Evening Style Merchants. Love a big holdall. This one is by Hermès and is intended to put all your riding kit in. Compartments inside keep kit separate including boots and helmet. You can wash them. There’s even tabs in saddle-stitched Barénia calfskin to hold ones crop.

Hermès cotton toile bag with Barénia Calfskin handles.

Love a big holdall type bag. Love. Feel like you should be able to go anywhere, do anything with something like this to throw your gear in. Its only yourself thats holding you back. That and certain narrow corridors with bicycles parked in then. As for the riding bit, am rather allergic to horses. Could be an issue. They did say it is washable?

Stubbs out.


Afternoon Style Mongers. Gotta just despise the new popular music scene, right brothers? Far too, too much vocoder nonsense for starters. Vocoder-overload. Wonder if the young ‘ens know or give jot who pioneered voco’ use? Probably doesnt matter. These boys, Stevie, Herbie, some others, loved a bit of vocoder, but over the top of their double good music, and with their actual voices still in the mix. Take Herbie below, singing one our main in-car themes from LC:MSeymour up the garage described this as ‘Tunes’. It works awfully well in the sun too.

Like Hancock’s look? I rather do. Very like the suit worn like that still, even if is retro, heaven forbid. Dropped a brown linen shirt with quite large collars slashed to sternum Friday afternoon to The Claridges. Seemed to go ok. Designed it with Nash Masood from Emmett. Its pretty pretty retro, but also looks fresh/engaging/luxe. More of that later. So listen right, the big debate in mens style is really gonna be retro vs. modern in coming seasons, seen? Been thinking; A look is a statement using given tools and resources. A bit like a musician choosing a genre and instruments. Statements are then made with those. Thats a bit like dressing. There’s some old ways of playing that still sound good, even with modern technologies applied. A few new bits and accents thrown in maybe. What about if one was to go back and drop in a rewind? What if. Post modern style, right? Its too hot to care really.

Stubbs out.

PS. If you’re East right now, am running by the canal, listening to Herbie. Suddenly, I thought it was knew..


Evening Style Merchants. Hope all is awfully good. Am on the panel for Nick Knight’s Show Studio’s Milan Mens SS15 collections (click) round up tomorrow at 3pm. Means tonight I better have a glance at what bits failed to attend in Milan back in June when was busy touching cloth/wrestling credits. Am sure will be useful/stimulating anyway, right? Bit worried about black leatherette booth mind. Planned to wear short shorts and a singlet, but am just gonna stick to that if it’s half as humid as is billed. Will think on.

SHOW sofa.

Carlo Brandelli is also thinking on the settee, so stuff is simply sure to get said. That Alex Fury chap from the Independent who defo know’s his high-style&fashion is also panelling. Only three of us? Does no one else fancy it? Perhaps show’s how ‘un-cool’ Milano is reckoned by the fashion lot at mo’. The ever-formidable Lou Stoppard is comparing, so there shall be zero room for any sort of sloth or slackness, fashion wise, or other, wise. You can get Mr.Muscle Warm Leatherette specifically for warm leatherette, did you know? Its part of a range.

Jones never released the demo of Torn Pleatherette.

Be good to hear Carlo chatting about style&fashion though, especially in light of his new collection and work. Been spending time looking at creations in new Kilgour at No.5 The Row (click). Do have a shufty. The thinking and work and interior are all double interesting. Stylish and clean. Modern. Still excruciatingly elegant in parts too. Thats the engineering don’t you know? Not the verve or the curve. Not got time to touch on it now ‘fraid, but have a look at the film KnightBrandelli made (click).

Stubbs out/in revising.




Morning Style Mongers. Am a trifle tied down right now, something I always tried to avoid. That said the bliss of the fine edit of the ties that are binding one is solid consolation. I really love the ties I’ve distilled from the sea of tie boredom, and that helps. That and the rain. Always back to the rain. Dragged this all time favourite knit from the style archive down the Style Juergen* this week, just for old times sake. Was chatting ’bout Mosch’ with an old pal, so this bit of History came up. Litterally.

Iceberg History – Felix cashmere knit. All time fav’ knit flex.

Its full of moth holes. A bit like my cutting edge thoughts. No comment. Yeah, been thinking and chatting bout Mosch’ since the London Collections show in June. Swear am gonna write about it when I can. Compare Moschino (click) with Caruso (click). Have just been on both their sites. The wit and verve in Moschino is lost under the steer of Creative Director pillock Jeremy Scott, where as Caruso are thinking, operating and styling on level that Franco himself would have approved of. Will nail this comment later. Swear down the cellar. Gonna start actual writing now, bang on till 2pm-ish, then should be done, right? What could possibly get in the way? What exactly?

Stubbs out.

* Juergen Teller, cellar.

PS. For some reason YouTube wont let me see/post videos, so bad scene there too.


Morning Style Mongers. Reluctantly gotta leave beloved Lower Clapton this morning despite of deadlines et al, and do West End stuff. Pah! A celebrity client of mine is being shot wearing my fav’ tailors, the mans dem Thom Sweeney, at their place, for the mag dem Esquire Big Black Book. What with the football result, only seems fitting to go as Pedro, Caruso’s (click), character muse guy from Buenos Aires, right? Must admit, I always feel a bit more Fefè at this time of year (click).

Caruso’s Pedro from Buenos Aires.

If only everything was as simple as that link. If only style & fashion was as charming, creative and well thought out as Caruso’s world of men and menswear. Charming. Unlike my disposition this morning. Love, love Caruso and their six character muses. Or is it five? There’s no London fella note. Maybe they’re recruiting?More of Caruso when I catch up with you next. Weekly is it now? Who’d have thought; a weekly post. Like The Ceefax of style, updating on a sporadic roll.

Stubbs out.

Caruso’s Fefè from Napoli.