Morning Style Merchants. Hope all double well. I did West-to-East coast action over the break in The Aero, sleeping on sofas and in bunk beds. Perhaps the feel of the Nomad has got me bang into my latest accessory passion. A delightful natural ivory coloured, gloriously textured Anderson&Sheppard Pashmina from the Habber’ (click). It is massive, like a blanket. Been wearing it in the Nomadic casual style, teamed with old C.P.Company Mille Miglia of similar natural hue and 2005 Belstaff tweed/rabbit fur collar number. Sort of ‘Luvvy/Explorer on Sunday brunch’. Sort of.

Its an amazing thing to be tossing over shoulders and generally being theatrical in, yet has a certain rugged honesty. Even the Cockneys in Whitstable didn’t mock it/me half as much as expected. It has been reaping stubble/fluff havoc however. No way round it though, so more and more am embracing the luxe-fluff-beard look. Stuff floats of in little lumps down the Lido. What can I say or do though, this is how am feeling? Also had nice sleep in Haggerston park under it. Luxe-tramp-useful accessory pivot.

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Style Merchants. Its too cold for shorts again for the weekend. Uniqlo jeans are such a simple solution (click). They come up skinny mind. If you like that, that is.

If you’re a bit of a lump, there’s other fits too, don’t get upset.

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Merchants. Bowling down Fore Street* foraging for pastries and scallops, checking my Nike FlyKnit Lunar II’s (click) in the shop windows (they’re lumo-green/teal btw), I spotted a great big bag double-similar to the one I’ve been dragging about for a decade full of stuff for shoots. Right in the window was the big bag clients and crew alike have been coveting. A massive oversized sailcloth zip-up holdall guy. Its in off-white sail cloth (salty if you lick it) with ‘T.S.’ appliquéd in blue, and a giant size white zip. It is unusual and useful and it turns out to be by Quba&Co (click).

Big bag by Quba & Co.

Might steer a few people into the customisation aspect, like what mine is, as they really have been banging on for years. Might stick it in the HowToSpendIt too. What do you lot think? Quite like their other bags too, they’ve honed them since they sent me one mid-Noughties when was at Sunday Times Style. Has got steel zip, not plastic, for example, and comes in recycled and spankers new cloth options. Reckon salty/real is best.

Quba Tote.

Am not a totes tote fan by some way, but rather like these guys (click). The Breton stripe one is good too (click), although well girlie. There’s a very compelling, pleasant honesty-chic going on with these accessories. Very much into them I think. They do a customising service too, so might well start ordering them for my clients, as gifts. Licky or non-licky version sir? Licky-licky, every time, non?

Stubbs out.

* St.Ives.

PS. Talking of bags, discovered all sorts about ash scattering yesterday. Its an offence to do without permish. Who knew? Family wandered about the piers with Don in Waitrose bag. Couldn’t find a good ash window. Should be a more full  ’getting started’ pamphlet enclosed. Anyway, did it today stealth solo, first light this morning on my run off The Island near Porthgwiggen beach. Don’s ashes turned a large area of sea cloudy-grey for a quite while before ebbed and flowed away. Suitably poignant. Then off. End of.

PPS. The ease of release was in contrast to the story Don Stubbs told of learning to swim. “Swimming” he remembers “was not the problem”,  when his father threw him off Southend Pier. “Getting out of the sack was the really hard bit..”. L.O.L, R.I.P, D.F.S.


Morning Style Fundamentalists. Clements, below, art school band got me listening to this track for my St.Ives run yesterday. Umpteen different versions up and down the hills. Its dead good. Crashing pianos and bright sunshine with near heart explosion exertion. Euphoric stuff. Diesel lived across the road from me in West London. Him and his pals made this, with vocal from Clements. Gonna do it all again now.

David Byrne in Lapo’s Gucci capsule wardrobe.

Stubbs out.


Morning Style Mongers. Dont wish to bore ya with holiday snaps, but this was the sunrise half an hour ago viewed from my sofa bed in the front room of Rose Lodge, St.Ives. Dont even have to move my head to clock this spectacle. Killer view of harbour, no?

Even if I do move my head about quite dramatically when out & about in St.Ives however, I cannot escape the slew of fleece that appears compulsory holiday garb. Never look Croc-Wise (down), but the man-made down-vista is inescapable. Perhaps its how people let themselves know they’re on their hols, or on ‘Down Time’ as it were. Whatever happened to knitwear? Madre and I bowled to lunch yesterday in knits/cash-blazer, touch of gold, loafers and Hermes scarves. Madre’s stick helps to clear a path through the aimless hoards somewhat. I must look like such an old Queen, but don’t care. I’ve got the Williams Blood in me, (Kenneth), as Grace would say. This sort of look from Gucci’s Lapo Elkann made to measure collection/offering would be good to arrive in. Then moving into more holiday like stances as ones stay progressed, no? I rather like Lapo’s capsule made to measure offer. More of that later.

Lapo at Gucci arrival look.

Here’s his little trunk Lapo takes with him on his travels. Wasn’t Lapo the fourth Marx brother for a while? Maybe am confused. Interesting Guc’ dont get Lappers to model it himself. Too, too ginger perhaps? Instead No.1 global male model Clement Chabernaud is used. Who looks just like David Byrne, open and shut case, right?

Harpo’s Trunk.

This is almost Byrne does Riviera Car Dealer, without the scarf, no?

Byrne Riviera salesman/spiv.

This, by the way, is Rose Lodge shot from the harbours edge, with Aero outside. The steps lead to the dark front door, next to our living room/my bedroom window. Thats it from the front. Madre lodges at the back of the lodge in the bedroom. Its a great place and has served the Stubbs’s well for decades. Will tell the story of the arcade tracksuit scene another time, but the memories are never far away. Nor is Jus’ Desserts, 20 yards, perhaps, who’re supplying all our nocturnal ice cream needs.

Gotta dash. Gotta equalise that gelato quotient. Gotta get self running out and about the gaff in lycra before the fleeces take over. Maybe I am as bad as the fleece-heads myself. Big lunch with sis’ today. Gonna Riviera Spiv it right up for the occasion, including any scattering. “Everybody run run run, every body scattter, scatter!” as The Kwanza Posse rightly point out (click).

Stubbs is bang out of The Metropolis.

PS. Talking of killer views, here’s Clements and his band to wake you up edgily…