’ foward).

Stitches out last night. Gonna miss those guys. A close pal pointed out: I will be back. If there’s one certainty, it is that I will be back in Hommerton Hozza. Feeling Neil strongly at mo’.  You are too? You & me both.

Stubbs out.

PS. Those of you who’ve only just tuned in because of that article on ’style blogging’, how disappointed you must be? Get used to it. Bespoke disappointment is the new ready-to-wear shame.

For you tablet/iphone heads; above is Neil Young-You&Me (click). Rather fancy this with a big hat. Did I mention am into hats at any point?

Sexton tapped lapel jacket & pants. This could be Gatsby go-er, plus Panama, non?

Hatrick: Young & The Gang, CS&N.


Morning Style Merchants. Alright August, still coping? Bought a Panama hat, just like was threatening to. Off to the Madre’s place with it on. Mary’s always liked a Panama, she’s always said. She’s throwing a party tomorrow at her place, the whole family’s on duty. All three/four of us are right geared up. Should be a hoot, and the hat might just be the garden ticket.

Alto-pants: David Byrne in Panama hat with Gavi de Gavi.

Need some words in here to balance it a bit. How about Moonshake? That’s how the hat makes me feel. Is that a good word for the sun? In the sun Wednesday, visited my favourite shop during a window of opp’. Anderson&Sheppard’s shop door jingles with devout authenticity & clout. Audie assured me that larger is better as one’s head swells, and hats shrink. Sounds hedonistic, just add Hardly Amies linen/silk hopsack blazer in stone, white tee-shirt and lilac chinos, plus Gucci snaffs. Should cover it.

Anderson & Sheppard Panama hat with Bay box plant.

It’s made from Parabuntal straw, possibly some of the finest available am told. Its not cream or off white, its sort of light sepia, and I very much like that. Obviously this post isn’t really finished, but then, nor is my column, and am leaving. Madre has specified she needs me there by lunchtime. Try this music then just leave, that’s what am about to do.

Stubbs out.

I, am, bang, bang into Moonshake by Can, Kraut Rockers. Its below for those in iphone/ipads et al. (click). More to follow, maybe..